Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Game Day Morning Skate for Tuesday, January 18

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of banning a 25 year-old song from the radio...
  • Man there is a LOT to say about last night's 5-4 (OT) win over the Flames. The Heritage tuques. Habs cruise to a 4-0 lead. Habs epically blow a 4-0 lead. Both starting goalies pulled. Some good to see scorers (Squid, Tits, Lego) and a jubilant PFK getting the OT winner and celebrating (FHF version) / being uppity (Don Cherry version). Wings! 6th place! Did I mention blowing a four goal lead? Ugh. Anyway. More later today;
  • The big gorilla gets his first career hat trick in the Bs' 7-0 crushing of the Canes;
  • Devils manage to win last night's Battle of Suck over the Isles;
  • Thrashers get a 3-2 (SO) win over the Panthers to grab a hold on 8th in the East;
  • Your token West game has the Sharks over the Yotes;
  • Sid to skip the All-Star game?
  • For those of you dying to see Benny Brunet back on skates in the CH (and maybe taking a puck to the head), you're going to get your wish!
Deep breath. Back at it in Buffalo tonight. Here's the long-forms after a win to brighten your morning. You can just skip the 2:38 to 4:15 part.


soperman said...

To all the assholes out there. Leave Subban alone. What the fuck is the matter with you (I am looking at you Cherry, Pilsbury and the morons at TSN)? Are you racists? I see lots of exuberance out there and, except for being pissed at Price for crossing his arms, Subban seems to be the only target.

People love to see their heroes celebrate and love to see players they hate get their "comeuppance". Find something better to talk about, like how the Sens and Flames suck but the Leafs are getting ready for a playoff push.


moeman said...


Steve said...

PFK, PFK did you see how far out of position he was on that OT goal, what the fuck was he thinking?


Excellent win and good to see all TITS, LEGO, and SQUIDS goal scorer goal.

Le Douze said...

@Steve - yeah, it was like, "Holy shit, who was that masked man, Batman?" Loved the beautiful wrister he let off, too. RDS was ecstatic about the way the goalie's water bottle bounced. But ya know, I can remember Vodkov doing a few similar things in 4 on 4 situations. Guess if you're dour and Russian you can get away with that kind of shit, where if you're flamboyant and coloured wrong you're a marked man.

PFK's still making some mistakes, but god is he fun to watch when he flies. I loved the quick stickhandle up followed by quick pass to a flying Gomez at some point ... pretty hard to argue that. Teaming him with Gill seems to be working, not that JM has too many choices at the moment. But it's a funny Mutt and Jeff pairing, a real study in contrasts, especially in the skating area.

Le Douze said...

@sope - to be fair, they did used to bitch about Ovie's goal celebration antics - I guess that wasn't racism, just xenophobia. Whatever, as long as it doesn't throw him off his game.

Hadulf said...

Lets get something straight. We won, 2 points, yay.

Blowing that 4 goal lead was unacceptable.

Someone should destroy PJ Stock. This guy was actually saying on l'Antichambre that the veterans did not go see PK right away after his OT winner...only the young ones went. Then, I don't know if it happened because I switched channel in case it was going to happen, they were actually going to review the goal celebration and see how long it took for a veteran to go see PK...


@Soper...totally agree. Let PFK be PFK...god dammit this fucking media sucks. I just hope PK becomes a 100 points defenseman so they can all eat their fucking words through their asshole.

Oh, and I fucking loved his goal celebration...Go PFK...stick it to them!

iRiRi said...

PK doing his best cupid (♥!) imitation is fine in my books. It's not like he was celebrating the goal that put them up 5-0. If scoring your first OT goal at the Bell for the team you grew up watching isn't an appropriate time to celebrate, then I don't know what is.

Such a shame he won't be a part of the rookie ASG.


Kmaxx said...

Can we all just agree to completely ignore that fuckin' ass pj from now on? He hates the Habs and will do anything he can and use any excuse he can to tear them down. He never says anything positive so let's all just ignore this fuckin' idiot once and for all. That way, his commentary career won't outlive his playing career.

Way to Go PFK! I fuckin' love his attitude. The guy scores in overtime to save the day and all he's worried about afterwards is what people will say about his celebration. I just fuckin' love him. Fuck you Cherry and Double Fuck you Stock - assholes!

soperman said...

@ Le Douze

You are definitely correct. My point wasn't very well delivered (I didn't drink my first rum until almost 9:00 Atlantic Standard Time). I hope they aren't racist, I am just amazed that they would be more careful about choosing their words after Darren Pang, who I definitely don't think is a racist, had his unfortunate brain fart.

Ultimately, the point is "leave PK alone." CHockula is giving him more than enough grief.

Orangeman said...

I didn't even notice PK's celebration till the media started making a big deal about it. I just don't get it. I've seen lots of players celebrate like that. Correction: I totally get it, I just don't know how no one is calling them out on this BS.

I would have loved to hear PK say, "You know on this day especially, a day honouring a man who fought for the recognition of a man's acheivements over his outward appearance, I wish I could talk about my achievements in this game instead of how my outward appearance influences how some of you in the media perceive those acheivements." And don't think a smart smooth talker like PK couldn't have said something like that.

Like I said before, it's all double standards. Omarks spin-o-rama caused hand-wringing among pundits and threats from the other team, while Stamkos' (a good 'ol Canadian boy) move was met with celebration and compliments from THAT EXACT SAME TEAM. You who in the media are complaining about this? The ones who never scored a big goal or made a big save in their pathetic (and usually thuggish) careers.

moeman said...

Not to mention the CotU lefarazzi wetting themselves over Grabovski spin move.