Monday, April 12, 2010

TMS is looking forward to Habs-Caps and drunken Russian hookers

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning your third Masters...
  • Well thanks to the Flyers beating the Rangers, Habs end up 8th and will play the Presidents Trophy-winning Caps starting this Thursday. It is what it is, As TSN notes, Habs were 2-1-1 against the Caps this year. Bring on the delusions!
  • Here's a full schedule (with broadcasters) of all the playoffs;
  • As many of you in the comments noted, Habs-Caps is on TSN while CBC broadcasts Bs-Sabres. If someone could explain why a Canadian team in the playoffs is not on CBC, we'd like to hear it;
  • Please note your trophies for the season, Henrik Sedin is your Art Ross trophy winner and Stamkos and Crosby share the Rocket Richard trophy.
OK no time for chit chat, we have to rush off to CBC for a way-too-early morning appearance on CBC Daybreak. There's a listen live link on the right side of that page for anyone who's awake or in Korea.


Not Geoff Molson said...

Reposted from below since it was the last undeleted comment on the previous post:

You would think that the Habs would be the number 1 game on CBC...but the little fuckity fucks in their Front Street universe decided against the Sainte-Flanelle.

Why doesn't Ron McLean just state on a broadcast that the CBC hates the Habs and we'll accept the fact that they're not much more than the Pathetic Pension Plan Pimps.

That being said - McSplooge and Cuthbert (even Guy Smiley Gord Miller) are a better listen than Bob Cole and whoever is snuggling up to him in the pressbox.

Go Pants! - and beat those Caps...just to piss off the CBC and Bettman.

Not Geoff Molson said...

And my feedback to the CBC

Subject: A Canadian team is not getting coverage on the CBC?

"I find it tremendously ironic that the CBC has decided to not show a series involving a Canadian team in the first round of the playoffs (namely the Canadiens vs the Capitals), and rather show a game involving two American teams in Boston and Buffalo.

Now if by chance the Canadiens were - by some force of magic - replaced by the team who plays a mere one kilometer walk or drive eastward from the CBC headquarters, one knows that the Toronto Maple Leafs would not have been usurped in coverage by a series involving two American teams.

Why the discrepancy? Why ignore a team entering its second century in the lexicon of Canadian sports? Why turn your back on the majority of Canadians who stated the Canadiens are Canada's team ?

I would be surprised if I receive any response beyond a boilerplate answer, but I have to wonder why CBC Sports has allowed such a PR gaffe to occur.

Kindest regards."

L Dude said...

@NGM: Good luck getting a response from the good 'ol CBC.

Personally, I'll take TSN over CBC. But I realize there are still people who do not subscribe to TSN or RDS and they are SOL.

Well out loud I'll say I believe the Habs have a good chance at winning this series, but if I get a top 3 pick in my hockey pool, I'm probably taking OV, Backstrom or Semin over the GMC.

Markov's Russian prostitute is way hotter than OV's Russian prostitute. I think that's a good sign.

Number31 said...

Ovie's gonna party hard this series eh? He loves our city!

CBC just wanted the Habs on their playoff hockey viewing when they played the Bruins. Don't you know this? Do we really need bitter Glenn Healy bitching about how he and the Islanders spent their time distracted at Chez Pare ad nauseum?

I don't know if I can take any more McAwkward though... He'll be fawning over Ovie. But I do like Cuthbert, only 'cause he sound genuinly excited about everything and doesn't sound like he needs to clear his throat. Hey maybe we'll get Ferraro lurking between the benches instead, so he could share his love for Lapierre!

Carina said...

It's because CBC got the first two picks, TSN pick number 3 and so on and so forth (yes they have "drafts" for who gets to broadcast playoff games as well)

So obviously, CBC is going to pick Vancouver (their love child) and of course they are going to pick's that Canadian team they're playing? Right. The Senators. TSN gets third pick, they choose the last Canadian team standing. Simple. It's BS but that's life

b said...

What do you expect from the publicly funded national network that couldn't get its act together to get the Winter Olympics. It's actually politics, truly inept government completely justifies rhetoric that you have to support the utmost free market. Being in the states we know about this. Why just go to Wall
Street and you can see how well it works. Collapse in a shootout and then .. are the Rangers gonna get interest free loans? Yikes.

RiRi said...


Go Habs Go!

Zdog said...

.If someone could explain why a Canadian team in the playoffs is not on CBC, we'd like to hear it

Uh... because they're a bunch of wankers?

WV = rutco: After years of plummeting ratings, the CBC decided to take a page from Quebec broadcaster TQS and start broadcasting softcore porn. This was accompanied by a change of name to RutCo.

habsss said...

