Friday, January 09, 2009

(Live) Game Review: It`s awsome to see the Habs crush the Leafs in person Edition

Mikael Grabovsky and Sergei Kostitsyn continue their battle in the alley behind the Bell Centre after the game.

Ah, life is good. Out of the hospital, airways clear, and on top of it, due to the generosity of loyal FHF blogger LG77, got to watch the Habs beat up on a crappy Leafs team live. First post in a while, so I`m a bit out of the loop - got nothing clever, so let`s hit the bullet points, random stream of consciousness style:
  • Special thanks goes out to Toksalad's (FHF nickname award (non-Habs division) winner, 2008-2009 season; take a bow, Moeman), who ensured a Habs victory and the fulfillment of all my pre-game wishes after giving up several weak ones, especially the second to Mad Max.
  • On the other hand, nothing but praise for Jaro (especially after he got bashed after the Devils/Panthers games): solid-to-spectacular play, to the point that was surprising to see the Leafs ahead in shots all game. As HF4 might say: Cari seet in sick room and have sexy massage of brokeen groin, so Jaro seev meeny shots from Leaf and help Mentreal ween.
  • Kovy is great when he's interested. (I just wish that was more often.) And he could have been a porn star: he can get it straight up in tight in the blink of an eye.
  • Yet another rookie made his Habs debut. Wearing no. 68 (what with the 60`s digits? what`s wrong with 24 or 15?? Or something in the 30s? This is bugging me way more than it should.) Weber didn`t do anything spectacular on the PP, but got off one rocket of a slapshot in the third, and held his own during regular shifts in the third alongside Hamr. It was nice of the Leafs to suck so badly that Carbo could play him like that without worry.
  • What`s with Georges up front? Dude clearly plays defence for a reason.
  • D`Agostini can probably make travel plans back to Hamilton when Saks returns (fingers crossed) on Saturday. Hit the net on a breakaway, rookie.
  • I can`t believe the refs kept Grabs and Little Tits apart - but loved that it seemed like the linesmen was going to toss Grabovsky like a dwarf for a second. Apparently Grabs said he`d fight him in the street - which I`d pay to see.
  • Also can't believe the league is going to look the other way after that dust up - seems like Grabs is getting the Curtis Joseph treatment. (Ed. note: RDS reports that Grabby got 3 games.)
  • Most unbelievably, I think it`s time to let Breezer out of the trunk after moving into 5th all-time in Habs scoring among defensemen after his 3-assist game. He's played within his capabilities alongside Cube, and (shudder) has probably been our second best offensive defencemen. That being said, if Gainey doesn`t substantially upgrade the quality of puck-moving defencemen before the deadline they`re going nowhere in the playoffs.
  • Is Brian Burke going to do something besides goon the Leafs up with the likes of Brad May? I guess he's returning to the good ol' Conn Smythe days of "beat'em in the alley" - cause they clearly aren't going to be beating many teams on the ice.
  • Both Greek Lightening and Franky may have lost the technical decision in their fights, but Cube hanging in there with a guy 6 inches taller energized the team - and the crowd. And proved that "intimidation" tactics are not going to win hockey games when you have no talent.
  • Speaking of fighting, where is Georges Laraque? How does one get hurt by not playing? Maybe someone should tell BGL that the massage places he's been frequenting, while temporarily improving the feeling in his groin area, really aren't a recommended long term medical solution.
  • OK, so now we have a good PP again? And Mad Max`s line plays half the time? OK.
  • Speaking of whom, I'm away for 3 weeks and Max turns into Rocket Richard? WTF? I guess that makes Tenderness Toe Blake.
  • It is an experience to watch the Habs beat the Leafs live. Taunting Toksalad the whole way through. Sixty-seven, clap-clap-clapclapclap in the first. Olé in the second. Hey-hey goodbye half way through the third. (Usually I`d say too early, but the game was never close. Plus it`s the Leafs.)
  • Especially sweet victory with 6 regulars out. Of course I`m sure Leafs Nation has some sort of excuse for the fact that the Bulldogs probably could have beaten them last night.
  • Speaking of Leafs Nation: One member got tossed 5 minutes into the game after throwing a plastic bottle down 15 rows, nailing a guy in the back of the head (he was fine). I don't know what Leafs Fan was thinking because no one was even taunting the Leafs or their fans at that point. Then again, if he was rational he probably wouldn't be a Leafs fan.
  • Not-something-you-see-everyday department: two Hasidic jews with Habs baseball caps in the front row of the whites. I guess god really is a Habs fan.

