Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TMS Pays Tribute to Our Boys

That's five, bitches.



1) Seriously, anyone outside of Canada watch/care about this tournement?

Slalom Frog said...

I did, live in the US. The Swedish goalie is a weenie. He should take up olympic diving instead. FHF must be happy because they will get more Subban quotes. It was a great game, the boys worked hard and the win vs Russia made it that much better!

Hal said...

I'm in the US and I care...I guess it doesn't really count 'cause I'm Canadian.

Unfortunately I was only able to watch the first 2 periods before I had to go play hockey myself...FUCK

[a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pornography"]Text to display[/a]

Sorry "reference to a francophone member of the Habs defence corps being incarcerated in an unusual and uncomfortable manner" would have required too much work.

At least I was 2/3

eyebleaf said...

Subban is going to look great on the Habs blueline for years and years.

I am openly jealous.

Van Hab said...

Watching some highlights of the Pens losing again last night and my girlfriend calmly comments "maybe they keep losing 'cause their captain is a backwards dick-puncher"


backwards dick-puncher

Raquel said...