Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, Ocotber 26

Andrei 'The Punisher'
Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Dallas Cowboys schadenfreude...
  • Hey, that game was alright. Tits gets the winner in OT as the Habs win 3-2 over the Yotes. His linemates also had a goal apiece. Carey played well, and it was a fast-paced, decent style of hockey game. Even Lars Eller got his first point, and looked pretty good out there. If you can believe it, the Habs lead both the Northeast division and the Eastern Conference this morning. No really, it's true! More later today;
  • Kings beat the Wild in a SO, become the first team with 6 wins;
  • Columbus beat the Flyers, who are apparently playing like crap now;
  • RDS reports Vodkov will be back Saturday;
  • Rick Rypien meets the media for the first time since his incident, says he's sorry. We think he should have said "that cocksucker was asking for it. I regret NOTHING".
You know what we haven't done yet this season? Long form video highlights after a win. Hey it's Dave Randorf doing the TSN Habs game. No idea who the color guy is. Anyway, enjoy Tits' Bobby Orr impression on the winner.


moeman said...

It's exHab Mike Johnson.

Steve said...

Go you fucking Tits.

soperman said...

I was expecting the game on TSN2 but apparently you have to subscribe to Bell TV. So I had to settle for sporadic updates from "The Hockey News" on my Blackberry.

Hmmm, if Jim Bailsille were an owner we'd have free game access on our Blackberries. Well maybe not...

@ 29, 101

Technically I have only been living with mrs. soperman for 25 years so she really hasn't committed to me yet. Warning - she has about a thousand brothers who are Leaf fans. :o(

bea.habs.fan said...

I don't get the Chris everett look on Big Tits. although I do admire the exceptional GG skill.

wasn't the punisher played by thomas Jane? or something? (I prefer the comic myself)

GoldenGirl11 said...

André Agassi was the punished. I'm running out of andrés!

BJG said...

Can we please have a Giant Mexican Danish, already?!

chris nilan said...

@gg11 - what about dr.an(dre)i?

it's nuttin but a g thang! (g for goal)

i'm taking rosetta stone to learn french so i understand half of these rds games.

bea.habs.fan said...

@gg aahhh.
at least you're trying to change it. French media is stuck on the Brother André thing !!!
I'll try to come up with famous André for you
(does Andrew count? we could crown him Prince at his next dominating game?)

Bill 101 said...

Andre Dawson?

wv: psticul - a swear word I've never heard, but said to used in the Big O neighbourhood

GoldenGirl11 said...

Make that Andre the punisheR

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

@ Bill 101

Antoine Dobson?

"Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband, cuz AK rapin' eerbody out here."