Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need a new dreamcatCHer? ~ Flyers 5 - Habs 2 - No wish fulfilment, no pleasure principled Game review

DreamsCHape ~ Like J.T., I gave up/out by the 2nd period. Similar to the Habs I tossed and turned, made a wet spot, CHanged my socks, got a few winks and woke up to a week of analysis, meditation and hopefully a reCHarged body, mind and soul as I prepare to CHeer our team to a playoff position, one where they do (don't?) meet the fucking PHlyers in round one. A wet dream? A nightmare? Time to lay on the couCH and review things.

Resolving inner conflicts ~ nope, Habs consciously pooCHed the PK and the game

Counting sCHeep ~ stop at 5, otherwise go to hell

Conscious ~ DarCHe and Double D (that's a lot of Ds)

Unconscious ~ Rest of the team, maybe they need rest

Subconscious ~ They already miss Muller?

Flip to the cold side of the Draft ~ I know, Carter and Giroux could've be ours

Enter Boogey/Sandman ~ PHucking PHronger's PHour PHucking PHoints

Wet dreams ~ As a young teenager, this dreamy dame got me moist;

FHFemmes were probably all over this hairy Beest;

Insomniacs ~ Our Sens fan friends

Piss/crap the bed, time to change the sheets ~ leaf

Bunk bed buddies ~ PFK! and TFS™ seem rather CHummy away from the arena, too bad Subban didn't make the rookie ASG, what the fuck is that all about? (Fixed)

Coach sleeps with his socks on ~ CHocula seems like such a straight-laced fellow. When he sleeps, wonder where his fingers go. Do we need deeper interpretation? Picture him in leather.

Give us your secret word and test results on using benzodiazepine with ice cream in the comments.

G Y F H G !


Steve said...

Good for PFK, a lock for hardest shot winner rookies.

Fuck the Flyers, and stop giving Bettam ideas about how to rig the first round match-ups.


Lets have breakout second half.

HabsFan29 said...

I dreamed we won the game last night. It was glorious

L Dude said...

The PK and Carey Show is hittin' the road! WooHoo! I wonder if they'll drive down in Carey's pickup truck listening to George Strait and Garth Brooks all the way? Quick. Somebody get PK a cowboy hat!


L Dude said...

BTW moe, my older brother had that poster on his wall too. I tell ya, back in the day, that's the only skin we saw unless they were giving away a hot tub or sail boat on The Price is Right. Diane Parkinson in a bikini brings back some mamories.


moeman said...

Funniest thing I read today. Lidstrom offers his two first picks to Stall for Kessel.

JimmyG said...

Pretty decent Darche in the Globe and Mail this morning, but they claim that REnaud Lavoie came up with the Darche Vader nickname. I thought that came from FHF? Confirm or deny??

JimmyG said...

That should read "article on Darche" obviuosly.

JimmyG said...

Also, when Leblanc finally becomes a Hab, can we please not use the "Louuuuuuu" cheer. It's so used. I'd prefer something like this

Number31 said...

Watch out, North Carolina! PK's coming to disrespect y'all!

And Carey will have to keep him away from the buffet table. All that delicious Southern cooking... Think of the carbs!

JimmyG said...

Oh, I guess my first post didn't work. Anyway, there was an article in the globe and mail about Darche. They said Renaud Lavoie came up with "Darche Vader" and I'd thought it came from FHF...

Mr. natural said...

OK, these PHucken PHucktards, I mean , I was just...we need...

OK OK OK, last time I went a little overboard wishing death and such things on them, though I appreciate the support received from all.

I am working on something less murderous and damaging to the force and our collective psyches.

Will revert with instructions before playoffs.

Here is the first option I am currently investigating:

Authentic Vodou Spells
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Still doing research but will revert with best options soon.