Friday, April 30, 2010

The Game Day Skate presents the Pantscast Episode 2

Good morning kidz! HOLY FUCK THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH SHIT GOING ON. Wasn't it like yesterday we were celebrating? Yes it was. Now we're right back at it. And to get us all psyched up, it's the Pantscast Episode 2! If you thought all the kinks would be worked out, YOU WERE WRONG. The quick turnaround means EVEN MORE TECHNICAL GLITCHES! Basically, just a dude with a really loud fucking voice at the table next to us, even after we moved you can still hear him. And a bathroom break in the middle! That's professionalism. Sorry about that. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Once again, our special guest is Chris Aung-Thwin from HIO's The Other Wing. Thanks Chris for jumping in on such short notice. Chris, HF4 and yours truly look back at the Caps series and look ahead to the Pens in 50 minutes of unfiltered bullshit. Sorry, still no iTunas subscription, this was just too rushed to get that organized. Hit the play button or the download link to immerse yourself in glorious drunken rambling.

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Now, bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Octagon girls...
  • The second round got underway last night, with the Sharks winning their opener 4-3 over the Wings. Joe Pavelski had 2 goals and now has scored in 4 straight games;
  • Crosby, Ovie, and a Sedin (not sure which one) are your Hart Trophy finalists;
  • Looks like Drew Doughty won't be headed to the Worlds because of an injury. Four other playoff losers were added;
  • A couple of leftovers from the Caps if you missed them in the comments: Ted Leonsis is a classy guy, as is the tire-changing Brooks Laich;
  • And now some Pens things, from the 514: Hal Gill is out for revenge, EOTP preview is solid as always, Habs Laughs has some Pros and Cons of making it to the second round, and Ya! The Habs Rule looks back at the Habs-Pens Games this year;
  • Over the next days, we're sure you'll get to know The Pensblog, Pensburgh, and Igloo Dreams. Watch out for Pensblog invaders around here. They're, uh, special.
Gah! We're totally not ready for this. Some sort of preview coming up later today. Go you fucking Pants! Let's make some more history.


Orangeman said...

You know the Pens have made the finals two years in a row now. Last time it happened was 91-92. I totally forget who took it home the next year, though.

I refuse to get too optimistic, if only for supersticious reasons. Now to listen to your podcast because I have nothing better to do on a Friday night. Hey, I've got to be up at 730am to prep for this game.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Fuck. Nervous again. I loved yesterday.

habsss said...

Classy move by Ted and Brooks Laich. The skeptic in me wonders if he would have stopped if it were Habs fans. I'd like to so.

habsss said...

I'd to think so*

Stupid keyboard. Man I wish I could edit my posts when I make stupid typos.

habsss said...

I'd like to think so*

jesus christ what is wrong with me today

moeman said...

Go you fucking Habs, beat the Pents! off of them!

Howard said...

wv methi 'nuff said!

RiRi said...

There's a game tonight?!? But I still haven't finished basking in the glow of victory!

Seriously though, I can only watch the 2nd period tonight and it's really freaking me out. Fucking superstitions!

I hope Lapierre can come up with some new material the annoy the hockey IQ outta Crosby. Speaking of Sid, while I had grown accustomed to him due to the Olympics and overexposure to Ovi's arrogant ass, it's over. He's are now the enemy. Sorry. Or not.

Go You Fucking Habs Go!!!

RiRi said...

"Overexposure to Ovi's arrogant ass"...

That doesn't sound right, does it?.
*dry heaves*

You know what I mean...

Number31 said...

I think this round will need lots of wodka. Pens hit more.

The only game Habs won against them was that Saturday game the Pens didn't show up in because they were saving themselves for their Sunday game in Washington (and lost). The rest were with the Bulldogs who didn't do so badly. (Actually did pretty good, really, considering they were also in that Saturday game). Add in that flu-ridden first one with the Crosby hattrick, and that annoying one with Chris Lee's quick whistle on a tying goal...they did prove they could play with that team.

Speaking of our nemesis Chris Lee, apparently someone liked his gong show officiating because he's on to the next round. Barf.

Orangeman said...

I used to think I knew what to expect, then I didn't anymore. So I'm going to be OK with whatever happens tomorrow/tonight. I have drinks with friends scheduled in the afternoon to drown the pain/celebrate no matter what.

I do have a bucket of bleach ready to scrub everything in sight if this gets too intense. As stated before, cleaning calms me. GG, I'm in need of a PT job when I return to school in Montreal come September. We need to talk. I'm a "Hands on" child care-taker, in that I will use my hands to take care of out-of-line children.

WV: dicalere. Is that some sort of combo dick+derierre? Cause if it is, I'll take two.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I was ready to hire you until you went with that WV. We'll talk.

RiRi said...

I happened to be at that Chris Lee tying-goal fiasco game. Fuck you, Chris Lee.

Man, that game seems like such a long time ago. I remember D'Agostini scored. What's he up to these days?

Orangeman said...

Oh, I meant Dick Irvin and Derriere..........ok, totally meant derriere.

Huzzah said...

Hey guys, been reading your blog for a while, first time commenting. You guys are hilarious keep up the good work and Go Habs Go! With alot of hardwork everything is possible!

RiRi said...

Chris Fucking Lee is reffing the game tonight. Kill me.

Mr Trivia said...

I heard Brooks Laich delivered a baby and then saved that baby from terrorists.

Orangeman said...

@Trivia: you forgot the part where he delivered the baby outside an abortian clinic on the 4th of July. What are you, a socialist?

Seriously though, that story only got out because the woman and her daughter recognized him. I just imagine Laich pulling over nightly for the past 2 years for stranded motorists until finally getting noticed. "OK miss, I'll fix your carborator even though I just played a 60 minute hockey game for the NHL's Washington Capitals, the best team of the league."

"Ya done talkin'? Stick ya hand in thar!" Who knows, maybe Obama only got to his inauguration due to a helpful Saskatchewan boy.

Tugnutt said...

Go get them Habs.
Can't stand the Pens, and their slack jawed, mouth breathing fans.

Mr Trivia said...

Touche orangeman, touche.

Oswald Cobblepot said...

Remember Max. You flush it, I flaunt it.

RiRi said...

Just listened to the Podcast. Well done, guys.

"The Caps didn`t lose this series, the Habs won it."

Couldn`t agree more. So sick and tired of hearing about their so called choke job. Sure, some of them didn`t show up, but the Habs did an excellent job at containing them and worked as a team. Ted Leonsis said it best:

"They played committed hockey, they sacrificed, and they out worked us. I have never seen better D and more blocked shots in a playoff series.

Their goal tending ended up being better than our goal tending.

They took advantage of breaks and they scored on their power play opportunities. We didn’t.

They played committed team defense. They took our stars out of play all series."

Very classy of him to come out and not only congratulate the Habs but to actually give us credit as well.
Go Habs Go!!!

p.s. sorry for the long post.

L Dude said...

I woke up early this morning before my alarm, freakin' tired and thought "Thank fuck it's Saturday." Then I went back to sleep and then my alarm went off and I thought "Why the fuck is my alarm on? Fuck I forgot about the game! Wait - double fuck - it's only Friday."

I just realized there is no point to this. Don't read it.

Gomez is our Penguin killer, which makes sense since Mexico is much closer to Antarctica.

I predict the Giant Mexican will club the penguins like a baby seal!
Habs 5 Pens 3