Friday, April 16, 2010

Little People Can Do Big Things - Habs 3, Caps 2 (OT)

So the gang over at MYFO discovered the secret about how the Habs managed to win last night. Thanks to some secret spies they must have, their Habs-Caps preview was able to transcribe a meeting at Hurleys between the four HF's prior to Game 1 (this is all pretty meta, I know). But MYFO's spy missed the follow-up meeting at Hurleys this morning. Here's what transpired.

HabsFan29: Hair of the dog, bitCHes. If there is an Irish invention that has had as much success around the world as Irish coffee I'd like to hear it.

HabsFan4: Bono's pretentiousness?

Habsfan10: Hey where's Panger?

4: Calgary?

10: No there he is down there. Hi little buddy!

Panger: Fuk offf.

10: I love the way he typo-talks. So cute.

Panger: Luk, if it wasn't for the littel peeple last night Habs would have been blownn out of the water.

10: You got that right Panger (well, sort of). Did you see the Mexican on the tying goal? Isn't that the type of thing Ovie usually does? End to end rush, the defense backs off, make a nice move then a nice play? That was fucking incredible.

4: Brought tears to my eyes. All the haters of the little people can suck it. And speaking of Ovie, damn our little adventure with him yesterday really worked. No shots. Zero! Zip! Nada! Bubkis!

29: Not sure if it was the strippers that brought about the rumours of him being less than 100%, or if was the work of Jaro 2.0, but shutting down Ovie like that was a dream come true. It probably was a dream. We suck.

Panger: Hey can sombudy passmy bear? I can't reech.

10: Here ya go little buddy [pats Panger on the head]. Truly the little people are triumphing. So amazing to see Squid get off the schneide just at the right time and fire that bullet on the PP. And to see our Jaromir Plekanec get the OT winner against notMiller-notMarty was the highlight of the playoffs so far.

29: [takes meth hit] I'm sure it will be the only highlight for the Habs.

4: Isn't it a little early for that 29? And why can't you fucking be positive for change? Anonymous commentors will take us to task. We can't have that.

29: Fuck the anonymous commentors. This was one fucking game. Sure it was great, sure I'm high it was a high, but there is still a ton of work to do. And I don't trust anyone.

10: But all of a sudden we have a head coach! When the fuck did that happen? He must have really made some adjustments during the first intermission because we blew chunks in the first, when Jaro kept us in it. He did a great job getting matchups on the road. And he actually called a strategic timeout after an icing to rest tired players! And he even showed some sort of emotion, I think it was "slight concern," on that total non-call on Gio on a partial breakaway in OT.

Panger: Can sumwon pass mee a napkin pleese? I spillt some beer.

10: Here ya go little buddy [pats Panger on the head]. And 29, shouldn't you be impressed with the way all four lines seemed to work hard? When was the last time we saw that? We need to give serious props to Laps, DarCHe, Little Tits, all of those guys. They put in quality minutes and helped to tire out the Caps D.

4: I agree with that. This was the best team effort we've had since the good run right after the Olympics. And not just the forwards. The D as a squad was pretty solid too,especially after the first. Yeah, we let up a bunch of shots, but overall they played well. Even The Urologist! And the signing of Hal Gill's 8-foot stick is paying dividends.

29: I'm not convinced.

Panger: zzzzzzz

10: Aww, so cute. The little guy is all tuckered out after a half beer [pats Panger on the head].

4: Let's hope the Habs' little guys have more stamina than Panger.

29: We'll find out tomorrow.

Late afternoon update for no apparent reason - thx to commentor moeman for finding this, it deserves to be posted:


GoldenGirl11 said...

And where was I? Slaving away at the computer. 14 pics in 3 days - 8 of which were done in the elevator of a wifiless hotel room in Calgary - and not even a drink. Lots and lots of email instructions but no alcohol. No wonder 33 couldn't meet me. He was at Hurley's with you! Nice.

Hadulf said...

Off topic, I know, but no one is taking shots at Alberts (from Vancouver) for that FUCKING dirty hit on Richardson ???

All year people are screaming for head shots. Now Richardson is spilling blood all over the place and not a fucking peep out of anyone?


and Go Habs!

moeman said...

GG, I'm not quite making the signature in the frame behind Squidvito. Hilarious little people pic.

WV = forrit, as in it takes forrit to win da series

GoldenGirl11 said...

The one and only Darren Pang. Devito's favorite goalie, of course.

Docciavelli said...

The Mini-Mexican had me rolling this morning.

Do us all a favor and shut Ovechkin down the rest of the series--no matter how many hookers it takes.

Go Pens (and for the time being, Go Habs).

soperman said...


Darren Pang's signature? You sure take your work seriously. Great stuff.

WV - "videdis" the newly discovered STD that Ovie contracted from a stripper at

rutbut said...

Score one for the vertically challenged.

And thanks to Theo we now have a third "Jaro"

Jaro(mir) Plex or Jaro 3.0

soperman said...

