Monday, January 19, 2009

Hero of 1986 Playoffs Back in the NHL

I guess this is the most interesting story of the day for us to comment on. The San Jose Sharks, a team that needs absolutely no help whatsoever, have called up Claude Lemieux from Worcester of the AHL. Claude Lemieux is pictured here playing in the Habs-Oilers Old Timers Game at the Edmonton Heritage Classic in 2002. He was an old-timer seven years ago. I repeat, HE WAS AN OLD-TIMER SEVEN YEARS AGO.

lap dance to Van Hab for pointing this out first


gillis said...

He is so bad. He could be my grampa, no joke.

And how can he make the San Jose line-up? what a joke.

Van Hab said...

Scary thing is, San Jose is good enough to make him look good.

Makes me think that when Price suffers the inevitable career-ending injury in the All-Star Game, Gainey should get on the horn to Ken Dryden.

"Hey Ken, since Parliament's fucked and your presence there won't really solve anything, I was wondering.... oh htat's OK, I'm sure we can find goalie pants in a size 42... "

Number31 said...

Maybe it's to keep him off the pink ice in the AHL.

Doogie2K said...

Five and a bit, actually, Nov. 22/03.