Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Morning Skate is having a heart attack for Tuesday, April 27th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of losing a ball game 13-12...
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaro!
  • Jaro!
  • Holy crap, we'll have a Game 7. Jaro comes up with six jillion saves to beat the Caps 4-1. Squid got two goals early and Mad Max was all over the scoresheet for good things and diving. And alleged diving. Whatevs, we won. See ya Wednesday in DC. More later today;
  • Assorted recaps: Japers' Rink, Puck Daddy, EOTP, JT.
  • Congrats to the Bs (ugh) who took care of Buffalo and won the series 4-2;
  • Ditto for Chicago;
  • Jacques Lemaire has retired from coaching. We'd say good luck, but we think it's a trap.
Be still my beating heart, long-form video highlights after a win.


moeman said...

Bonne Fête J.T.!!!

Baruch said...

olé olé olé olé !!!
Amazing result in a game where we spent most of the game in our zone! Penalties on Metro, O'byrne, Lapierre (#2) Gionta were all HIGHLY suspect... how many 5 on 3's did we have to kill last night? it was ridiculous. Anyway we won, as we have to do, against the odds, and against all who connive against us.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I think it was more like a gajillion than a jillion.

boob gainey said...

Refs aren't even trying to look impartial now.

orangeman said...

1) Ha-lak *clap clap clap* Ha-lak *clap clap clap*!

2) I don't know how you people sleep after shit like that. I've been going all day finding people to talk to so I can work the Habs win into the conversation. "Hi, I'll have the #3 combo with fantaaaaaaa---nstic saves by Halak today. He's the goalie of the storied Montreal Canadiens who embarrassed this loser Russian guy, perhaps you've heard of him.............(imagine that in Korean now).

3)I didn't see the 2nd and 3rd, but I've heard through several sources that shananigans transpired in the guise of zebra costumes and I fear that, especially in a receptive house on Wednesday night, more shananigans will take place. When a guy actually calls out a ref in regular season with video proof and the league basically grins, shrugs and says "whatareyagonnado?" what can we expect. I just hope the boys can play through it.

There's probably more, but suffice it to say,


Robbie said...

Dear Lawyers,

Postpone the divorce......for now. Holy shit!

There has not been that kind of atmosphere at a Habs home game since the 2002 series against the B's.

My rant goes to some fucking idiot on French talk radio (didn,t get his name) who was saying how much of a genius Count Jacqula is for playing Halak and how Uncle Bob was responsible for fucking up the team. Ah hey dip shit, who exactly put together this team? While i don't much agree with the team he built you cannot deny where this team currently stands. One victory away from advancing to the next round.

soperman said...

Sign Halak!!!!!

The first diving penalty against Lapierre was deserved, though they could have called both players. But the second and third? Give me a fucking break. Gionta diving? If they go by reputation like McSplooge says, geez you would never expect he would dive.

Fucking refs.

matt - ftc said...

Holy Fucking Shit that was an Amazing game by Halak.

Howard said...

A highlight reel for the ages! Speechless! All I can say is Go you Fucking Habs Go!!!

orangeman said...

I watched that highlight reel and ended up touching myself. By the end I was crying. Nothing out the ordinary there.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a fake cough to perfect for a Thursday morning phone call to my place of employment. Thank god Korea has an apparent Swine Flu II going around. I'm sure I'll regret that statement at some point in the future, but today I feel fantastic.

bea.habs.fan said...

We got suspect refereeing starting in the 2nd. what a surprise!

but holy shit WHAT A TEAM !!!!!
Halak should have gotten all 3 stars. our golas would have counted for shit if he hadn't been Royesque

@orange - couldn't fall asleep. so waking up at 4:30 was hell (damn all those beers) work will not be easy today

WV oveachou - need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys....if we beat the Caps maybe you guys can do one of those slo mo videos where you see Ovie's hand shaking to describe the series and then as the camera pans back you see his hand is shaking Halak's after having been eliminated in game 7. Oh....that would be priceless!!!!

Now all we have to do i pull the final rabbit out of the hat on Wednesday. Oh life would be so sweet if we could make that comeback!

Go Habs Go!

Kmaxx said...

