Monday, January 26, 2009

Alright, maybe TMS was a little too brief

So the review of the ASG that was just "Kovy!" may have been a bit too short. So here are all of Kovy's goals compiled by some dude watching RDS. That "change-up" shot he took on the first one was outstanding.

Also of note, the awesome stretch save of Tim Thomas in the OT, and the subsequent standing O by Habs fans. For a Bruin! It's the bizarro-Bell Centre. Of course, I can't find video evidence of that. I may have dreamed it.


eyebleaf said...

1x1, Kovie is the best in the business.

Kovie time.

I've always had a man crush on him, dating back to his Rangers days.

Enjoy him. He is special.

Anonymous said...

man crush???, maybe you should change your name to gaybleaf

gillis said...

On CBC they were interviewing Price when kovy set off onto his second breakaway and the guy quickly asked price what kovy was going to do and Price said "Backhand shelf" a second before kovy did the move.

Kovy= God
Price= Jesus

fezworth said...

Wow, anon. real classy.

Number31 said...


Mr. Gillette looked so proud and happy. Beautiful end. Now, extend his contract, Bob, before the Penguins take him back :<