Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Put a naked chick in front of the net we'd have had a better chance to win that game - Thrashers 4, Habs 2

"Let’s just say I missed my target almost as badly as Jaro missed the puck last night"

- HFF33akaPanger re his need to bill some lawyer hours today

Uh, yeah. To be honest, I really didn't think we played all that badly last night. Yes, Jaro's first two goals were a disaster. Yes, the D really got their signals crossed on the second one. Yes, at times some of the forwards seemed pretty Zombie-riffic. Yes, the Habs' habit of playing down to crappy opponents is frustrating as hell.

But really, especially in the third, Lehtonen was the difference. Habs outshot the Thrash 36-24. So for that, we'll hold of on the "Habs Suck". For one day.


gillis said...

Bad news,

Pat Burns has been diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

Get well soon Pat

gillis said...

HockeyBuzz says: Saku in, Higgins still out.

Not sure who is sitting out for Saku though. Stewart probably

Van Hab said...

Last night was a weird night for hockey... I mean sens beat caps, coyotes beat wings. I've got a good feeling about tonight. Carey looked good last night and has half a game to shake the rust off. This will be a good one tonight.

Perplexed in Montreal said...

I thought Stewart looked good. He can skate and has very quick hands when he is in the corners.

I would sit Latendresse, not that it will happen. He is just too slow and lumbering.

Also, D'Agostini might benefit from a few weeks back in Hamilton.

Limerick Dude said...

HockeyBuzz says: Saku in, Higgins still out.

Son, you best watch which sources you quote, or the FHF shall smite thee!

If it's true then, Dags - take a seat.

HabsFan29 said...

agreed LD

but it's been confirmed by RDS

gillis said...

I don't beleive hockey buzz for their trade rumours but things like that I trust

Perplexed in Montreal said...

If you go to hockeybuzz there is an archive of Eklund's rumor reports for the past couple of years.

'Noise' is the best way to describe this output. He gets essentially nothing right.

gillis said...

I never really go to HockeyBuzz because all those rumours make me so depressed because I know none of them will come true.

(my verification word is "draim", sounds a bit like "dream")

I saw the Saku thing on H I/O

But when it comes to something like the team line-up, I think I'd somewhat beleive Eklund

gillis said...

The flyers are having some cap problems. They're probably going to have to trade someone to get Brière back in the line-up.

Chance for BG to make a big move?

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

Is there someone raping a chicken in that boat back there?

Matt James, you genius sir.