Great game. Leafs Suck indeed. I`m off to watch some midget wrestling to get in the mood for the rematch.


HabsFan29 said...

that's quality bastardization of Grabs' name there Panger. both names misspelled! good to have you back!

eyebleaf said...

Welcome back.

So...Kostopolous gets 3 games for his hit on Van Ryn. And Grabs gets 3 games for his antics last night.

Yes. This makes sense.

Anonymous said...

outa the car boys. Off with yer pants. me and bubba and slim gonna make a day of it.

Shouldna come to tennessee all alone boys, now you in big trouble.

Be alright in a few days, jist go home to kebec and sit quiet, don't move too much yer arse won't feel too good.

Damn it's hot.

go preds. hoo.


fezworth said...


HabsFan29 said...

Jeff! Such a good comment you had to make it twice.

good to have you pop in. hoo right back at ya

Pension Plan Puppets said...

Tosksalad? That's some fucking gold right there boys.

And I believe it's pronounced Leafs SuckS by the Montreal crowd.

Of course I`m sure Leafs Nation has some sort of excuse for the fact that the Bulldogs probably could have beaten them last night.

Ummmm is 'we suck' an excuse? or just a fact?

And Leafs Nation has revoked the passport of the douchebag that threw the plastic bottle. We do not condone that kind of assholish behaviour...if unprovoked.

HabsFan29 said...

we need to acknowledge it was moeman who came up with the "Tosksalad" genius. the award plaque is on its way moeman

fezworth said...

It seems moeman deserves some sort of extra award for all the lyrical stylings lately, as well.

Beta169 said...


Those things happen in Alabama and Gainesville, not here in Tennessee.

HabsFan29 said...

whoa whoa whoa Beta im taking that Gainesville crack seriously ;)

gillis said...

"two Hasidic jews with Habs baseball caps in the front row of the whites"

I've sat behind a jew with a Habs yamaka once.

Going to the next Habs vs Leafs game in February. Gonna be sweet. Grabovski sucks balls.

And Latendresse isn't really like Toe Blake. He's more like a bear. He likes to hibernate. He's really slow. Sleeps most of the season. But when he wakes up, he's fierce.

gillis said...

"I think he is not Belarussian now, he is French because I never fight with Belarussian guys"

Why did he have to say French?

Is this Sean Avery in the form of a small Belarussian with a huge mullet?

CVennasty said...

was at the game also...

phenomenal atmosphere, particularly when we're thrashing the leafs. only one disappointment last night, and that was that my head bob didn't help the small child next to me win fan of the game (solid runner-up, though). in all seriousness, however, great game and i'm glad the boys stuck together and responded to the goon-fest by not only sticking up for themselves but also for scoring on pp's and taking it to the leafs on the scoreboard that matters, not the pim department

Beta169 said...

HF29 - I'm a sad, bitter Vols fan. Fear the Orange Swarm! Also, Urban Meyer hit on my wife.

Heh, you said crack.

Pension Plan Puppets said...

Why did he have to say French?

Because Quebec is French I guess.

fezworth said...

@gillis - I love the comparison of Latendresse to a bear.

Gui, The Tender Bear.

I smell a children's book in there!

Beta169 said...

I wish tender was more like the bear from my favorite book as a toddler- Mr. Bear Squash-You-All-Flat.

Number31 said...

Josh Gorges - power forward! It was a present from Carbo for working so hard all season long.