Thursday, April 29, 2010

TMS is both speechless and ranting for Thursday, April 29th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of water from space...
  • We know we've said this before, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Un-fucking-believable. Habs complete an epic comeback from 3-1 down in the series to win, thanks to Jaro, The Urologist, and Dominic Moore who led us to a 2-1 win over the Caps last night. Really, there are no words. More later today;
  • Okay, here are some words. FUCK YOU NHL AND NBC AND BETTMAN AND ANYONE ELSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FUCKING SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT ROUND. GIVE US A FUCKING BREAK. No, you can't give us a break. Less than 48 hours after an epic win we have to get back on the ice against Pensburgh. THAT'S NOT THE WORST PART. Maybe you could ride some adrenalin and get some wind back after that BUT NOOOOOOOO. Game 2 is SUNDAY FUCKING AFTERNOON. THANKS ALL YOU SCHEDULING FUCKTARDS FOR PUTTING US IN A TWO-GAME HOLE TO START. Take your fucking precious Sidney and GO FUCK YOURSELF NHL. Boston and Philly have been jerking off for days already and THEY ONLY FUCKING START SATURDAY. Here's a headline from TSN: "After four days of waiting, Penguins ready for next round." OF COURSE THEY FUCKING ARE;
  • Ooh, that felt good;
  • There was only minimal rioting in the streets last night;
  • The Lester B Pearson Award is now the Ted Lindsay Award. We have no problem with that;
  • Joe Sacco (Avs), Dave Tippett (Yotes) and Barry Trotz (Preds) are your Jack Adams finalists.
Long-form video highlights after a Game 7 win? Heaven.


TheIronLung said...

Fuck you!
You gave up on them a few games ago.

Greal blog though. :)

moeman said...

I'm still not wearing pants!

orangeman said...

Who gave up on what now? The boys here have been working overtime my friend. I personally remember sharing these comment space with 29 and others for Game 5.

As for the scheduling, it's fucking ridiculous. You would think that they would prefer a Saturday night start for this series. The Wings are also getting screwed, starting their series today. But you know sometimes riding off the high is better than being rusty. Look at me, all positive.

Go Habs Go, you fantastic bitches!

dwgs said...

I woke up with my underwear on my head (think bandit cap) and I can't find my cussed pants.

moeman said...

7 Game 7 pics.

WV = tallier, as in the Caps may have been the tallier team but the smallier, gutsier, heartier Habs shook em

Orangeman said...

If you slow-mo the tape and pause rrrrriiiiigggghhhhtttt there you can pinpoint the exact moment Ovie's heart breaks.

Orangeman said...

Hey, I just remembered, didn't Halak stone Ovie at the Olympics, too? I love that little Slovak.

Kmaxx said...

Great Start to Round 2 29! Don't take any prisoners. Fuck You Bettman - Go back to Basketball!

Can I mention one little thing without a rant - I'm still too happy to rant ...

- 16 fuckin' shots guys - come on - smarten up! You need more shots on goal. More later!

WV - in...have you had a long enough reestheo...NO YOU SAY? ok then - take the rest of the summer off and we'll see you at training camp in the fall!!!

Dan said...

Wanted to drop by for the end of series 'handshake'. You guys played your asses off. Congrats.

Go do the same f***ing thing to Pittsburgh.

I'm taking the 2nd round off...a sabbatical, if you will...but will be rooting for an all-Original Six Final Four (MTL-Bos & Chi-Det)

Oleg Petrov said...

Fuck land, I ride boats, motherfucker.

GoldenGirl11 said...

You need to get in touch with your angry ranting side. You're waaaaaaaaaaaay too pleasant for the morning after.

I seem to remember a February game that gives me hope.

Oleg Petrov said...

wv = penni. Anticipated future wvs: laroqcqck, hawyard, razzyko.

I feel dirty even bringing this up, but it has to be said: congrats on Josh Gorges' performance despite all the distractions with this whole Rahim Jaffer thing.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show you shouldn't count your team out until the last whistle blows.... oh look your already complaining and the second series hasn't even started yet. Take a breath chant some mantras and have faith. Lets not worry about conspiracies and refs and just believe that this team has what it takes. Nothing we can do but support and cheer. Keep up the great playoff coverage! Go Habs Go!

Number31 said...

A Sunday afternoon game has NBC written all over it. OH GOODY we get the in-depth analysis of Eddie Olczyk.