Before everyone gets too "Fuck we really can win the Cup now" on us, let's remember one little thing here - my pet rant since ...I can't even remember...We only had 18 Shots on Goal. 18 Fuckin Shots People! It's a good fuckin' job their goalie let in a couple of softies in the 1st because...18 fuckin' shots people! You don't win a Cup taking 18 Fuckin Shots!...Now to ensure impartiality (after all there is about to be an election here in the UK, so equal time to both parties is due...) Holy Shit Jaro! Are You Kiddin' Me!? 53 SHots he saved. 53 Fuckin' shots! OMG What a fuckin' beauty of a game. Right from the beginning of the game when he made a huge save with his right pad, I knew we were in for something special! 53 saves...excuse me while I clean myself up!

Go Habs Go!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate the Habs but hate Ovie more. I have been cheering you guys on this whole series and hope you get'em in 7.

However, Lapierre is a shit!

d. said...

holy crap.
is this just another tease?
playing over the head ridiculous, just to flame out in the final game?
good, god, i hope not.
go, you fucking habs!
no cock teases!

Not Geoff Molson said...

Holy shit! I did my part by not watching most of the game - when I did Washington scored. So I apologize personally to Halak for fucking up his shutout.

PFK plays like that after having a game go to overtime the night before, and having to wake up at 5am for a flight? Holy shit what can we expect on a full night's rest?

Bob McKenzie had an interesting stat about the diving. 35 dives were called in NHL all season. Only 3 times out of those 35 did the diver serve the penalty alone. And Max has it happen to him twice in one game?...Mr Bettman your slip is showing - fuck you and your NBA style reffing because that's too crazy of odds to just be coincidence.

And to think...the CBC didn't want this series...fuckers - but it did keep Boob Cole from butCHering the names.

Sonia said...

Random predictions:
- Habs won't win game 7 if they allow 54 shots again. Maybe 40, but not 54.
- Love Subban, but he's going to get burned making that little back pass at the blueline.
- Lapierre will get called for diving as he stretches in the pre-game warmup.
- Bruce Boudreau's post-game PC: he's frazzled, he's tight, and if his players feed off him, Habs will win.

Docciavelli said...

Congrats on the win, Habs fans. Down here in D.C., all hell is breaking loose. The Red Rockers are pulling out their hair, and my beloved Pens are not the only opposing team in the league consuming their thoughts at the moment.

It's quite a sight. Co-workers won't look me in the eye this morning. My Penguins license plate frame elicited no boos on the drive in. It's as if the entire city is having a Bruce Boudreau-style post-game freak-out.

And while I must give props to Halak, the Habs D did a pretty good job keeping the Caps from pouncing on juicy rebounds. That's the key, kids--keep the Caps from getting second chances, and counter-attack.

Take it from me and the Penguins: Game 7 in Washington is not as daunting as it seems. Especially with the Caps' D and goaltenting.

Hope to see you guys in Game 1 this weekend. Until then, good luck.

Habsfan10 said...

Hope to see you too, Docciavelli. Feel free to curbstomp fuck out of the Bruins if the Habs get derailed.

RiRi said...

Jaro! Jaro! Jaro!

That is all.

Bill 101 said...


I def sticking with raspberry and DEF (like O) dreaming up the Wednesday flu!

Watched the game in a many-screens bar with Broons fans. a bit surreal as there was no hate, but I had no choice. We bought rounds for each other (shame)

Curious though - anyone still feeling team shoulda tanked for a draft pick?

Very much wishing I was strolling the boulevards and reading the newspapers (even Le Journal..) of your fair city this morning.

wv: shill - really.

Jaybird said...

Considering the Capitals were 4 and 0 against your Penguins this season we'll stick to our gameplan.

As important as it is to stop them from getting rebounds Montreal has been keeping Ovie and Semin's glove and blocker-high lazer wristshots and Green's heavy slappers away from the net and I feel that has been the key to shutting Washington down. We have been deflecting and blocking everything from that triumvirate.

I get more scared personally when I see Knuble/Gordon/Bradley coming crashing in the crease. That is where the real danger begins.

And as for the terrible officiating its really just sad isn't it? Why can't anything be right and just fair. I mean were on home ice having Caps being nearly allowed to cross check our All star defenseman fromn behind into our saviour goalie just viciously and the ref tries to get away with not calling it until the last second when he knows he has no choice. I could explain our 18 shots better since I saw a Montreal forward get either x-checked, slough footed or tripped in front of the Washington net at least a dozen times when a good scoring chance was on its way.

Montreal has been playing through this and playing through the first place team in the NHL and winning? Imagine you told me that a month ago!

