Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Game 7 Day Skate for Wednesday, April 28th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being asked if your mom's a prostitute...
  • Detroit wins Game 7, puts an end to Bettman's nightmare scenario of the Yotes in the Finals;
  • That gives us Wings-Sharks, Nucks-Hawks for the next round in the West;
  • The Flyers' Ian Laperierre is gone for the season;
  • On the other hand, Bruin Marc Savard will be back in the second round;
  • Habs-Caps series roundup from the DC P.O.V.: Japers' Rink does some soul searching and introduces Tom Poti's call-up replacement (their version of PFK), our nice new friends Two in the Box have some line combo suggestions, Capital Offense says Jaro is not Roy or Dryden (they got that right... for now), Dan Steinberg tells us the official Caps message board was shut down in the wake of Game 6, and Ted Leonsis himself says the Habs played better than the Caps in Game 6;
  • Habs-Caps series roundup from the 514 P.O.V.: EOTP gives solid hockey analysis as always, Copyranter can't watch Game 7, and Dennis Kane looks at Habs Fans' superstitions. Personally, our superstition is to not wear pants during Game 7's.
Go you fucking Pants!!!


dwgs said...

So I go over to Japer's and what's the first comment I see?

It is crucially important to PPP and my well being that you not blow this.

Pension Plan Puppets*
* Blog contains less than 2% puppet content by weight.

by Chemmy on Apr 27, 2010 1:03 PM EDT reply"

Ha ha, leafs fans.

Baroque said...

PPP is everywhere. :)

I started this series pretty much impartial, but leaning toward Montreal because no one gave them a chance ... but just imagine if they can actually pull this off. said...

@29 if pantless game 7s are always a tradition, the question of where you watch them bares asking.

underwear wearing (?) oven mitten pointing blogger - what an image to start the day with

lawyergirl77 said...

Holy shit, YOU GUYS.

We may be playing with "house money" but that doesn't make me want to win any less.

I'm so fucking nervous. I thought I was Zen. I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

Hold me.

Kmaxx said...

Superstitions being what they are...I started the Game 6 Day Skate off in the following fashion and I see no reason to break with tradition. Therefore, I shall limit my comments today (I - like LG 77 am too nervous for anything else)to the following:

Go You Fuckin' Habs Go!

RiRi said...

How is anybody going to get ANY work done today? I know I won't.

Go You Fucking Habs Go!!!

moeman said...

Not wearing Pants! either.

Hold me.

Go you Game7! fucking Habs!

RiRi said...

Everytime I see "Pants!", I think of Alan in The Hangover.

"Pants at a time like this?!? I don't have any pants!"

Maybe it's just me.

Habsfan10 said...

Fuck me, am I ever wound up. Work is an afterthought today.

(I am having very very scary thoughts about the Habs getting a Coyotesesque thrashing tonight. Trying to banish them by channeling the other Original Six team that just won a game 7 on ther road and remembering we are all playing with house money, but fuck, this game needs to start.)


WV: whessol. I hope the refs put away their whessols and let this thing get decided the right way.

RicD said...

Been reading this blog for months now. Thought I'd use this magical day to finally drop a line.

Go Habs Go!

(comments MUST include either profane language, links to pornography, or a reference to the Leafs or Bruins sucking.)


Go Habs Go You fuckers! (That should do it.)

moeman said...

Gonna riff on 10's WV, as in will da refs be biased pro-Caps wheesols or will they ref a fair game?

HabsFan29 said...

Now beginning hour 2 of staring at the same document on my screen without doing anything

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how I can't get ANYTHING done today because this is all I can think of (other than PPP which holds a permanent place in my conscience at all times), I've posted two fresh posts today. Blog about game 6 and talk about game 7. Enjoy:

Melly said...

In an instance of university cruelty, I have two take-home exams due today. Bets on whether they'll be done on time?

I've been at my computer since 8 this morning. I've written 2 measly paragraphs of one take-home, but you better believe I've read everything Habs/Caps related I can get my hands on.

Go you fucking Habs!!

Mr Trivia said...

F-U-C-K. This is gonna be one long day.

Ovie not at AM skate.
Varlamov first off the ice.

The guy at Tim Horton's told me the Habs would win. So I'm feeling pretty good right now.

WV: carlifu

"Karl Azner a encore carlifu avec la rondelle!"

Number31 said...

Work gave me 3 days off to use as I pleased so I took off today. Only I'll be stuck in the garage for a condo committee meeting... Yea, last time we had a game during a meeting the game didn't end well so GO YOU FUCKING HABS GO. It's the battle of who wants to win vs who's expected to win (and frankly Gionta alone already beat them in that category).

And stop with the Roy stuff. Everytime people bring up Roy and comparisons the hockey gods get angry.......... I thought we all knew this already? The man is a walking curse.

Number31 said...

(I forgot to add:)



and now


hfotwc said...

@31. condo meeting on a habs game 7?
you live in Montreal right? who are those weirdos? Remind me of our local chamber of commerce scheduling a meeting during the Canada-Russia game at the olympics. Nooooobody showed up.


vw we'll be hyperst all day

Dan said...

I definitely liked Game 7s more on the "we forced game 7" side of things.

How you guys are feeling...all the anticipation...none of that on our end. It's anxiety and forced positivity. We'll do it tonight. (but with a '?' more than a '!')

christ. Game 7 is why there's beer in this world...more specifically, it's why there's beer in my fridge!

moeman said...

"Ovie not at AM skate."

Random steroid test?