OK so...After the handshake, Ovechkin tried to get the guys to stick salute the crowd (of which I think 5 people were left) and only nine did. Ouch. Maybe Hal Gill was blocking them.

RiRi said...

Still in awe.


This seemed to work last time:

I'll be happy if they win one.

Go You Fucking Habs Go!!!

GoldenGirl11 said...

It's not actually complaining we just can't say things like "WE'RE GOING ALL THE WAY!!". It's like those annoying parents that say things like "the teacher told me that she would LOVE to have 26 like my little sweetheart. She's a walking angel". So we may say "he's a normal kid that's driving me insane with the texting constantly and sleeping till all hours and cooking at midnight" but deep down we secretly have complete faith and confidence. We're just not obnoxious about it.

b said...

16 fucking shots and how many scoring opportunities?
About 8. More highlight reel footage at the Caps goal I think than at the Montreal goal. I like the player utilisation. Short shifts, lots of changes, fresh legs. No tired body tired brain stupidity, except maybe for O'Byrne and that worked out okay because they could ice the puck. Blue sky and I am glowing brighter than the sun. Next superstar to unravel. Set him up.

Howard said...

Still basking in the afterglow!

wv hindi GO YOU FUCKING HABS GO! sounds just as good in hindi as it does in english!

wv nomedsi = nowinsi said...

I'm still on a high!!

I've also decided to stick to CBC who given that we're playing Crosby will actually show the Habs game.

Fuck you HNIC twats !!!!

Gerg said...

Hey Habs fans congrats on a great series win!! I couldn't be happier to see that crybaby Obitchkin and that classless organization get knocked out of the playoffs.

HF29, I agree the schedule is shitty for you guys with the 48 hour turn around. Its still shocking to me that NBC will cover game two seeing how they don't believe hockey teams exist about Buffalo and Detroit. But slap Crosby on the front and all is forgiven, which is total bullshit. I also want to (sort of) set the record straight as to why the game can't start on Saturday. A local University is already scheduled to hold there graduation ceremony at Mellon area on Saturday afternoon and there is no way the NHL was going to let the series start on Sunday. I'm not defending what they did, just giving the facts. Which means a Sunday afternoon game after all the crap on saturday will mean shitty ice for all...wonderful.

For today I tip my hat to the Habs and give them a hearty congrats, but tomorrow the line is drawn and it’s a race to 4. GO PENS!!!!

Habsfan10 said...

I gotta say, I still haven't seen that fucking high stick they gave Rhino with a 1:44 left and the Caps trailing by one. And I saw that whole game and two loops of Sportsdesk or Centre or whatever the hell TSN calls it now.

Ah, but they won so I'll stop bitching.

GoldenGirl11 said...

so higher education gets the nod? What kind of sick, sick society do you live in????

Gerg said... = apparently it does in this case. I guess Point Park got to the schedule book before the Pens did and booked it Dan-O (sorry for the mike langism).

the sick society I live in is south of the boarder...can I move up there with you guys?

Wasted Years said...


Epic! Congratulations. Woke up this morning and my car was decked out in Habs flags, posters and one jersey.

Lots of heart on display and Halak was nothing short of brilliant.

Big Leaf fan but was with you all the way on this one. All is right in my uiniverse now though so the Habs can once again suck it!

RicD said...

A captain? Captain Morgan is the only captain we need right now.

Big congrats to the boys for pulling through. A performance that will be remembered for quite some time. I just hope they have enough gas left in the tank to take on the Pens. But, since they decided that logic doesn't apply to them, pretty much anything can happen.

I might have missed it, but does Mr. Dominic Moore have a nickname now that he's the ultimate clutch player?

habsss said...

Just watched the last minute again. Is it just me or did Sean Morrisonn not shake Lapierre's hand? Lapierre looked at him with his hand out and he walked right passed him. Maybe it was the angle and I didn't see it.


kevincrumbs said...

Jesus, the internets are so friendly to us. Don't you people hate us anymore?

@Orangeman: Nice Simpsons reference.

moeman said...

Moore = Dominitrix.

RicD said...

Thanks moeman, I had forgotten about that one.

After limiting the Caps to 1 goal in 33 PPs, I'm sure we can do something about a guy who has an average of 2.5 points per game so far in the playoffs.

That should be a walk in the park.

Poop said...

