Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pre-review review of the Rangers game

HF4 will be along later with a real review of the Gang Bang last night. In the meantime, FHF regular reader, commentor and occasional contributor Damion was at the game. He sent along the pic above, which he says was at the "start of the turd." And he spent the evening text messaging me, which I shared with the 3/4 FHF reunion at Hurleys last night. Now I'll share them with you, as the messages form some sort of amusing game recap:

Feecking jaro heez on heez kneez like Elisha in Dion's bedroom
Bullshit goal on a bullshit penalty. Totally take it
Refs are on Habs payroll
I just got totally schooled by a ten year old
The olé just started. eek. Fucking hate that

I really need details on the ten year old thing, 'cause I've been to games with Damion and he is an expert taunter, in a loud voice and in two languages. That must have been some 10 year old.


ToneeH said...

'tis true - Damion is (or maybe used to be) an expert taunter. Perhaps living in NYC has dulled his wits.

Schooled by a 10-year-old. How sad.


Perplexed in Montreal said...

How did we win this game?

We were outshot 39-25, and Halak looked shaky on every shot he faced.