Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The last Game Day Skate for a while for Tuesday, January 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of friending the Pope on Facebook...
  • Thank you from standingwatcher, Jonathan Quick! Kings 2, Bs 0;
  • No thank you, stupid extra point rule: Rangers 2, Caps 1 (SO);
  • Give the Leaf credit for fighting back twice against the Canes. Hahaha, no don't be silly, and of course they lost, 6-4;
  • Your token West game was a bit of a surprise, the struggling Nucks crushing the surging Stars, 7-1;
  • Marc Savard, concussion, etc. Sounds familiar;
  • Here's you power rankings roundup: ESPN (Habs 10th), TSN (12th), The Hockey News (10th). Don't trust the TSN one tho given they have the Bs 1st for some bizarre reason, like the TSN staff being idiots;
  • CHallah Halpern will be back against the Flyers;
  • François Gagnon has BREAKING EXCLUSIVE NEWS that Kirk Muller will leave the Habs after this season when his contract expires, because he is a good candidate for a lot of coaching positions. Tell us something we don't know.
Philly tonight before the All-Star break deprives us of real hockey for a week.


Le Douze said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for Marc Savard. Is that allowed, considering he's a Broon? (Now if it were Milan Lucic, not so much.)

Steve said...

I just hope the Pope is really clear about having young boys as facebook friends, I cant tell if he is for or against it? Please Mr Pope pray that progner takes one of Chickens pucks in the holy area.

moeman said...

New FHF feature.

Almost as funny as a leaf getting punched in the face.

bea.habs.fan said...

just read Pronger is back.
notes to Habs, please take lots of whacks and hard-shot puck for his ex-broken foot!!!

@ Moe LOL :-)

Steve said...

Although its not news in Quebec, Harper has found a Billion Dollars to use to build the Rene Levesque arena for his pal in Quebec City.

Maybe with the leftover change he can buy us a power forward.

the Maritimer said...


You are the best man.

ti-cul said...

wa ha ha!

Orangeman said...

My favourite part of the leaf loss is them complaining after the game about how Gleason fought Kulimen. The guy was punching Gleason in the scrum with his gloves on, even had his stick up in his face. Not 100% wonderful move on Gleason, sure.

Quote from Macarthur after the game, "There's a code! It was disgusting!" Isn't this the same guy who went after Hamrlik like a rabid dog (dropping his gloves and attacking him before Hamr even had a chance to know what was going on)? At least Gleason got a misconduct, Macarthur didn't even get an instigator at the time. Not that I expect anything else from the leaf.

Daddy Says said...

What good is a rink in Quebec City??? I mean is Robo Steve friends with Gary? Cause unless part of the billion is to grease betmans "palms" the Great White North gets no more hockey teams.

phuck the phyers.

soperman said...

@ Steve

Where the Phuck did he find a billion dollars? In his couch cushions? And from 2008? I worry about a government that leaves a billion dollars lying around, to be discovered over two years later.