Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nashville! Uh, uh, uh... I've got nothing. Game preview and open thread

After the hype that was the Bruins game, Nashville seems like a bit of a let down. So let me tell you a story. I had a friend back in law school who could be quite the party girl. She tells me that there's this band in town called Nashville Pussy, and she knows one of them, she's going to the show, and I should go with her. I think I had plans, or I was just scared of a band called Nashville Pussy, so I didn't go. Next thing I know my phone is ringing at 5 in the morning. My friend called, she was hanging out with the band and they were all drinking and doing coke all night. And the bass player (the one on the left up there) was hitting on her. I've been a Nashville Pussy fan ever since. Decent punk, metal-ish rock, and they can turn a swear word into a lyric better than anyone. With hits like Go Motherfucker Go, High as Hell, and Keep on Fuckin', it's like they speak to me. Anyway, on with the preview, in handy bullet point form:
  • 730 PM at the Phone Booth;
  • Habs coming off the B's loss, but still on a 5-0-1 streak at home;
  • Nashville has won 3 of their last 4, including over Chicago and the Pens, and are actually 7-2-1 against the Eastern Conference this year;
  • This is the teams' only meeting this season;
  • The only Preds blog I know, Pred Joe, seems to have stopped updating. Anyone know any others? UPDATE - lap dance to Nashville reader GT for pointing us to On the Forecheck;
  • Big Tits has a five game point streak;
  • Keep your eye out for Shea Weber if he plays (leading all NHL D in goals), JP Dumont and Martin Erat for the Preds. Pekka Rinne is their hot goalie;
  • Koivu has suffered a setback in his recovery and won't be back tonight as planned. Kovy is apparently sick now and may not play. Gregory Stewart has been called up to maybe fill in. BGL has back problems, not his groin as was previously reported. Carey Price may be dead;
  • Will Marc Denis ever play?
  • Jason Arnott probably won't play for the Preds;
  • For your post-game adult entertainment, enjoy these photos of Nashville Pussy.
Please help us out with some reason to care about Nashville in the comments


HFF33 aka Panger said...

"And the bass player (the one on the left up there) was hitting on her."

Does that mean she's a lesbian or bi? Either one is fine with me, just wanted to know I'm holding the camera or actually involved in the mental imagine.

TopShelfHab said...

Reasons to care:

The amazing Radek Bonk?
The fact that their average high temperature there is 22 degrees C and right now in beautiful Montreal it's -21?
Edmonton is their sister city, and we all love the Oil?
Because the Titans used to be known as the Oilers, hence the Edmonton connection?

I don't know... I tried.

GT said...


This is probably the best Preds blog/site now that Joe has retired.

Pekka Rinne will most likely be in goal. Barry Trotz changes goalies like a 15 year old girl doing the clothes rodeo before her first date. But Rinne posted a shutout on Tuesday and Trotz has this unwritten rule...if you get a shutout you automatically start the next game

GT said...

Also this just in from our paper here in Nashville.

"enter Jason Arnott (lower body) and defenseman Shea Weber (foot) will miss the contest against the Canadiens.

"Defenseman Alexander Sulzer will make his NHL debut tonight in Montreal, and he could see a decent bit of ice time. That’s because neither Dan Hamhuis (ankle) nor Kevin Klein (just getting over food poisoning) are completely healthy."

"Trotz said it’s even possible that forward Wade Belak, a converted defenseman, could see some time on the blueline tonight."

Curious to see who scores for Nashville. Trotz showed a lot of an Legwand centering Erat and Sullivan as his topline on Tuesday with Arnott out. Thats probably the best potential scoring line.

The Bonk---Smithson and Tootoo line has been decent at times. Thanks in large part to Bonk's play.

Not sure how Weber being gone will effect the defensive pairings. Likely a lot of mixing and matching. I'd guess Suter and Hamhuis will be paired together. Klein and Koistinen will be paired again I'd imagine

Van Hab said...

This is one of those game where, if we win, it'll be all "meh, Nashwho? 2 points is 2 points go to sleep now" and if we lose, it'll be all "Trade everyone for Lecavalier, we suck! We Suck! We Really Fucking Suck!"

Marc Denis won't ever play. Reason being he'll get 5 straight shutouts and Rejean Tremblay will anoint him Lazarus and start screaming that we trade Price for strippers. tons and tons of strippers. Why are you still reading this?

Habsfan10 said...

