Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Game Day Skate for Thursday, January 6th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of getting into the Hall of Fame...
  • Well, we should be used to epic collapses and utter failures around here, but my oh my that was an epic collapse an an utter failure. Russia 5, Canada 3, after Canada led 3-0 after two periods. We feel sort of sorry for the kids, they had a great tourney only to piss it all away in 20 minutes;
  • The Little Fuckity-Fuck had 2 goals in the Stars 4-2 win over the Hawks;
  • The Canucks win their 7th in a row and are now the best team in the NHL;
  • Mad Max made his Ducks debut in their 4-1 loss to the Preds. He had 4 SOG but was a -3;
  • Steve Stamkos made like the three stooges or something in the Bolts' 8-1 loss to the Pens. Pens score 8 while Sid gets only 1 assist. No doubt he'll really take it out on the team he plays next.
Pens tonight.


L Dude said...

Wow. That was a collapse of Bostonian proportions. Up 3-0 and blowing it. Sounds familiar.
But, whatever. Life goes on.
On the bright side, the flightless birds should be tired from scoring so many goals last night.


J.T. said...

@O-man: Yeah, watching that last night had the same kind of "Oh, come on! You're not seriously going to blow this?!" feeling as watching the Bs collapse in the playoffs. The difference is the aftertaste. You laughed when the Bs lost, then realized, "Oh, crap, now the Habs have to play Philly." Last night was just cringeworthy. I guess Leblanc will be prepared for his forthcoming years of futility as a pro hockey player after something like that.

the Maritimer said...

I've been watching this tournament (or listening on the radio) since it's inception. Seen lots of weird things happen, like M.A. Fleury shooting a puck off his defenseman's ass into his own net.

That has to rank up there as an eye opener of an epic collapse. Strangely enough I don't feel that bad about it for probably two reasons.
1. The Russians aren't the villains they used to be when they had CCCP on their chests.
2. The Habs failings of the last 17 years have enured me to losing.

Wonder what the flightless birds will inflict on the Habitants tonight? Sid is probably good for a couple.

Hadulf said...

Speaking of Preds vs Ducks...

AK46 - 39 GP, 23 points, +9, 16 PIM
SK74 - 35 GP, 19 points, +1, 8 PIM

AK46 - 0.59 PPG (rounded)
SK74 - 0.54 PPG (rounded)

AK46 - 15:53 TOI
SK74 - 13:05 TOI

AK46 - 101 shots, 9.9% success rate
SK74 - 40 shots, 22.5% success rate

So, you get the picture, right?

And no, this had nothing to do with the Ducks...

I've always liked SK better than AK...oh, but AK is the first rounder, he's MUCH butter...

Hadulf said...

Just to add to my post above...I did not even look at PP time...

I'm pretty sure AK46 gets much more PP time than SK...but it would need to be verified.

L Dude said...


Fear not. I suspect that by the trade deadline (and probably much sooner), if you want to go watch big Tits for entertainment, you'll need to visit one of the city's fine adult establishments.

Hadulf said...

@L Dude.

Yeah, I expect as much.

I just fucking hope they can get something in return...cause SK was traded for nothing.

Steve said...

Hadulf what if Dustin Boyds parents read this site, you are fucking heartless. We got a perfectly good AHL player.

Hadulf said...


You are correct.

I apologize to Dustin's folks and to Dustin himself.