Monday, January 12, 2009

Fuck it, let's perpetuate rumours!

Look, we're not Eklund. We hate this shit. But given we found this great picture of Vinny and a hot chick (his wife?) to post, we figured wtf. You guys are already talking about it in the comments anyway (lap dance or Jack Bauer-style torture to Shutdown for being the first, your call).

So everyone and his mother seems to think there is all sorts of truth to these Lecavalier to Montreal rumours. Even crappy TSN anchors. He's got Pleks + Higgy + Subban + half of Hamilton + draft picks going to Tampa (e3).

Alright, have at it in the comments, who would you give up for Vinny? Or should Bob just chill until everyone is healthy? Or focus on Bouwmeester? You too can be a GM. All it takes is someone else's money and some minor math skills.


Anonymous said...

Giving up way too much for him
We don't need his inflated salary.
I don't care if he is from Montreal

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon above, He could have come home but didn't. To Hell with him.

Van Hab said...

Too much money, questionable leadership, inconsisten on-ice performance.
The second he arrives he'll be canonized and he will never live up to expecations. This team is simmering along to perfection, and nobody needs to drop a ladle of pea soup into my borscht.

Yes there is a lot of upside, but I don't think mid-season is the time to do it. Wait until summer, when half the team's contracts are up and then make a play for Lecavalier. I think we need a defenceman right now and all the guys playing their best and we've got a shot this year. Next year is full of question marks anyway so go after him in the summer.
Lecavalier's got lots of pull, and if he wants to play in Montreal, he'll be ready when we are.

Sonia said...

Well I didn't want any part of Vinny in Mtl until I saw those Pecs. Now I want him. But only for an hour or so. I'd trade the rights to Valentenko for that hour.

KML said...

Say goodbye to many of the impending UFAs if he comes to Mtl.

Plus, he'll just disappoint under the pressure like every other anticipated Francosaviour since Roy.

All to say, f*ck Vinny, go after Schneider and a role player with playoff experience. Oh, and get healthy (TFS is starting to worry me).

eyebleaf said...

You guys are crazy if you want to trade P.K. I don't care who you get back in return.

kevincrumbs said...

No, no, no. It seems odd that the player I'd be saddest to lose is one that we've never even seen in a Canadiens jersey, PK Subban.

Besides that, his contract is too big and with this whole economic downturn, chances are the cap's going to go down over the next couple of seasons and we can't afford that type of cap hit. Also, how does this rumour even start without Tampa Bay requesting a goalie? You don't think they'd want Jaro?

Beta169 said...

If Tampa is trying to shed salary, I think I'd rather get St. Louis than Vinnie. Seems to have more heart and grit than Vinnie, can score, and wouldn't cost as many players to acquire.

melly said...

Vinny: do not want.

Bouwmeester: want like a motherfucker.

The rumoured deal for Vinny is asking too much from the Habs and throws a huge fucking wrench into what was already going to be a tricky offseason. We sign Vinny and we're going to end up losing a lot more than Higgy, TurtlePlek, Subbanator and pick.

fezworth said...

I can't believe that the term 'economic downturn' was just used in a Habs tradebait thread. That's awesome. Made me giggle.

I agree with just about everyone here. Do not want. It'd take too much to get him, and what does it say about our team if we'll sell the farm just to get at a french superstar? Do not want. It's not about winning cups or building a long-term team at that point.

If we're going to give away a crapload of young talent, why not trade for a 1st round pick, or Tavares at the draft?

A trade like this doesn't seem like Bobby G's style, IMHO.

gillis said...

There's no way I'd want to see PK leave. Max Pac I could live with though. I say Higgy, Max Pac, McDonut, A couple of shitty picks. And fuck it, through in Breezer.

and maybe pleky, but i sort of like him. scratch that. Throw in Gui! the Tender Bear

perplexed in montreal said...

The other deal H I/O suggests is:

Robert Lang, Chris Higgins, Ryan O'Byrne, and Kyle Chipchura, and a 2010 1st round pick, for Vinny, and Jussi Jokinen, and/or Paul Ranger.

Now that's a deal I could warm to.

lawyergirl77 said...

Over. My. Dead. FUCKING. Body.

In any combination.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a torture style lapdance, featuring Jack Bauer?

Kevin said...

no thanks. i seen what trading half your guys for one man does for a team. it didn't work out so well for syd and company.

perplexed in montreal said...

With the exception of the NJ Devils, and the '93 Habs (?) no team has ever won the Stanley Cup without a top ten scorer.

Even Carolina had Eric Staal (100 pts that year).

Not saying it has to be Vinnie. But given that we don't have Brodeur, Stevens, & Niedermayer at the back, we'll need to trade for a top scorer to win the cup.

Whale4ever said...

Bouwmeester never opens his mouth (in fact, he lets his dad do the talking), so if he somehow was to wind up in MTL and become el capitan, he'll offend no one with his lack of French.

kevincrumbs said...

The thought of a team taking Rhino in a trade sends me into hysterical laughter. Especially a team in Florida.

Also, I apologise for using "economic downturn". I should've remembered what site I was on and used "economic clusterfuck" instead.

gillis said...

It's official,
The habs have traded Breezeby and the rights to Valentenko for Lecavalier, Martin St-Louis and Steven Stamkos.

Don't even question me, I'm 100% sure that it's a done deal.

Oh yeah, the habs also get a lock of hair Barry Melroses mullet

gillis said...

edit: lock of hair from Barry Melroses mullet that he left behind with his high hopes for the Tampa Bay Lightning to succeed

Number31 said...

If the deal or trade is true I will seriously question Bob's frame of mind.


And I used to go to school with the guy... (Vince, that is. Not Bob).

msevigny said...

Man, you guys are nuts. Who wouldn't want to trade half their team's best prospects for a guy with a gigantic long-term contract and a bad shoulder who's having a shitty season on a bad team that he can't lead and who's spent his entire career trying to avoid playing for your team? Who isn't looking forward to three goals in twenty games followed by an injury and a slow trickle of whining about the local media? Who doesn't want to see Subban and Komi dueling for the Norris trophy in five years on separate teams, while Montreal struggles to scrape up the money to re-sign Patrice Brisebois' corpse for another year on the second pairing? THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!

Flying Toaster said...

Plekanec, Higgins, Hamrlik, McDonaugh and two 1st round draft picks. I might throw in Pacioretty in there if they insisted. IF they want Andrei Kostitsyn then i'm keeping Hamrlik and Pacioretty.

Yoga said...

The price is too high and it is not Bob's style.
Besides what we need is a skating defensemen while we wait for PK to be ready for the jump. Looks like O'Byrne might be on the way out and breeze by is only just hanging on for the second time around. Patrice will probably be on the coaching staff soon enough.
Gorges has developed into a real player so any talk of a deal with him and PK is frustrating me to no end.
Tampa has too much invested in one player same with sens this formula does no work!
I have faith in the gm, They critisized him for taking price over Brule and for not getting enough for Rivet.
In Bob we trust.

Anonymous said...

No deal. Vinny won't make us better.

Get a decent D for Higgins and a draft pick. But don't throw PK in the mix as I want to see him in Blue-Blanc-Rouge.

lostinleafland said...

We need D,,big D or will we get manhandled in the playoffs.
We're scoring plenty of goals. We don't need Vinny, especially with the size of his contract.
I'm not opposed to dumping Higgins, Turtlepleks and a couple of 2nd/3rd round picks but not for Vinny.
Not sure Kaberle is the answer either?