Thursday, January 13, 2011

sCHamWow! ~ Habs 5-2 loss to Poseur Pens Review and Open Thread

When a game is that boring one grabs the remote and starts flicking CHannels. Low and behold an infomerCHial.
sCHamWow! is a CHleaning solution used to CHlean up major spills and boy do we have a mess to CHlean up behind aisle Bell Centre Bench. Did you know sCHamWow! can hold 2x's its weight and is maCHine washable so it can be reused over and over again? Yes, its true!

Easily removes PK, PP and wet stains
 like AK46
Great for defensemen, offensemen and CHildren
 like AK46
Washes, dries, and polishes any fucking ice surface

Will scratCH any surface
 like AK46
MaCHine tradeable and bleaCHable
 like AK46
Lasts 2-3 years

Offer Includes:

1 Large Kirk Towel, 2 Mini sCHamWows!

Get a Second sCHamWow! FREE, the Robinson Deluxe

A Total Of 8 sCHamWows!

[insert number] Year Warranty
Just Pay Separate Carbo and CHocula contracts
FREE Bonus sCHamWow! Guy Boucher signed Mop

At least we got some Double D (aka Mini Mex) action, so that's nice.
Not suggesting its time for The Goat or Geoff The Owner to panic but Habs fans want an exciting team that isn't bogged down with a locked down system. 

So yes, click for a trip.

As for the Poseur Pens, they can Fuck Off!

I need to go clear my head, GuinCHo (nsfw, depends where/if you work).

Peace out FHFers.


Steve said...

Keeps your Plyons shinny and visible.
Blocks spontaneousness and creativity
Always waiting for a mistake to happen.
Looks great in the press box.
Not available in Quebec City or Tampa

the Maritimer said...

I hate the fucking system.

ti-cul said...

yawn... is the season over yet?

Has Drabcula died from a lack of blood running through his veins?

Has FHF seized to exist cause there is nothing funny about this team anymore?

Mr. natural said...

How sweet would that be, Patrick Roy losing his shit behind the Habs bench!!

Nice link and pic, I likee!

PHucken Puck everyPhuckenone.

Especially Chocula. Can we trade him to the PHucktards?

If only you could trade the coaches.

Steve said...

Double D vs Mini Mex, I like Double D better because Mex will not be with us long term. How about D (squared)M

For double D minis

Number31 said...

I just call Desharnais "Mighty Mite".

sCHamWow those ACLs and MCLs!

You know, I would love to see St. Patrick going bonkers behind the bench. AT LEAST THE COACH WOULD HAVE A PULSE!

wv. lously
Even the wv agrees, JMart is lously and boring.

HabsFan29 said...

are you following me camera guy? i could use a towel that soaks up cola from a shag carpet

great work moe and GG. srsly, Kirk and Vince are like the same guy.

the system is making me sleepy

the Maritimer said...

One thing I know...the system induces excessive drinking just to counter the fucking boring hockey you have to watch.

I can't even stand to listen to Drabcula's (thanks ti-cul) interviews anymore...backcheck, close the gap, trap, leftwing lock, special teams, blah, blah, blah. Fuck off back to Ottawa where you belong. We'll take Doogie Howser back, couldn't be any worse.

Orangeman said...

Another 5 goals by the Broons in the 3rd. How come when their goalie sucks they're team happens to actually score? Seriously, it's either 1-0 or 7-5 with those assholes. Ah, scoring. I sort of remember Habs doing that.

Rangers and Panthers also win. Bad scoreboard watching night overall.

Orangeman said...

*they're team = their team.

Number31 said...

Yea, whatever, only the Habs make Brian Boucher look like a legitimate goaltender. Stick the sCHamWow! in nets.

Moey said...

What about the free Ginsu knives?

Never mind, we have a defense squad that has more giveaways than an infomercial. *ducks*