Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a free-flowin' ramblin' bumblin' stumblin' Sexy Friday All-Star break TMS

Morning everyone! As there were no games last night, we're gonna dump the bullets and just ramble on for a bit. After yesterday's Marissa Miller bikini pics, today we've got Alessandra Ambrosio bikini pics. Hellooooo. Or are the ribs showing turning you off? My penis is confused. How about that All-Star Game, eh? Sid the Kid has pulled out. That's not a reliable method of birth control Sid! Kovalev is your East captain. I have no idea why. TFS(tm) will also be playing the rookie-sophomore game. Maybe he can play his way into shape. TSN has some Ultimate Canadiens Team thing happening. Seems totally lame without Stéphane Lebeau. Sens have put Gerber on waivers. That is not surprising in the least. Have a very Sexy Friday everyone.

*Sexy Friday copyright KSK



1) Surprised Bettman didn't suggest postponing the All Star weekend until Sid was feeling better.
2) Oh well, 5 days without any meaningful/watchable hockey

Bryan said...

ahhh. sexy friday on my couch. i like being sick. i should do this more often.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

Sid's back in, Bettman issues order to "stop being a pussy" apparently