Monday, January 24, 2011

The noontime skate is firing cannons for Monday, January 24th

Bullet points for what you missed while sleeping off your Championship Sunday hangover...
  • We guess some hockey games happened yesterday. We didn't notice, we were watching football. Let's see, Flyers win, Islanders are terrible, nothing newsworthy there. Devils won their fourth straight. Atlanta lost, that's good;
  • Garth Snow: "Hey Nabby, we've signed you. When would you like to report?" Nabby: *Click*;
  • Looks like Sid won't play the ASG, and Geno isn't too likely either;
  • All you Sens fans (I'm sure there are still some somewhere) calling for a GM or coach firing are out of luck;
  • Komi is allegedly punching women and not commenting on it. No comment on the no comment;
  • The Leaf Stan Lee Guardian is a tree;
  • Goodbye SCHrabble, we hardly knew ye;
  • Jack Todd sort of gets it, but not really. It was never the fans who ran Koivu out of town, you idiot. If it was anyone, it was, you know, the media.
Hey look, it's a video of Habs shooting the puck. Hard! Who knew CHicken was the second coming of Al Iafrate?


Daddy Says said...

Someone send CHeese Whiz a link to FHF. "white lighting"???? pffft

wv: he needs to hear our slargyn... err, jargon

Steve said...

Garry Leeman stole chickens wife?

Steve said...

After watching that skills comp I tried to remember the last time I saw anyone fly in and wind up comming over the blueline and launch Flower or Bobby Hull style a shot that found the back of the net? Why dont they do that anymore?

I would also like to see hardest shot from a static position on the blue line one timer and you have to hit the net to count.

moeman said...

Read it and weep.

Number31 said...

Jack Todd forgot to mention HE was the one who pooped on Koivu weekly. How about that selective memory eh? What a douche.

moeman said...

francois gagnon made me gag when I read this garbage;

"Quant aux partisans, ils voulaient lui dire qu’au-delà des petites chicanes,
du fait qu’il ne parlait pas assez français, et des insuccès de l’équipe
sous son règne qu’ils l’aimaient encore."

Sure thing gag-non, you fucking mélangeur de marde.

foo said...

Don't you Canadian folks have your own football teams? Didn't Montreal win some kind of Grey Cup type thing recently? Just curious cause I never see CFL jerseys when I'm in Canada or maybe I just don't recognize them. Is the NFL more popular than the CFL there? I don't know - I'm just a Neanderthal from Philadelphia. See you tomorrow!
- One of your favorite phucktards.

Die Rangers Die!

moeman said...

@foo, its too fucking cold to wear just a football jersey. Go Als! Go Steelers!

Steve said...

Ok I know its not the playoffs, butt its not to soon to kick the philthies and mess with their pee brains.

And Fuck the NFl, they were leotards for gods sake, might as well be contact ballet.

Bill 101 said...

..and so we jump from Saku-love to phucktard visitors

never a dull moment.

wv: dear foo, ephiu.

moeman said...

@Steve, come on, its fucking cold up here, you gotta be wearing your leotards.

Speaking of wearing sheer leotards with his Manolo Blahniks, betcha nextSensGMcsplooge is priming his pump to unload one on Giroux tomorrow night.

Number31 said...

@foo - I saw a guy in an Als jersey just a few days ago.

The Leaf needs more sap bombs. For the waffles.

foo said...

As long as they're not wearing Edmonton Eskimo jerseys. I hate those people. I mean Edmonton fans not Eskimos.

Anonymous said...

@moeman, how hard will you be laughin when Mcsplooge goes after Muller for coach?

moeman said...

@Anon, I'll cry, for Kirk.

Kmaxx said...

@Steve - Big Tits scored one like that last week - I'm a bit blurry on the details - someone sent the puck out into the slot and he walked in on it and let fly - I remember thinking - "fuck me it's good job no one got in the way of that, especially the goalie"

wv: Idati would have been harder than Chicken though!