Lifelong Caps fan (yes, there are some of us who existed before OV) and STH. Halak > Kelly Hrudey > Ken Wregget. Ugh. Thanks for giving us the worst loss in franchise history. I am way too hungover to come up with anything funny.

Congrats to you guys - and please please PLEASE kick the shit out of those fucks in Gayburgh.

Shawn Carpenter said...

[a href=""]Ovie doesn't know![/a] Actually it looks like he is contemplating suicide!

Michael said...

After last night put the kibosh on the Great Refereeing Conspiracy®, you're on to the Diabolical Fuck-the-Canadiens Scheduling Plot®.
You guys really have to come down off the grassy knoll ...

HabsFan29 said...

@Gerg - thanks for the info. Damn graduations

@Michael - the view from the knoll is awesome though

RiRi said...

Tony Marinaro is currently interviewing one of Halak's agents (not that Walsh guy) and he just said that had Gainey stayed on as GM, Jaro would probably be playing somewhere else now. Take that with a grain of salt, of course.

And to think we could have missed out on that awesome Jaro post!

Bill 101 said...

Aaaahhhhhh. Polyanna' got a stunning new outfit this morning!

Jaro's chocolate milk voodoo will work on Malkin & Gonchar (full disclosure - I love Gonchar) but Talbot & Fleury may be a problem for the obvious reasons.

Then there's the Sid guy. Loved you in February, but, hey man, it's over between us.

Habs in (gulp) seven. Then take down the Broons in five (I just got a boner typing that! woo hoo!) and on to Canuckistan!!

Sticking with raspberry until the next chasm of despair opens up in front of us - no sooner than Tue night anyway.

Jaybird said...

I just love the Caps fans bringing up the disallowed goal that ruined their series... That game last night had beautiful officiating. Fair and square from puck drop until final whistle...just how it should be. Blew me away.

I can think of the real reasons they lost and there is no excuse that comes close to facts.

1) The complete shutdown of Ovechokin and Semin by future captain (pick one) Gorges and/or Gill.
2) Mike Green and Joe Corvo being the worst defenceman of all time.
3) The almighty and ever present Jaro....who now can't be drawn on South Mohamed.
4) Hal Gill's Ford Fiesta sized bulletproof-feet-puckmagnets.
5) Hal Gill.
6) Plex, Cammi and Gio and even tits scoring when we needed them.
7) Domenic Moore's shot heard round the world (what a snipe!)
8) Boudreau being, hard for me to say, outcoached every game of the series.
9) Ovechokin's shaking hands.
10) Will power baby!

I could go on and on...sorry for the rant. So much happiness. How much do pike's cost? Were gonna need them to put Crosby Malkin and Gonchar's head on in the Bell Centre lot after we crush those Pens!!!


Bill 101 said...


dunno about your geography, but plenty of excellent Habs hate flying around out here (eyes averted "Fuck you's").

Lunch today? Big fat smug sandwich with characteristic dash of arrogance. yummy.

Habsfan1993 said...

If the Habs wanted to get some rest between playoff series, they should have won in fewer games.

habsss said...

Man turns out I'm not the only Habs fan at my university. Sweet.

@Bill 101, I'm having the same for lunch as well.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this is the last thing on the front page now.

any lottery numbers?

(though I think the Habs just used 'em all.)

Habsfan10 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Habsfan10 said...

Remember the angry Caps fan who swore at the TSN cameraman after JagrPleks scored in OT in Game 1? Well the Caps revoked his season's tickets and banned him from buying tickets ever again. That's bullshit. Even though after last night he may not want the tickets back, that's ridiculous.

Give Angry Caps Guy His Tickets Back

Boob Gainey said...

Meanwhile, Leaf Nation mourns.

soperman said...

Ahh, the game last night made this one of the best days in my life, even though (I am not kidding) I am in the middle of a huge fight with my wife and I had a 7 hour conference call with only a 30 minute break for lunch.

Congratulations Habs, everyone played their role....

Baruch said...

Bit worried about nasty concussion-machine Matt Conke and big burly Mr. Ruff Stuff, maybe we'd better bring up Alex Henry 6'6" 230 and +17 this year.

WV pring I want to see Matt Conke get pringed out of the series

hfotwc said...

@Bill101 Thanks for the celebratory brewsky last night.


Massive Tits said...

