Friday, January 07, 2011

This random incoherent Sexy Friday post includes video, Josh Gorges, clinical depression, tits, Habs 2 Pens 1 (SO), more tits, etc., etc.

So here's a little inside into the functioning of FHF. Backstage, if you will. Yours truly was scheduled to write the review of the Pens-Habs tilt last night. No problem, done it a million times. But then yesterday a 5 à 7 turned into a 5 à 8 turned into "let's go grab a bite" turned into post-dinner scotCH turned into, well, quite a while after puck drop. Point is, your faithful reviewer arrived home around 10 PM, just in time to see Tits totally flub his shootout attempt. But then he saw CHicken use his sweet and tangy big wing to score one of those shootout goals that brings a tear to your eye. And TFS doing a gangsta pose. 2 points! But what about the rest of the game, what did I miss? Let's go to the long-form video highlights after a win:

God is that Dave Randorf doing Habs play by play? I think I'm happy not to get TSN Habs (all kidding aside, Dave actually seems serviceable, which is a step up for TSN). So in these highlights I see TFS, CHicken, and a failed 2-man advantage. That about sum up this game? Hey, two points is two points. And the Bs lost. We may see 3rd place yet!

Now, want to be depressed? Did you hear about Josh Gorges being out for the season? Who manufactures Habs' defensemen's knees anyway? We demand a refund. So that makes our #1 D, uh, Hamr? Plan the parade, bitCHes! Our D may now be beyond depressing. Pass the Zoloft. You know what really CHeers me up? Dallas Stars Ice Girls in bikinis. Here they are in their annual "going to the lake" video, 2010-2011 edition:

Yes it's Sexy Friday kids! Let's finish off (so to speak) in tribute to the NFL playoffs this weekend with the Eagles Cheerleaders in bikinis, some Saints Cheerleader cleavage, and Jets coach Rex Ryan's wife's foot fetish videos. I love football.


Number31 said...

Not really bothered by the failed PP. Habs/Pens are 1/2 in penalty killing. They basically cancelled each other out. Be happy they scored 5-on-5 instead!

Hal Gill will be the last veteran D standing. What number does Brett Festerling want? Siiiiiiiiiiigh.... Maybe they should put Josh behind the bench. They need his pep-talks.

Moey said...

I saw those Rex Ryan videos last week on the Today show. What an eejit, whatever turns you on but DON'T put it on YouTube. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he was giving a pep talk in the room and all the guys started wiggling there toes at him?

Moey said...

S/B "their" *sigh*

moeman said...

I love toes. said...

woke up glad it was Friday and first thing I hear is Gorges out for the rest of the season becasue of his knees !!!!
fucking depressing.
didn't the Habs used to be real deep in defense?

Steve said...

I like the idea of ice girls just not a hockey games, maybe FHF could do a St Catherine St Video of CH girls?

The Urologist is available, I am sure Chocula is in the throes of a decision.

Upon hearing the Josh news, Chocula painted Gill and Spavek helmets orange, cause he saw danger come the third period and he did not want any opposing players running into them by accident.

Steve said...

Pictures of the Goat house

or maybe the Queens house from Trublood

L Dude said...

Positive Thought of the Day (PTotD):

At least Cammalleri found the back of the net last night.


b said...

The question has to be asked- Is there something about Chocula's system that puts excessive stress on defensemen's knees? I think there is.
The stopping and blocking up and pinching puts where and tear on the joint, particularly with the knee flared out with a backwards stop.

But not to worry. Did you see how Gionta handled that one on one last night? Two poke checks and the guy ends up in a heap in the net and Gionta skates away with the puck.

macaroni magic said...

What was PJ Stock doing in the middle of Squid's shootout shot? Even in the canadiens express, they didn't bother to edit it out. It must be an important sign.

my one beef from last night...way too much emphasis put on Wiz' shot in the PP that was the most depressing exhibition of accurate passing I have had the misfortune to behold.

BTW are we officially in a post-101 world now?
the chortling which accompanied PJ Stocks miserable franglais (there he is again, is it a sign?) seemed rather avuncular.


swarkles said...

I love how the top banner of the blog used to be something that made complete and total sense and now it is a bunch of random stuff that makes no sense (unless you've been keeping up with it of course :) ). I think this started happening around the olympics?

Also, it is awesome.