Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go CHoCHonuts! Habs 3 - Rangers 2 ~ Game Review and Open Thread

~ ~ ~
Just sit right back 
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a gameful trip, 
That started from their tropic port, 
Aboard JMs tiny sCHip.

The mate was a mighty tall fucking man, 
The Skipper brave and system sure, 
FHFive passengers set sail that day, 
For a three period tour, 
A three period tour.

The Rangers started getting rough, 
JMs tiny sCHip wasn't tossed.
If not for the CHourage of the fearless crew
The GoHabsGo! would be lost.
The GoHabsGo! would be lost.

The sCHip set ground on the sCHore 
Of this unCHarted Montréal isle
With Hal Gilligan, 
JM Skipper too.
Geoff The Millionaire
And his Mexican wife, 
The Big Titted movie star, 
The Professeur and Carey Ann, 
Here on Hal Gilligan's Montréal Isle.

So this is the tale of our CHastaways, 
They're here for a long long time.
They'll have to make the best of things, 
1st Place is an uphill CHlimb.

Hal the first mate and JM Skipper too
Will do their very best, 
To make the others CHomfortable
In their 25th Stanley Cup quest.

No phoneys, no lightweights, no motormouths, 
Not a single Pants! luxury
Like Larry Robinson cruised oh
It's PFK as best he can be.

So join us here each week my FHFriends, 
You're sure to get a sexy smile, 
From FHFour stranded CHastaways
Here with GG11's style!

~ ~ ~


soperman said...

Ahhh, the Sunday morning reruns. Great medication for your hangover! GYFHG!!!!!!!!!!!!

moeman said...

Hey Dubinski, read my lips; fuck off you jackass.

HabsFan29 said...

great work moe and GG! the Minnow gang never looked so awesome

classic debate question for a lazy Sunday: Ginger or Mary Ann?

moeman said...


lehab said...

Mary Ann... I thought we all wanted to get rid of Ginger.. Great work as usual Moe and GG!!

Le Douze said...

The PFK -> SuperPleXXXe pass was a thing of beauty, definitely worthy of Markov at his best. Not sure where he gets that, since he hasn't had much chance to play with Markov.

And I thought that AK46 looked good much of the night ... guess JM needs to have a heart to heart talk with him every day.

As for Ginger and Mary Ann, was Ginger the movie star? Then definitely Mary Ann.

Moey said...

Thanks moe, now I have that song stuck in my head :)

Good work peeps!

Orangeman said...

The Millionaire's wife! Then again, I have a thing for Barbara Bush-types. And money.

So TSN's reporters think the leaf have a legitimate shot at the playoffs and shouldn't clean house. "They're only 10 points out and they're in 12th! Plus they're on a hot streak!"

Let's put that into perspective. Say Atlanta plays .500 hockey over the next 20 games. That means the leaf would have to go 15-5 and the Whalercanes, Sabers and Panthers would also have to go .500 or worse just for them to draw even. Not impossible, but didn't But keep hope alive TSN. Why rebuild or invest in your future (or get rid of the old guard who cares more about dirty hits and revenge than scoring and defence) when your fanbase is the most deluded in the league!

moeman said...

@Oman, it wasn't every tsn 'reporter', it was dave 'blue and white hair' hodge, leaf lover extra-ordinnaire. One of the sickest 'Toronto-first' hacks around. He must miss his baby blue jacket.

Orangeman said...

@moe: You're right. I tried to rearrange my post via cut/paste, but some parts got lost. I meant to point out Dave Hodge specifically where quoted, although the rest just nodded. I have to say Damien Cox is the most realistic reporter associated with the leaf.

The reason I get on the leaf for this sort of delusion is because most of my friends back home are fans and they are just completely on board. Over Christmas they kept warning me that TO was right on MTL's heels. Guys, your team is exactly where it was last year (+-2 pts) and you still don't get your first round pick. It's because the media just feeds them this BS everyday, serving their masters, MLSE.

moeman said...

I've always hated the leaf with a passion (and most of its fans) but I believe the hate some have for them is in part due to the arrogance and self-promotion of the(ir) media. They have zero integrity. Looks good on them.

Orangeman said...

Btw, moe, I love the term "the leaf". Call me immature, but I don't really get off on the negative euphemism game (ie the Laffs, the Rags, etc. Not that I haven't done it before). Anyone can come up with those, but 'the leaf' is like saying their name with no conviction at all, like they're meaningless. I'm not even going to bother moving my pinky finger over to the shift button that's how little a shit I give, and the lack of 's' signifies a collective Borg like mentality that denies all reason and empathy. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but as a fellow loather HATER of the leaf (I've detailed how the organization, the fans and the culture impacted my youth), I just have to say Good Job sir.

I think it was you who came up with it. If not, thanks whoever.

moeman said...

Thx Oman, bang on description.

Some of my other leaf clASSics;

- leaf fans are not hockey fans, they're leaf fans (this one is like a kick to the gut, made me lots of enemies at the CotU)

- CotU = Centre of the Universe, sELF-explanatory

- elf = everlovin' leaf fan

- lefarazzi = leaf lovin'/suckin' media, based at the CotU, caters to elf

- bob & knob (or kneel & bob) = bob cole and harry neale (no longer)

- mclame = ron maclean, smirking hack

Probably thought up others, since forgotten, blame the beer.

HabsFan29 said...

J-E-T-S Jets! looking good at the half. Die Brady, die

moeman said...

Don't like the Jets but hate the Pats (must be a Boston-ish thing). Regardless (for him), pretty boy Tom goes home to Giselle, fucker.


Orangeman said...

Don't care for the Football, but a good friend in Korea loves the Jets (and puts on a brave face for the Habs...he's an Isles fan at heart but has accepted the reality). GO JETS! Plus I love seeing an underdog embarrass the 'experts'.

Hey, wasn't it those 'Reporters' on TSN earlier that were talking about a Pats win as an inevitability? It's almost like they talk straight out of their ass.

Kmaxx said...

@Orangeman - never a truer description of the hate and contempt that I feel for the leaf have I ever read. Thank you for putting things so well. I too often make reference to the Laffs but no more. from this day forth they are the leaf and nothing more. I stated once before in these comments about the sadness I have for one of my closest friends - born and raised a leaf fan he is now raising his only son to be the same - a leaf fan - and I cry for him knowing that this sweet little boy will not know what it feels like to feel a part of an organisation that cares and takes pride in winning. Not to mention that his son will not likely ever see "his" team raise the Cup at the end of the season. So dream on leaf fans - I pity you all!

wv - the leaf orgainsation is raten to the core

Steve said...

Great work Moeman, and I surmise you prefer Ginger.

Anonymous said...

Who is the perfesser?