Friday, January 28, 2011

The All-Star Sexy Friday Morning Skate for January 28th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Cristiano Ronaldo's perfect girlfriend in lingerie...
  • You missed nothing. It's the All-Star break. The Player Draft goes tonight. In preparation, FHF will present its own mock draft later today (or tomorrow maybe; we're not too good at planning around here). If you think the FHF mock draft will be serious, you're seriously mistaken;
  • Caps sign Semin to a one-year extension;
  • Here's an article about how the Leafs suck;
  • Here's another one;
  • And another one;
  • Here's one about how Brian Burke sucks;
  • The Hamilton Bulldogs' six-game win streak came to an end last night.
Happy Sexy Friday to all. Ladies, hope you enjoy the new header. Gentlemen, please enjoy this video of a Maxim photo shoot of generic actress/model #4731.


Moey said...

The BEST Sexy Friday yet this year, muchas gracias for the new header & four articles to savor on leaf suckage. It really doesn't get any better. said...

just made my day.
will be able to get through a day of snooze-inducing meetings.

Chester said...

I am actually starting to feel sorry for Leaves Fans. The suckage is gynormos brought upon them by two Americans ... or should I say two Americants. ....

Is it just me or is that Maxim woman actually boobless ..

J.T. said...

Aw, Pleky. Why so pensive? Thinking about how hot you look? Yes? Okay, carry on then.

Steve said...

Lets have some fun, if we were picking HAB sticks, whose would you choose first and whose last.

Now to make it interesting, no one who has a bronze statue, or St Patrick can be picked, and Little Fuckity Fuck can not be the player you pass on.

Frank Mavolich first pick
Uroligist I will pee on, or they should have passed on Doug Wickenhauser and taken his sister.

HabsFan29 said...

@Steve - I'll take Larry Robinson first, and last, uh, David Wilkie?

Steve said...

@29 Big Bird was greater than Big M, but I liked the way Big M skated east west all the way up the ice, and David Wilkie, I think I caused a denial of service for Google on that one, but you have identified the worst player ever to stick with Montreal. I will never go on Jepordy with you.