Sunday, January 09, 2011

Um... Holy shit?! Game Recap: Habs 3 - Bruins 2

(I'll admit it, this was the look on my face when the game when into OT... Pass the humble pie)

With about 5 minutes left in the game, I turned to Mr. LG77 and started brainstorming ideas for what to write for today's game review. I even got a good chunk of my section to make frowny faces at the TV time out so that I could post it as the game picture. We started to sketch out the broad lines of an open letter to the Habs' coaching staff or a ransom note for our offence...

And then, well, the Habs scored a goal. No big deal, there's no way we'll score in the last minute of the...

And then, well, the Habs tied the fucking game and sent it to OT for the 4th straight game.

And then, well, the Habs won the fucking game.

I'm still in shock, as are the legions of Bruins fans who attended last night's game. At first, they were like Leafs fans: crawling all over the place like gnats, prone to nonsensical chanting, douchey posturing and, worst of all, shitfaced off $10.10 (fucking TVQ increase) beers by the time the puck finally dropped.

Boston, I expected more from you.

During the game, at least, you were well behaved. You were even very loud during both Bruins goals... so much so that I think the spotlight guy got confused for a few seconds as he briefly turned on the spotlight to follow Patrice Bergeron around after his second goal.

But then, well the unthinkable happened: Bruins fans were stunned to see that their team was collapsing right before their eyes... Habs fans were stunned to see that their team was manning in the fuck up right before their eyes.

And then, when Max-Pac scored in OT, well... I'll let you see it for yourself:

You can hear me saying "quesséça" and "câlice" and Mr. LG77 and I discussing the Habs' lack of speed through the neutral zone... followed by my bloodcurdling scream, right before I clicked on the wrong button on my iPhone and shut it off (before quickly turning it back on again).

You'll also see a bit of the post-goal scrum that ensued. The game recap over at seems to want to say that Max-Pac shoved Chara and that's what started the scrum. Doubt it, but I can see why they would put that in as part of their "Dirty, Cheapshot Habs" narrative.

For what it's worth, all of the Boston fans to whom I spoke said that they were impressed at how well Habs fans were treating them... especially the ones who got a bunch of Canadian Club (natch) shots from my friends and I after the game, while they were sitting at their table, quietly and solemnly nursing their yard 'o beer.

As we said to them: Gentlemen, we feel your pain. We understand the collapse. But for now: SUCK IT BITCHES, THE DIRTY Bs LOST! HA!!!! WOOOO!!!! OLÉ OLÉ OLÉ!! PLAN THE FUCKING PARADE, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

I hope this is a sign of good things to come for the Habs and that they'll use this win to build some momentum. Based on the first 55 minutes of play (in which Price was hung out to dry, again) I'm not sure. Yes, they outshot the Bs, but none of those shots really tested Timmeh Thomas as much as they could have/should have. And 4 OTs in a row now? The fact that the games are so close isn't necessarily a good sign for the Sainte Flannelle, mes amis...

But, hey, for now, we'll savour our 2 points over the Bs and move on to the next game, bracing ourselves for another collapse, hoping that, instead, the Habs may find a way to get momentum back on their side.


Orangeman said...

love LoVe LOVE that pic up top, LG. For a moment I was worried someone was taking pics of me in my apartment, but then I realized I don't eat fruit. I completely admit I didn't keep the faith last night (in my defence we haven't been given much reason to- 0-15-1 when trailing after 2 I beleive). 3-0-1 in the last 4 and while they're all OTs that's how you get out of a slump. And let's not forget they're playing pretty good teams.

Pax did bump Chara slightly after the goal. It could have been because he was about to run into him and Chara was not getting out of the way if we want to be as defensive as possible. Regardless, I don't think it warranted a full on attack, especially him going after Gionta after it settled down. The media will spin it to be MTL's fault of course, we're used to it.

Nice recap and GYFHG! Also, fuck you Boston.

the Maritimer said...

