Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's an abbreviated TMS / Game Day Skate long-form video highlights after a win

LG77 should be along soon with a big Rangers review / preview of tonight's Pens game. But since we're up early, we figured we'd take the opportunity to post long-form video highlights after a win. It moved the Habs up to 7th in the East. Two more notes: God the Sens are terrible, and the Leaf is hot. Ugh.


soperman said...

The Leaf are hot like tequila puke in a snowbank.

Mr. natural said...

The roller coaster ride which is the modern NHL continues....

Pens are showing the world that come the payoffs shadow and shut down the Kid and the big lazy talented Russian will not carry the team.

WTF with the Leafs!!! All of a sudden they are indestructible.

Good all around that Auld get's a W.

and yes, God did make Snooki and Sean Avery as well but I think he was drunk at the time and just PHucking around, I mean what else could it be?

moeman said...

Nice to see the Habs-hating Pfuck Daddy ripping on PFK. Maybe he should stick to his leaf. Loser. said...

@ Moe
is it still a slew foot if PFK ends up on his ass as well?

the Maritimer said...

Last night ti-cul mentioned that it felt like he was watching the Montreal Devils or the NJ Canadiens because he was bored as fuck watching the Chocula coached Habs do their thing. I was so bored I was paying more attention to the Saint John Sea Dogs game on the radio channel on the digital box. Last Saturday night I got so bored I started drinking and posting on this blog which I normally won't do 'cause I can't type and drink at the same time.

Anyhow, I got us a new secret weapon. Last Saturday night when the lads were down 2 zip to the Bruins, Mrs. Maritimer came downstairs to join me for a few minutes and lo and behold the guys tie it up and win in OT. She looked at me and said "See dear, I brought you some good luck."
Last night, down she comes again, I flip the channel back to RDS and...Holy fuck! Spacecakes scores! I said honey can you watch for a few more minutes...and Benny scores! Dear, can you watch 'til the end? Sure...and it's a Win!!!

So, when the Habs look like the Walking Dead tonight, I'm bringing my good luck charm out.

soperman said...

@ the maritimer

mrs. soperman loves to watch the games but she has the opposite effect, they are far more likely to win if she is tuned into a chick flick in the other room. (not to mention the 3 - 1 loss to the Panthers at the game we wathed at the Bell Centre, though I could not complain because the trip was on her).

p.s. with the greatest respect, I hate your phucking seadogs! :o(

iRiRi said...

Checking in from Florida, y'all! Glad to see the Habs winning when I'm not watching! It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make!


Bill 101 said...

delighted Auld seems on his game

There's a lot of back-to-back action in the next while

the Maritimer said...

@soperman: I completely understand your hatred. Do you take in any Mooseheads games?

I'm going down to the Station this Friday night to check out Sean Couturier and his Voltigeurs.

soperman said...

@ maritimer

i've been a seasons ticket holder for many years. it hasn't been the same since voracek left.

actually, secretly i would like to see you guys win the memorial cup this year. (never cape breton)