Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Thursday, April 8th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of a different Canadian Tire...
OK Hurricanes tonight. We can get a point there, right? RIGHT?


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Le Douze said...

good link from Eyes on the Prize. I think the Count is decent for overall systems, but blows big time for intra-game motivation and tactics. So as a result the team often plays below its potential. When a guy is playing below his potential (or above his depth chart rating) nothing seems to happen. CHicken and Squid haven't been good - something has to happen. Moving SK74 and the Dominicator up for a few shifts (or more) can't hurt and could help, and would send a message to the whole team.

What's the over/under on when the Habs will call up Guy Boucher? I can't imagine before December, unfortunately, but will they wait until it's too late?

Le Douze said...

And WTF has happened to Mad Max? He's actually looked like a hockey player not just a fucking Pekingese yapping at least a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. If he could do that all the time it would be like having an extra player back. Is the Gu:( jinx starting to be over? Or is he just happy the season's nearly over?

RiRi said...

Pretty much agree with everything you wrote, Le Douze.

Since Boucher's AHL coach of the year announcement yesterday, there's all this talk on the Interwebs about another team snatching him up because the Habs would rather hold on to JM until it's absolutely necessary to get rid of him. For lack of better words, that blows.

Also, Squid and Chicken are started to piss me off with every game that goes by and none of them scores. They're goal scorers and if they're not scoring, they're pretty much useless.

Finally, if the Habs can't scrape out a point from Canes/leaves, then I don't wanna see them in the playoffs at all.

P.S. Don't know if I'm making much sense as I'm dying a slow and painful death with this cold and hopped up on NyQuil.

RiRi said...

Oops almost forgot: I've seen that Tiger commercial about 674 times since last night. I'm tempted to start throwing things directly at his face next time it airs. Is it just me or does it looks like a PSA for ED at first?

Looky, Big Sexy`s own goal made TSN's Top 10 plays that help the other team at No. 10. Ahh, memories.

Howard said...

Interesting piece by EOTP. If it were up to me I would can Count Chokula before the playoffs! What a stiff! Guy Boucher represents dynamism and motivation amongst his players whereas the stink from Chokula's outdated coaching methods is unbearable. Oh yeah, his ties suck too!

Boob Gainey said...

People are being hard on Martin. A big part of the job in Mtl is keeping your cool.

Edfoot McKrunchy said...

I bet, if we put our ears up close to the t.v. tonight we'll be able to hear the beep, beep, beep sounds of them continuing to back into the playoffs.

GoldenGirl11 said...

yes but with their luck they'll ignore the park assist sound and completely back into a building leaving them a giant heap to be swept in the first round.

moeman said...

Go you fucking Habs!

WV = proid, as in I will be proid of my Habs if they can just make the fucking layoffs, tonight!

Anonymous said...

We have a terrible team and everyone should be happy hat we are actually (almost) in the playoffs.....this is a miracle!
Here are a couple of points I would like to share, just for the heck of it (meditate on it if you feel like it):
-Could Dominic Moore put the puck in the net on a breakaway with an empty net? I did not think so.
-We are paying big bucks for small players supposed to help our offense.Has anybody seen them around?..are they drinking Mai Tai already in the Carribeans? Cammaleri, Gomez, Pouliot???
-Everybody is hitting on Bergeron...he actually looks like one of our best defencemen at the moment (he probably is) he plays around 20 minutes...
-Why oh why are the other teams entering our zone without ANY difficulty. Our whole defence thing is a catastrophy, not only Bergie.
-Why is it more exciting to watch the other teams play than the Habs themselves? Our team.
-Is Hamrlik really making that amount of money every year? Dito for Spacek? Consequently, why am I reading comments about the difficulty to sign both our goalies under the cap space?
-Do we have more than one bonehead anywhere on this planet thinking it is a good idea to sit on a one goal lead in an NHL hockey game? Especially with the other team pounding your goalie Kalaschnikov- style?
-If Jacko Martini has such a great defensive system, why is it that the other teams are pounding our goalie like he has a bantam group in front of him?
-Is is just me or, if you take away 5 exceptions in the season, the Habs rarely actually deserve to win? (if you take the game against the Isles for example, we scored 3 goals out of 5 chances...the Isles 3 out of probably 14....anyone noticing how the other team's players get in dangerous shooting positions without any obstacle in the way while we can hardly manage that? This makes me fucking lose it!
-I repeat it because it is hard to accept: why is it almost always fucking (there's one) more exciting to watch the other team play than our Habs???? Do we deserve this?
Go Habs go nevertheless.
A win against the Hurricanes? Are you kidding me?Are we kidding us?
This team is the definition of FRUSTRATION.

Le Douze said...

@boob -
I don't think Martin's a terrible coach, just mediocre. He's good at keeping things on an even keel, doesn't call out players in the media, doesn't overract, has got the players working together well on special teams, etc. It could definitely be worse - we could have CoTU's Ronnie W, who's a motivation killer, IMHO.

But I don't think a mediocre coach gets you a Cup.

Le Douze said...

Don't completely agree on the "terrible" bit. When they are motivated, they're decent. When they aren't, maybe so. Some of your other points are ok, but...
- Moore may not have the best hands, but he has been working his ass off and has made a lot of good plays. I wish others had that motivation.
- Bergeron has made a few decent defensive plays (halleluia!) but he does still get caught out/fall over a bit much for someone playing minutes on D.
- Last year Hammer was worth even less than this year. At least this year he's worth over half his contract value. To me Spacek's the disappointment. He was supposed to replace Schneider's slapshot, with added defensive skills. Right. Instead we needed to get MAB, who has about the same +/- as Schneider (not good). And I won't even talk about Mara. But hopefully next year thing will be better on D, with PK subbanator in the wings.

You want terrible, you need to look at the Oct 2009-Feb 2010 Leafs.

- Le12