Thought I would put this diatribe in the newest post. Apologies if you've already read it.

Although that win came out of nowhere, and was enjoyable because of all the bad karma inflicted on the B's and their asshole NESN broadcaster, it doesn't cover up the underlying flaws on display last night for 57 minutes.

The Canadiens struggle to score because when the opposition decides and is physically able to close down the middle of the ice like Boston did last night well, if not for two (2) lucky delections Tim Thomas leaves the building with his stats padded even more and we're cursing the System.
Although Cheez Wiz brings much needed offense from the back end, he and Captain Picard are fucking scary in their own zone as evidenced last night by their -2 numbers.
Finally, Carey Price is showing the Goat wasn't wrong to make him number 1 in the net, but there is only so much he can do.

The Habs will obviously win their share of games but there is no way on God's green earth this bunch will beat the Phuckin' Phlyers in the playoffs. Three shutouts out of five games last spring as Moey pointed out last night by Michael Leighton of all people should be evidence of that.

Don't be fooled by last night's surprise collapse of known choke artists the Bahstan Broons. I've been around too long to get my hopes up again for this bunch.

B B said...

Despite the come back (it was against Boston and they swallow hard when they see us anyway), I am afraid Gauthier/Martin will see this win as vindication of their system and not a case of another Boston choke job against Montreal.

While Le Canadien Sud run amok the standings, the crap we're paying for is mediocre at best and will not win a Cup.

soperman said...


HabsFan29 said...

the scream in the video literally curdled my blood. well done 77

lawyergirl77 said...

BB said: I am afraid Gauthier/Martin will see this win as vindication of their system and not a case of another Boston choke job against Montreal.

You and me both.

The only reason why I posted the vid was to freak you out, 29. Mission accomplished, I see... ;)

Mr. natural said...

Yes the road to Lord Stanley's stemware leads through the PHucktards and that's a tough one for us, no doubt.

We are flawed but no more than last year, yes Chocula and his ability to crush all things beautiful and true is scary, but PHuck except for the top few teams everyone plays shit, everyone has extended bad streaks etc etc.

In my opinion the yearly CHristmas breakdown we suffered this year included many untimely penalties and all the luck on the ice flowed against us and to the other team(s) it would not have taken much for us to have had a better outcome in several of those games.

Look at the Pens... without the Kid. Shut down Crosby and they are very beatable, Washington....don't get me started......

The PHuctards and now the ever growing presence of the Bolts, no one else scares me in the East.

Last night looked somewhat like some of those games WE lost, outplaying the other team most of the evening only to give it away in the end, on unlucky goals, taking shit penalties whatever...

Keep the faith.


Mr. natural said...

...oh ya, nice one LG, love the audio.

And the picture, I think he may be covering it up with his opening comments, that may well be Orangeman and some sort of anal surprise.

Number31 said...

That video is awesome.

Also Chara gave up on attacking Patches because he's over 5'8" and turned on Gomez/Gionta instead.

Steve said...

Beauty goal scorers goal by patches.
PFK seems to have his mojo back, probably told chocula to fuck off and let him play hockey while he still has two good knees.

moeman said...

Prescient iPhone production LG77.

PFK played a great game. JM has no CHoice but to give him the minutes, Picard on the other hand...

Number31 said...

Picard can go get lost into the trunk of a car.

Anonymous said...

that hurt guys. and i have to tip my hat to the habs now that my crying has stopped. two lucky bounces and the bs collapse in ot. well...goddddaaammmn

-also gota say i loved chara going at celebrating habs. i was that mad too and had the refs not held him up he prob (no offense) would have killed your whole team/fanbase/city. i really dont know why u guys hate him so much but again congrats for grinding it out...bastards

Moey said...


All will be forgiven if your B's can beat the PHlyers in a playoff round so we in turn can then beat you. I still haven't forgiven the B's for last years' playoff collapse. It was the first time in history I was rooting for them and the basstards let me down. *sigh*