Do we get extra credit if we know the law school friend? What if we made out with them?

hmanpuckfan said...

Please help us out with some reason to care about Nashville in the comments

uh.....ok.....wait!......ah.....I got nothin!

Barry Trotz reminds me of Boris Badinoff.....

For fun, ask them about their playoff success against the Sharks.

This game should be on the same level of snoozefest as the 'ning/fins showdown 2 nights (yawn) ago

Limerick Dude said...

I'd like to see a Kostitsyn/Koistinen fight!

I'd like to see our Weber get another look.

If we can include Brisebois in the Vinny deal, give them whatever they want.

She looks angry. I like that.

Limerick Dude said...

And remember - Barry Trotz but Carbo gallops...

I don't know what that's supposed to mean.

Beta169 said...

Reasons to care about Nashville...

1. I'm from there
2. Nashville Knights hockey was the class of the ECHL back in the day.
3. Surfrock capital of the world - Thee Phantomb 5ive, Los Straightjackets, etc. (surf rock, NOT beach rock - fuck the Beach Boys)
4. Boom Boom's grandson is in the Pred's organization and is from Nashville. Maybe they'll take a 5th rounder for him?
5. My wife purchased me tickets to the season ticket holder preseason meet the player thing for my birthday. As JP Dumont was signing my son's hat I said "I wish Gainey had signed you instead of Samsonov. He looked at me and say "me too."
6. Nashville is to lesbians as San Francisco is to gay men. I'm not talking bull dikes either, I'm talking uber hot lipstick lesbians.
7. Southern women in general are fucking hot.
9. It's not in Florida.
10. Did I mention I'm from there?

gillis said...

You know how Gorges is in a couple of rumours; what if he gets traded for lecavalier, then Price his heartbroken and demands getting traded to Tampa so he can play fight with Gorgeous Gorges. I wouldn't want that to happen.

Who's Pekka Rinne? I smell a bit of sarcasm in the line, "Pekka Rinne is their hot goalie"

Oh I remember stewart... he's the guy who couldn't just let the last few seconds in the last game of the season go. He had to get in a fight with fuckin McCabe. He sort of ruined the ambience, I didn't like it.

Here's a reason to like Nashville

HabsFan29 said...

@GT - thx! post updated with the link

@HF10 - no extra credit, half of law school may have made out with her

@Beta - I had no idea! awesome! And I guess I wasn't clear, i meant why should we care about the Nashville Predators. Nashville itself is a great town. Not that I've been there, but damn world's largest adult bookstore (only 4 words btw) is all i need

HabsFan29 said...

good job gillis! we have a winner!

Limerick Dude said...

With no offense to resident lyricist Moeman or others.
Nashville, the heartland of America. Speaking of America:

On the first part of the journey
I was looking at nite life
There were strippers and hookers and hobos and things
There was forums and centres and stanley cup rings
The first thing I met was a guy with an Ex
And the oh so many clouds
The temp was cold and the ground was white
But the air was full of sound

I road into town with a coach with no neck
It felt good to be out of the snow
In the south you can remember your name
cause your uncle and your daddy are one in the same
La, la ...

After two days in the blistering cold
My skin began to freeze
After three days of strippers and meth
I was looking at a crotch full of fleas
And the story it told of a river that flowed
Made me sad to think it was dead

You see I road into town with a coach with no neck
It felt good to be out of the snow
In the south you can remember your name
cause your uncle and your daddy are one in the same
La, la ...

After nine days stranded in Montreal
cause the snow had turned to ice
There were strippers and hookers and hobos and things
There was forums and centres and stanley cup rings
The Bell Centre is like a big bowl of life
Of which there is nothing above
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
But the Habs fans will give no love

You see I road into town with a coach with no neck
It felt good to be out of the snow
In the south you can remember your name
cause your uncle and your daddy are one in the same
La, la ...

gillis said...

@LD: Very nice, I like

@HF29:Yes! I win! I never win!

Here's some stuff about the girls if you want.

Abby is spunky

Sonia said...

@LD - I'd like to see a Kostitsyn/Koistinen fight!
And have it described by Don Cherry...

Reason to care about Nashville: It's a likely candidate to be the new franchise of Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hamilton or K/W.

Van Hab said...

"As JP Dumont was signing my son's hat I said "I wish Gainey had signed you instead of Samsonov. He looked at me and say "me too.""

I heard Nashville used to have a Johnny Cash impersonator play between periods, but the players ended they practice, complaining "this place is prison-ey enough as it is"

moeman said...

