Friday, January 16, 2009

Sexy Friday's Hot Babe with a Tenuous Relationship to Hockey of the Day

We can't just have stupid TMS sitting there all day on a Friday. While we wait for a review of the game last night, please enjoy Andrea Varesova, Slovak Supermodel who dated Jaromir Jagr back when he played hockey. You know, in a league not owned by the Russian mob.

Enjoy her sexy slideshow (nsfw)

*Sexy Friday copyright KSK.


gillis said...

how 'bout Mike Modano's wife Willa Ford

HabsFan29 said...

always a good one, gillis, we've featured her before

gillis said...

awwww, i'm a bit of a newbie to FHF. I guess i missed a good one.

Van Hab said...

How about Guillaume's mistress, Benoit?


My verification word is "nograti", i think I'm being told this comment is inappropriate...

moeman said...

'nsfw'? Where do you prudes work.

Also, I think I saw some 'nip', like George did, on Elaine XMas card. NTTIAWWT.

word verif = ore fello

orangeman said...

Maybe this is old news to you guys, but I thought it was funny.

Seems like UdM is offering a course in the religion that is the Habs. Maple Leaf fans want a similar course at UofT, but there are already too many religions that have dibs on shame, guilt, eternal suffering and disappointment. Not to mention millions of blind sheep willing to throw money away every weekend.

gillis said...

finally something exciting happenned at my school

I was doin a test when it was all happening and I didn't know what was going on until some teacher didn't let me walk through the fuckin hall.

My good friend was in interrogation for over 6 hours.

I'l'l tell u if he needs lawyer help, lol.