WV: Bettman has been doing everything in his power to ovoid small markets from progressing past round 1. Bye bye Buffalo, Nashville....

habsss said...

yeah I definitely got some dirty looks in class today too.

I just hope the Habs eliminate the Caps and then they can get owned by the Flyers I'm not gonna care. Just please pleease pleeease win Wednesday. It would almost make up for the Carolina incident. Almost

Gary said...

Every Habs fan should by a lottery ticket...

Three solo diving calls this year in the NHL, in 1260 games equals one every 440 games. The odds of that happening in one game is (one in 440) cubed or a one in 74,088,000 chance of that ever happening. Try to get your casino to pay off when that happens.

At least a casino would have some sort of investigation if something like that ever happened.

Oh, I'm sorry, did I use the words "pay off" in relation to a NHL reffing discussion. My bad.

WV jampup. The Molsons should jampupp and say something in the media, they can afford the fines.

I refuse to go anywhere else with the WV.

Boob Gainey said...

Tom Poti is out of game 7.

He's been their best defenceman.

kevincrumbs said...

I'm surprised the refs didn't call Jaro for diving while he made a save or two.

Kmaxx said...

I just watched some other hiughlights on Puck Daddy...specifically the "Dive" by Lapierre. Did I miss something? How do you dive when you are already up against the boards? Lapierre has never been my favourite Hab but he did put in a "pesky" effort last night. I just didn't get that that particular call was a dive. Please discuss...

wv: Kablegu - as in - I was pretty pissed with the kablegu last night when nad et pic_5 went off the air in the 1st period - meant I had to watch Versus!

L Dude said...

Kmaxx: Diving penalties are typically embelishment, not actual 'dives' per say. I have no trouble with the first call what with the flailing and all. Calling Gio for a dive on the can opener is just ludecrous. And Lapierre was knocked down on the third one and hopped right back up. He didn't look at the ref looking for a call or anything. Total BS.

But in the grand scheme of things, if those calls weren't made, the flow of the game is different and who knows, maybe the Habs blow it. So, thanks refs. Ya dumb-assed fucktards. Basically you just helped to add to the Legend of Jaro.

How the fuck am I supposed to work twixt now and Game 7, when all I can think about is Game 7?

BTW, I had a couple of Moscow Mules again last night and BINGO! Another victory. Two games in a row is plenty to start a superstition.

RiRi said...

Boudreau said Halak was out of his mind. Spot on.

Also, this from PFK:

"I saw Mike out there and got it to him and he put it on the net," said Subban. "Like Don Cherry says, put the puck on net and good things happen."

He's kidding, right?

Habsfan10 said...

@ RiRi:

Cherry may be a xenophobic nutcase Leaf lover, but he's right. Good things happen when you put the puck on net. As long as PK doesn't take counting lessons from Mr. Too Many Men on the Ice or start holding up pictures of deceased servicemen, I'm okay with it.

AMFC said...

8 The Great. U canadian pussies. We will see who's partying tomorrow. FUCK CANADA. Quit your bitchin tell your players to take more acting lessons next time before they take so many dives. CAPS

GoldenGirl11 said...

Or wearing a plaid turtleneck or speaking like this...


RiRi said...

@10 - I agree. Just thought it was funny PFK would quote him.

"counting lessons from Mr. Too Many Men" !!

and now for my daily stab at the Urologist:

wv: shear - Count Chocula is a shear genius for limiting MAB to only 36 seconds of 5-on-5 TOI

Bill 101 said...

and now the other kind of Caps fan pays a visit. cute.

ezzeloharr said...

@AMFC: Welcome to FHF! Just figured I'd let you know that:
- 10/15 of your forwards are Canadian
- 5/8 of your defensemen are Canadian
- 1/2 of your goaltenders are Canadian;
as per your team's official roster.

Now, if you don't want them, we'd be more than happy to lock them in Panger's trunk and let you play Game 7 with less than half your roster. =)

ezzeloharr said...

Edit: 6/9 defensemen, now that Carl Alzner has been called up.

habsss said...

lol AMFC sounds like the kind of douche I deal with on a daily basis. Makes me feel at home

Jaybird said...

Don't even acknowledge them, it hurts them much more.

But since we have. AMFC weren't you featured on camera after game 1? You know that wife-beating, homophobic yet closet gay, gun-toting, completely pedophilic, drunk American redneck hollering at the camera after the game. Oh wait here you are:


Get back to your excuse for a life you inbred slug piece of shit and be happy you're not up here for some real "Canadians" to show you what its all about.