Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Wednesday, April 21st

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being able to fly from Europe again...
  • Stick a fork in Ottawa, they're done. Well, not technically, but you know what we mean. Sid, points, etc.;
  • Philly continues to dominate the Devils. Fuck, we wish the Habs were playing the Devils;
  • Nashville goes up 2-1 on half the hockey world's pundits pick to go the Finals;
  • San Jose wins in OT to avert another playoff disaster and even their series 2-2;
  • Detroit also ties their series 2-2 with a Jimmy Howard shutout. Fuck, we wish we could tie our series 2-2;
  • OK Habs-Caps morning wrap-up: EOTP apologizes for the anthem booing, Japers Rink has a good interview with Varlamov where he takes Jaro's side over Ovie, and early reports have TFSTM starting tonight.
For those of you who insist on reliving the Game 3 carnage, scroll down to read HF4's take on the whole thing posted last night. For the rest of you, follow the oven mitt pointing us to Game 4 victory. Or at least hopefully non-embarrassment.

22 comments: said...

I'm definitely with the oven mitt.

(love what you did with the banner - couldn't stop hiccuping from laughter)

b said...

No pressure boys, just a million and 54 thousand households watching according to Richard Therrien at Cyberpresse. And that's just on RDS.

Love the Oven Mitt.

lawyergirl77 said...

The banner is KILLING me, guys!

Well done!!

moeman said...

More GG magic. Love it!

Orangeman said...

Pants, oven mitts, ice penises. What kind of blog are you running here?

And in reference to your opening link, I just booked a trip to Iceland this summer, which may be the dumbest or awesomest thing I've ever done.


sleza said...

I'm dreaming of being able to flight in Europe...

sleza said...

or fly if you prefer proper english.

ezzeloharr said...

Amazing twist to the banner. I had a good laugh, thanks GG.

So I made the mistake of going to HI/O and reading the comments... I don't understand why there's so much Halak-Price division - other than that it's the Internet.

matt - ftc said...

I guess I'd had a few more drinks than I thought, but I don't remember hearing this anthem booing. Also, this is usually the kind that becomes a big story on TSN, why don't I see even a mention of it there? This is the kind of story that gives Leaf fans the chance to sound off on how ignorant and moronic Habs fans are in the TSN comments section.

Anyways, not saying it didn't we all know how stupid some Bell Centre fans can be. Just kinda suprised it is not even a story.

HabsFan29 said...

@matt - i agree with you. I sort of heard it, but i heard more people singing the anthem trying to block them out. LG was there, maybe she can tell us what it was like

d. said...

Being an very occasional poster here, please forgive this question: does anyone know any legit ways to watch the game online? I've checked rds, tsn and nhl but have found nada. I don't mind the feeds, but was hoping something more quality.

Stupid cbc.

Oh, yeah, love the blog, go pants, yadda yadda.

ezzeloharr said...

@d : I think there is an online NHL package, but it seems confusing and they apply blackouts. You might check it out.

ezzeloharr said...

Also, last wv: spitypuc.

I hope Varlamov spit-y-puc tonight so the Habs can put it past him. A lot.

Go Pants?

Howard said...

Love the banner! I think HF29 needs a pretzel and a goalie stick to lean on. BTW I was at Cote Vertu the other day and had some moments of reflection in the shadow of the great one!

wv subconst Thinking of PK Sub(ban) const(antly)!

ezzeloharr said...

Great read over at The H does not stand for Habs by J.T. I wholeheartedly agree with her: do not rush PK. Please.

boob gainey said...

I've always thought Martin Brodeur was over-rated. He has never carried his team in the playoffs, and benefited from the NJ system.

To be fair his career record is also the result of his great physical endurance and consistency. But as Somerset Maugham said, only the mediocre are always at their best. No playoff series wins since the trap was abolished says it all.

I always thought those late career Vezinas they awarded him were like Al Pacino getting the oscar for Scent of a Woman.

But to be outplayed by Brian Boucher - that is a humiliation he doesn't deserve.

RiRi said...

*drops in*

Love what you've done to the place!

Re: Subban - LEAVE PK ALONE! He's fine with Guy Boucher. Yes, he's probably better than half of our D (and faster!) but time in the AHL will do him good. Do we really want to submit him to Count Chocula methods' of teaching?

I really want the Fat Whale to steal the show tonight. Go Cari!!!

FWIW, I've got a good feeling about tonight.

Go Habs Go!!!

Kmaxx said...

@d. - if you stream you'll get the RDS feed. On Monday it was blocked for a while but if that happensd, replace the 4 with a 5. I live in the UK and it's the best stream I've managed to find.

Remember the rule guys: 30 shots on goal = Victory! Not rocket science - 10 shots per period. Shots on corner of rink are not counted by anyone other than Chockula. Shots on goal are counted by everyone - even Bettman...who knows absolutely nothing about the game (sorry - that's another rant altogether).

I'll say it again...shots on GOAL are what end up winning you a playoff series.

Kankwan said...

Teh huge TFS starting, Kanadien en 6 :D

Number31 said...

Forget bringing up PK. BRING UP GUY BOUCHER FIRST! Then bring up PK :)

Apparently we get foam fingers? Really? I might bring my towel and my molson noise maker, but if anyone pisses me off, like booing anthems or Price, I'll be using those foam fingers to poke them in the eyes.


Boob Gainey said...

Nothing better exemplifies the decline of the franchise, and its fans, than those foam fingers.

Not the foam fingers per se, but the fact that they are making some people nostalgic for the white towels.

HabScot said...

HIO says Rhino gets the start instead of either Spacek (injury) or DarCHe (to make room for MAB)

WV: copstrop. Probably one of many devices to be used later tonight to corral the inevitable post-game "excitement".