Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Morning Skate for Thursday, January 13th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of Chinese planes stealthily coming to kill you...
  • Well that was just, annoying. The penalties kill us as the Pens get 4 PP goals and one canceled Habs goal and beat us 5-2. We actually thought we played pretty well to be honest, including the most exciting 6 minutes of hockey there in the 2nd we've seen in like, forever. Refs didn't help. Being tired didn't help. There's some blah blah on the internet about Fleury doing the TFS gangsta pose at the end of the game. Whatevs. Let's move on, shall we?
  • Lightning take control of the Southeaast with a 3-0 shutout of the Caps;
  • Corey Crawford (who?) is now the #1 goalie in Chicago after another shutout, 4-0 over the Avs;
  • If you didn't see the link to BR's stupidity in the comments yesterday, go take a look;
  • We found out how the Leaf is winning - Ron Wilson is bribing his own players.
Deep breath everyone.


not gillis, but still... said...


Mr. natural said...

First off as a regular visitor to the plant in question (almost got a MIG 29 in the head once, noisy SOB)absolutely the leak is on purpose, secondly 29 I believe you are correct and
as I type this a squadron is over the Pacific on it's way to kill us or at least hunt down Orangeman.

As for Nos Glorieux WTF, how many games are we going to piss away this year due to penalties?!!

*SIGH* Guy Boucher never looked so good (Dreamy look in my eyes).

Le Douze said...

Was it just me or did the Lego-MiniDD-Pyatt line look like our #1 line for big stretches in the 2nd?

And I guess we have our answer on Chicken ... last night he was definitely past his expiry date.

the Maritimer said...

I've been a fan of the Montreal Canadiens for fifty years, but they are getting really hard to watch these days. Sometimes it's more out of habit than any anticipation of an exiting match.

Mr. Boone over at HI/O says they don't have the horses to play run and gun hockey. No kidding. If that's the case shoot the ones you have and go get some new ones.

I hate the system.

Steve said...

@La Douze, Chicken gave Mini DD the best moniker already, Mini Mex.

Our new shiny F35 (I am a moron) are bomb trucks and the Chinese will eat them like Sqiud taking passes from KomiIsuck

LOL reading about the the Urologist, sign that guy already, he potential norris material.

You got it wrong, Wilson is bribing players but not his players, thats the only explanation.

Steve said...


still a habs fan after last night said...

Price is the Shooter and Fleury is the happy gilmore with the poses

Steve said...

Moron no more [a href=""]Chinese laughing[/a]

Le Douze said...

@Steve - I saw the MiniMex moniker, but I still can't figure out what it's on about. Did DD secretly come from Alaska out of parents from Mehico? Is he bald and I don't know it? Does he skate like a bastard across three lines, hunched over like Quasimodo, then stop just inside the offensive blue line to look around and see if any of his linemates made it to the party?

Yours inquiringly,


WV: Habs aren't "leakeli" to make it to the Cup if they keep taking stoopid penalties like that. (RDS claimed it was 13 "too many men" penalties this year before they realized they can't count, but it seemed pretty fucking plausible to me.)

Orangeman said...

I have to disagree, the Habs looked good playing run and gun hockey. They had by far their best chances during that stretch. Maybe it ended up tiring them out, but frankly I think they looked more at ease playing that way than with the 'system'. But what do I know.

Orangeman said...

Just wanted to add that while I don't really care about Fluery's pose, it's odd because he wasn't even playing that last game. In fact, he gave up one more goal on way less shots than his backup did (actually 2 more, but it's time to let it go). Cockiness is fine, but you should probably have a reason to be cocky. I forget who was the Pens last shooter that game (Malkin?) but it would have made more sense for him to hold the pose.


Steve said...

@Le Douze, Chicken was being interviewed, (and I am sure it is still up somewhere) after a recent game and he said DD was a Mini Gomez, LOL so he is forever MiniMex.

I think somewhere in the HABs brain trust they are planning for a cap on total team weight and height.

Number31 said...

There's a line by the dressing room door that says "Cannot play unless BELOW this height". So that explains Chicken!