Thank god it's not on CBC. CBC games are nearly always on NHL network which is separate from Center Ice and costs something like an extra 80$.

I hate Verizon.

orangeman said...

Sorry 29, was out to dinner (well, what passes for dinner these days of stomach viruses) and missed it. I'm sure you can post a copy here, can't you. Let's not pretend Mama29 wasn't at home holding up a tape recorder to the radio. I really do want to have a listen.

orangeman said...

btw, the CBC not covering the Habs is a disgrace and a slap in the face to their Quebec and Maritime audience. They chose the American viewers across the border who pick up the CBC over actual Canadian hockey fans. We're all owners as tax payers (those of us who pay taxes in Canada...*cough*...*averts eye contact*) and we should let them know what we think. I actually totally support a government run broadcaster, I like what they are able to do (see: BBC especially) and that's why it pisses me off so much.

You know what else pisses me off? Not being able to eat ribs at dinner. God damn it. CBC, you are getting my wrath.

HabsFan29 said...

Carina is right btw, as per my conversation with Sona the CBC sports reporter this morning. Basically CBC picked Sid over the Habs.

ezzeloharr said...

@29: Was she cute? Does she like oven mits?

wv: suple (for true!)

L Dude said...

Looks like we get McSplooge and the Chinless Wonder. Ray Ferraro noted on his blog (don't ask why I was reading it - he picks the Caps over the Habs in 5 as the only 'possible blowout' by the way - shocking), that he and Cuthbert will be in New Jersey.

matt - ftc said...

So CBC got to pick the first 2 series. Vancouver makes sense since it is the only Canadian team out west. And Ottawa, Pens makes sense for the east since you have a Canadian team, vs the Team Canada hero, and much better potential for a great series. Lets face it, Habs, Caps looks like a walkover for the Caps...doesn't matter which network covers it.

lawyergirl77 said...

I nearly impaled myself on my letter opener when I saw the schedule.

I have rehearsal for my upcoming show for EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. home game of the playoffs. I have no idea what I'm going to do, especially seeing as I've missed dangerously close to 25% of our rehearsals already (which leads to not-so-nice repercussions).

Crap crap crap, crappity fucking crap.

My tickets are taunting me.

Why couldn't the playoffs have started on Wednesday night??????? Don't tell me that this is the CBC's fault too, I will fucking lose it.

soperman said...

While I think the CBC should be carrying the Montréal series, I am glad that they passed on it. They are as obviously Hab-haters as McSplooge and his TSN croonies, but Cole is well past his "best before date" and I couldn't stand to listen to his biased calls anymore. At least McSplooge is entertaining when he gets depressed if the Habs are playing well.

Thank you for RDS. My French is weak, but it sounds a lot better than TSN or CBC.

Should I have to pay extra to get non-anti Habs coverage? No. Will I pay to get non-anti habs coverage? Yes.

Are you out there, eyebleaf? Or are you golfing with your blue and white pals?

gillis said...

LG77: I'd be more than happy to take a couple tickets off your hands for you. Seriously, if you are ever stuck, email me and i'd be willing to buy some tickets if my broke ass can afford it.

NFLD HAB said...

While, I can't believe CBC is not showing the Habs game, I'm not that upset.

For one, I don't have to listen to McLean, Cherry, that moron Milbury piss all over the Habs all the time.

AND I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO PJ FUCKING STOCK. I'm from NFLD but lived in Quebec City for years, and while my French isn't perfect, I think PJ may be even more inarticulate in English than French and I didn't thin that was possible. Oh yeah and he hates the Habs too, I guess he's bitter at being dumped by them.

I'd rather listen to Benoit Brunet murder the French language than listen to Bob Cole get the players names wrong.

As a NFLDer that hurts to say, but Bob Cole needs to lay off the Captain Morgan.

Here endth the rant.

Tyg said...

No matter which network I watch the Habs on, I always have to put up with the blatant hatred by the sportcasters. Now I just hit the mute. Who cares WTF they think anyway? I can call the game myself. Seriously, do the Yankees have this problem with the American networks? What's with all the hate? Constant PMS? I'd sooner listen to my ex's critique of me. Hate, snark, jealousy, pettiness. I'll cope by doing what I always do... drink excessively and yell at the TV.

As a fellow NFLDer (NFLD HAB) (who spent half her life living in Quebec), I can honestly say I'd pay good money to kick Bob Cole in the nuts. Fucking prick...

Ducks Daily said...

I'm confused, which ones are the drunk Russian hookers, the chicks or the dudes?