You can never have too many Jaro's!

Jaybird said...

Hi everyone and friends!

Just wanted to let you guys know I've stopped shaking now.

Jose Threeormore did not disappoint.

I love the world today. Spacek earned his whole years paycheque last night. Sergei was good besides the one giveaway too!

kevincrumbs said...

Not sure whether to write in here or in the TMS thread but I wanted to mention something in regards to everyone complaining that the media is saying that the Habs stole this or that the Caps dominated. I disagree with this, naturally, and saw the tide turn midway through the second and thought it was pretty even from that point. However, I think it is only a good thing if the Caps (and to a lesser extent, the media) believe that it was a lucky win for the Habs. My biggest fear for game two is that Ovie will come out mad and that the Caps will have made adjustments. If they sit around thinking we got lucky and they just need to keep playing the same way, then that can only benefit the Habs.

Sorry for the serious hockey talk.

HabsFan29 said...

@kc - serious hockey talk on a Friday afternoon? I am intrigued and wish to subscribe to your newsletter

your point is 100% valid. lull them into a false sense of security. Boudreau doesnt adjust and the same thing happens. i like it.

/meth joke

moeman said...

This, is, serious.

WV = trish, as in the brunette?

lawyergirl77 said...

Can't... breathe... laughing...

moeman said...

BTW, FHF Glossary Guy, we need a new word. I suggest 'tyop'.

moeman said...

dave hodge, tsnasshole;

"But perhaps the biggest eyebrow raiser came on Thursday when the Canadiens
- with the lowest point total among the 16 postseason teams - edged the
Eastern Conference-leading Capitals 3-2 in overtime and made sure super
sniper Alex Ovechkin didn't get a single shot on goal.

Are these games a microcosm of what will happen their respective series,
or does a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while?"

HabsFan29 said...

shove that nut up your ass hodge

that's my kind of ice cream moe

Bill 101 said...

the sun is out, the sky is blue

stickin' with grape for now & dreamin' up my parade outfit...

Am I missing something, or has there been a serious drop-off in "Gainey Hate"?

wv: bolowish - in the hopes that Ovie continues to play bolowish

moeman said...

@29, I agree, lickeable double scoop.

@B101, Gu!( didn't make da playoffs, so Babs is off the hook until ...

moeman said...

Love the intertubes (no not just for the free ice cream pRon).

HabsFan29 said...

awesome vid moe. i put it in the main post. let's all enjoy this while we can

kevincrumbs said...

Great punchline on the vid, moeman. Watching it, I was thinking that it was sort of boring and that I only liked the snarky ones. Well...

Le Douze said...

@moe - I laughed out loud. (No, I didn't LOL). Almost a cackle of glee.


Moey said...


Great video, I cackled out loud, woke up the cats.

Also, finally had time to listen to the Pantscast. Well done boys!

fezworth said...

I just read on TSN that that game was Ovie's FIRST EVER NHL game without a shot or an assist... Can that be right? Surely not...

Number31 said...

Our little Habs kept Ovie pretty quiet all year. TSN apparently forgot about that. CBC apparently couldn't care less as they're busy planning Vancouver's parade.

Frankly I've always been more concerned with Backstrom and sneaky guys like Fehr.

Anonymous said...

@29 u depress me

kevincrumbs said...

I'm probably the only one watching this but the Avalanche/Sharks game is one hell of a game. The Sharks fans even gave Nabby a fake cheer ala us & Phat Whale (and Patrick Roy)!

Waiting for OT to start... come on, Avalanche (and my boy, Brandon Yip)!

GoldenGirl11 said...

trying to stay awake waiting for my kid to come home so I'm watching. Found a feed on my iPhone for CBC hockey. I like Kelly Hrudey. Imagine 10 goals in a game. Seems foreign.

Oleg Petrov said...

It took me ages to notice that HF33 is no longer an Olympic totem. The subtlety...

HabsFan29 said...

@oleg - in fact i used the word "subtle" when GG and I were changing it


GoldenGirl11 said...

@Oleg and 29
So subtle I just noticed it!!!

HabsFan29 said...


boy i need some meth. i wish someone would post a preview or something already

wait, what?

ezzeloharr said...

Nah, we don't need an open thread. Just knock back another... whatever-form-meth-comes-in of meth. If that made sense.

wv: woonsubl.


Wait those are olympic totems? I thought it was just HFH hommage to DEVO.

Whippit Good....

HabsFan29 said...

someone should contact the blog operators and tell them the game is in less than two hours

wait, what?

HabsFan29 said...

i see a draft preview was started 2+ hours ago. must be writer's block

HabsFan29 said...

"Little People Can Do Big Things Habs-Caps Game 2 Preview and Open Thread"

7 PM Verizon Center. Jaro starts.

Go Pants!

How hard is that?

GoldenGirl11 said...

@blog operators
Should I describe the pic and be done with it?