Thursday, January 01, 2009

IT'S 2009!!!! Let's review the last game of 2008!!!! Habs 2 - Bolts 1 (S.O)

Does a Habs win warrant fireworks?


The Habs always wet the bed on the game before Christmas and the one before New Year's, so this is a treat for all of us.

Could the Habs change the trend? I had far more hope that Hamas and Israel officials could get together this weekend, kick back and watch old episodes of Three's Company.

-Ari, this is hilarious, this Tripper guy, he's a king.
-I know Fouad, nobody did it better. Let's make peace.

But wouldn't you know it. They start the game playing like elephants in a pilates class and finish strong enough in the third to push the game into O.T., where they came close enough to make you want 2008 to last a little longer.

Then it was lights out in the shootout. And someone showed some spunk.

Carey Price celebrates the game winning stop against Vincent Lecavalier.

Carey may have even exhibited a pulse during the game, but our sources are still checking on that. For the moment, we know that Dr. Mulder has confirmed that Carey Price does not have a pulse.

Habs win. 2008 draws to a close.

2009 is here, and we are six months away from finding out whether there is any substance to a hype that has followed this team like few of us can remember.

Happy New Year to all of you. Not you, Mats Sundin.


wrap around curl said...

Happy New Year, gents.

Anonymous said...

usain bolt = carey price.

antoloveseveryone said...

God bless you, 4.
God bless the Habs.
God bless Jesus Price.
God bless strippers, meth, and alcohol.

eyebleaf said...

happy new year, fellas.

and happy new year to you too, MATS.

Number31 said...

Happy New Year! And yay to the fact we don't have a zombie in nets.

Bryan said...

happy halloween, bitches !! huzzah

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it 2-1?

HabsFan4 said...

thank you anon. it was 2-1. that's what you get when you write a post in the middle of a new year's party.

Anonymous said...

tanguay out for at least 6 weeks.

HabsFan29 said...

"thanks" for the news shutdown.

morphine for everyone

Anonymous said...

theres more....

pricey's out tomorrow. not going to joysey.

they called up max pac. your boy chips. vebber. maybe someone else.

Anonymous said...

maybe someone else= marc denis.

gillis said...

yay! Max Pac!

Anonymous said...

last paragraph. carbo might use vebber as a forward. time to break out the "streit and dandenault being less than average defenseman does not make them 1st line forwards Carbonneau you monumental asswipe" tag for the next game recap.