Nicely done LDude.

Van Hab said...

If Kovalev doesn't play, does komiarek get the "C"?
When was the last time a player both coached and captained his team in the same season? Anyone?

I know he wasn't officially a coach nor officially a captain, but still...

gillis said...

@ VH: Not sure, but I was watching one of the Most Memorable Games (Cup in '93), and Denis Savard was behind the bench because of injury. Does his name go on the cup as assistant coach and as a player? It should.

Is it is Komsarek then all he has to do now is ref a game.

You may have read my comment about Gui! being a bear the other day. That night, I was looking through an old Habs magazine I had there was a "ask a stupid question" section and it asked what their favorite animal is. And Latendresse chose the bear. I was freakin out. He said he likes it because they sleep 6 months and wen their not sleeping, their getting ready to go to sleep.

I don't get where all the Lecavalier stuff came from anyway. A week ago, Lecavalier stated that he was staying in Tampa. A year ago, he signed a huge contract with Tampa. Every year, he denies rumours that he wants to come to Montreal. Why do these rumours retur every year? Every year its the exact same thing. All these french canadian habs fans think they got into his head somehow and have changed his mind. This is ridiculous. Lecavalier stays in Tampa.

And I don't like this "Plekanec is doing well, lets trade him thing" either.

Its stupid, people say that since he's playing well it would increase his market value. And if he sucks, everybody will want him to be traded. Whats with all the hate towards Plek. I love Plek. I think he's Saku Koivu's Czech twin. What can he do to have people to want him in Montreal? Play well? Apparently not. Play like shit, obviously not.

God gamn.

Keep it real Zombie-Turtle-Plek-Dawg! I love ya

punkster said...

Beta 169 has certainly provided the most compelling reasons to care. So, in the spirit of the best FHF form of expressive language may I just say...fuckin' eh!!!

HabsFan29 said...

wooooooo Nashville! feel the excitement people

Grrrreg said...

Hey! Just wanted to say hi before I go to bed. I'd like to stay up for the game but it's already almost 2AM here... I'll read the recap tomorrow. Go habs go!

(The word verification for my comment is "blesses". That's fitting...)

Beta169 said...

Why to care about the Preds...
-I just found out that Frankie B was a predator for all of four games. That's reason enough for me to like the Preds.
-Also, if the Preds get moved, I'll have to go to Atlanta to see the Habs "close to home."
-Attendance in Nashville will pick up now and sell outs will be more frequent because the Vols and Titans are both done for the year.
-My three year old son claims that Gnash and Youppie! are brothers (I've no idea why). He also sings a song that is a combination of Bleu, Blanc, Rouge, and Rocky Top which is pretty damn funny.

perplexed in montreal said...

We need someone else to take care of the fighting.

Beta169 said...

We need a BGL 2.0, made of titantium, unlike our current model, made of bone china.

heh, I said bone.

HabsFan29 said...

@perplexed - we got BGL for a reason. if only he wasn't dead

moeman said...

A little Tenderness.

HabsFan29 said...

BB creams himself over Gui again

Beta169 said...

Gui! the Tender Bear puts it in the honeypot!

Alex said...

Guys take a look at this Crosby pic from a Ranger website;

The next one? No, the baby one...

fezworth said...

Dear Lord, all they can talk about it Gui!. Ugh. Get over him.

perplexed in montreal said...

They're actually praising Gui for being on course for another 16 goal season.

Montréaliste1 said...

bullshit call on breezer

perplexed in montreal said...

@Montrealiste - I agree but they are calling that interference these days.

HabsFan29 said...


HabsFan29 said...

tits woooo!

moeman said...

Vodkov bonks one in, 3-1.

HabsFan29 said...

at least someone out there is watching

moeman said...

@HF29, in part as Tina Fey is on the other channel.


perplexed in montreal said...

Tits are flying.

HabsFan29 said...

man i think we're gonna blow this game

fezworth said...

ok, WTF is up with the RDS feed on Shaw these days? I might as well draw the game on a fucking piece of paper.

HabsFan29 said...

sorry fez. its perfect here

so many open nets to miss


moeman said...

2 points, bonk em'.

Number31 said...

Open net bonanza made me laugh. Markov needs to stop slapping a puck at the net when he's right in front of it...

Bryan said...

fez, i had that problem with shaw against the B's on tuesday, but not tonight. it was so choppy on tuesday and kept freezing.