Is that the truth or what?
All series I was bothered by the cockiness of the Washington players, from Mike Green's "they don't have much over there", to Corvo's "he can't save everything", even to Ovalchicken's "shaky" comments.
The trickle down to the bandwagon fans who don't even understand the game stating the Habs are 'boring' and bad for the playoffs made me realize that, beyond eliminating the Leafs or the Bruins, I couldn't be happier to beat a particular team in the playoffs.
Maybe our boys did play 'boring' in the first round, but I'm pretty sure the gameplan worked, but don't worry Capital fans: the REAL bleu, blanc, et rouge is still alive and kicking.

To understand my need for a mini-rant after a big win Check out Cap's fans running chat of the 3rd & continual questioning of rules.

lawyergirl77 said...

Okay, so SOME of the Caps may be unbelievably cocky jerks...

... but Brooks Laich is NOT one of them. To quote Michael - he's a total mensch .

Massive Tits said...

I totally read that too. Should've mentioned that, actually. Thank you.
Although, Hal Gill wouldn't have needed a jack, he would've just lifted the SUV and changed the we still win.


Anonymous said...

Dear FHF: a quick two-part note from a Caps fan who has lurked here during the series
a)congrats - on the win and on your snarkalicious blog which I enjoyed even when the snark was directed right at my team and fellow fans, and
b)The only thing that would make this more unbearable (if that's possible) will be if your Habs now roll over and get steamrolled by the Pens. For the love of all that is holy, please make that one a series too. I'm on my knees over here.
Thank you.

Boob Gainey said...

Laich is from the Prairies. You know he's going to get out of his car and help.

You know apart from Green the Caps were alright. Even Ovie. Good exciting team that just needs a few tweaks.

If you hated them you weren't watching hockey during the days of Kenny The Rat Linseman, Mike Milbury, Dale Hunter, and Billy Smith, etc ...

lawyergirl77 said...

@Anon - Damn, why do Caps fans have to be so darned likeable??

(FWIW - they're still my second team, although they were in danger of slipping after games 2/3.)

Anonymous said...

@LG77 - Aw shucks. Though I could point you to a few blog comment sections teeming with highly unlikeable Caps fans. They're all in a lather right now calling for Bruce Boudreau's head on a platter and blathering about how it's all down to the front office failing to trade for a shutdown defenseman (who presumably would have prevented our PP and 2nd line from tanking?).
Now resuming lurk mode.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Anon - yeah, 'cause Habs fans are ALWAYS rational, classy people. We never call for our coach's head on a stick or whine that we're missing a key player while pretending that it will solve all of our problems...


ezzeloharr said...

@LG: Nice.

So school is done and I have WAY too much time on my hands, so I'm going through all the comments that Massive Tits linked to, and aside from the understandable bandwagonning, I have to ask:

Are we really a boring team?

Le Douze said...

@ez - It's funny, we also got "they played the neutral zone trap" thing from a bunch of folks. But I thought our D worked out from really aggressive forechecking (which is not boring) and shot blocking (ditto, especially when it leads to breakouts). I thought our D worked because we DIDN'T just try the trap. But maybe that's just me, it could be that any good D must, ipso facto, be the boring trap.

Le Douze said...

It seemed to me that every time we tried the trap during the season we got burned... what worked was an aggressive forecheck (which isn't the trap, which has only 1 forechecker and tries to just clog up the middle of the ice.) And when the Caps forwards got the puck, it seemed to me that they did a great job penetrating the neutral zone, time and time again... only to be foiled as they crossed our blue line, trying to make 1-on-1 plays instead of passing the fucking puck. (And not only foiled by our D, but also by our aggressively back checking forwards).

Sheesh, seems like everybody thinks that defensive hockey must all be the same and must all be boring. I wish! All that great defensive hockey in our own zone was incredibly nerve wracking. It would have been much preferable had it been boring.

But then again, I guess lots of folks think that only goal scoring is exciting...

kevincrumbs said...

LOLZ. PPP is unhappy with the playoffs. All is good in the world. Also, I am really drunk right now... GO HABS GO,

Number31 said...

Boring trap is New Jersey. It's 90% in the middle of the ice. Hence why Brodeur only faced about 10 shots a game. And still lost.

This was a different trap.

The "you fell for it" trap when crossing the blue line and setting up Ovechkin only to be blocked.

My nickname for Moore has always been "Dominic Fucking Moore!" which, while not original, was because he always burned us. Now he burns others for us. Bliss~!