Monday, April 19, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Monday, April 19th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of controversy-free Game 3...
  • The Pens are back in control up 2-1 after a 4-2 win over the Sens. Sid, Malkin, etc., etc.
  • New Jersey, on the other hand, goes down 2-1 after Carcillo scores in OT to give the Flyers a 3-2 win;
  • Here's a good omen maybe - West #1 seed San Jose lost to go down 2-1. They lost by a freak goal in OT. Man would we love a freak goal like that tonight;
  • Fear the Yotes people!
  • Chicago comes back from their Game 1 loss to win 2-0;
  • Carbo leads Canada's Under-18 team to... the relegation round. Nice job Carbo!
OK some morning notes on to the only series that matters. Metro may play. Ovie should really STFU. Japers Rink tries to guess the Caps' Game 3 starter. JT really sums up our own feelings after Game 2.

OK deep breath everyone. Had you told us five days ago we'd be coming back from Washington tied 1-1 we'd have been happy, right? RIGHT?

Media whoring update - our Daybreak appearance from this morning is on the interwebs. Go to the archives page and click on the "Game 3 tonight in the Habs / Capitals series" link


ezzeloharr said...

Heart too broken to be happy. Like this: </3


moeman said...


Number31 said...

*nudge* San Jose lost 1-0 in OT and put the puck in their own net. Technically 50billion shots on Anderson and they only managed to score once on their own guy. That sounds like something the Habs would do to Price...

Hey I was right! Metro isn't from this planet.

lawyergirl77 said...

"Goalies are weirdos" - so sez Squid in that TSN article.

Word, my man, word.

Mood still seems loose in the locker room, based on the clips. While I'm worried about Jaro (And the fact that he didn't talk to the media), I'm willing to buy his "I don't want to get into bullshit with Ovie" explanation.

God, I'm feeling really worried for tonight. But, somehow, I'm really not as filled with dread as I was yesterday. Phew!

moeman said...

Um, 77, I'm a goalie.

WV = acketsi, as in ack, etsi!

Go you fucking Habs!

moeman said...

O'Boyle'd. . .

Habsfan10 said...

Anyone love Cammy and Gomez more every time they say something? Gainey certainly did his homework on the personality side of his big acquisitions.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I think that Cammalleri and AK should have a show like Heals and Flats. That would be hilarious.

MC: Well it's great to be here. We have a fantastic show for you. I'll be talking to the guys at The Weightless Environment Test System (WETS) which is a weightless environment simulator of space by using water buoyancy. It is used for Extravehicular Activities (EVA) simulation tests and basic training of Space Station astronauts. The hard working men and women up there let me try our the simulator and, well, weightlessness is incredible. I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to experience the things that make life so fantastic. Andrei? What do you have for us?

AK: I score goal. On net. SERGEI! GET WODKA!!!

MC: So stick around....

Number31 said...

I still can't get over that Boyle goal... I'm not even a Sharks nor Nordalanche fans but that's the most stunning thing I have ever seen in a playoff game in my life.


J.T. said...

@GG11: Great idea for a show. They should do an outdoor episode between games, in Centennial plaza.

MC: Hi everybody! Welcome to our big playoff edition! Today we're going to be talking about the importance of a macrobiotic diet to help maintain maximum physical performance through the grind of the post-season. And special guest Henri Richard, whose name appears on the Stanley Cup an amazing 11 times, will stop by for a playoff pep talk. Andrei, what's on your plate today?

AK: Big Mac. Good. Make shoot pack. Score goals. Win game. Drink wodka.

MC: Okay, so Andrei will be chatting with playoff sponsors McDonald's and Grey Goose. We'll be right back...

RiRi said...

@GG - I literally just LOL'ed at AK's answer. That's EXACtLY what I would picture him saying.

Sure I would've been happy that they were coming back 1-1... But that was until I saw that they could actually compete with those fuckers... Now I'm just mad.

Go Habs Go!!!

GoldenGirl11 said...

I think we just found a way to laugh through the next 3-5 games.

MC: today my guest will be rocket scientist Joé Juneau. Boy we've shared some great laughs over the years about plutonium. Andrei?

AK: Pasquale bring girls. Heh heh heh.... SERGEI!! MORE WODKA!!!!

GoldenGirl11 said...

I believe you said you'd be happy just to win one game IN TOTAL. We need to breathe. And drink wodka.

RiRi said...

@GG - Again, that was before I saw what they were capable of doing when they all showed up in game 1. Agree tho, deep breaths and pass the wodka!
Oh and I just burst into laughter @ the pasquale reference. I'm in a quiet doctor's office waiting room and the people around me now think I'm nuts so thanks!

J.T. said...


MC: Andrei, man, I'm really sick. I've been excused from practice and I can't make the show today. You're going to have to fly solo. It's no problem, though. It's all planned. Dr.Mulder's going to be on to talk about post-concussion syndrome and the long-term effects of repeated impact on players' brains.

AK: Brain? Wodka fix brain. Score goal. Ha ha, Sergei, big brother more goals than you. You lose. You hev rub hair-grow potion on brother's brain.

MC: Okay, well maybe I'm not THAT sick. Seriously, six million a year isn't enough for this.

GoldenGirl11 said...

maybe you're with DrGG. That would be even funnier.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I think Sergei can fill in for Cammy

AK: (blank stare)

SK: (blank stare)

AK: (blanker stare)

SK: (blanker stare with missed breathing)

lawyergirl77 said...

moe - re: goalies. So am I. I fully embrace my "fucking weirdo" status when I put on pads. Been a while, but I still think that I would feel off balance if I didn't put stuff on left-to-right.

lawyergirl77 said...

Pissing myself at my desk with the "MORE WODKA" - is that like "more cowbell" for the Montreal Canadiens?

If so... What the world needs right now is MORE WODKA!!!!

Habsfan10 said...

Go Pants and Wodka!

boob gainey said...

Anyone else worried that the Phlyers might make it to the finals? They have been playing incredible hockey. And somehow Boucher is managing to keep the puck out of the net.

Now I hate Boston more than Philly (of course), but I also really don't want to see Pronger, Hartnell, Carcillo, et al. lifting the cup.

In other news, Sens look like their goose is cooked.

boob gainey said...

Ovie's trash-talking will gladden the NHL brass.

Anything to make the NHL more like the NBA.

RiRi said...

@GG - Ha!

Metro's back tonight!!! Whatever happened to 6-8 weeks? It's like he's bionic!

Itty bitty titties is a scratch... Not sure how I feel about that one.

kevincrumbs said...

@boob: No time to worry about other teams yet.

Also, SK is sitting in place of Metro? I'd rather have sat Darche. Go Habs Go.

Flying Toaster said...

Seriously though, i really wish the league would adress the officials issue once and for all... This has been an ongoing issue for YEARS and not one single sensible solution has been proposed. Also, if you listen to CKAC with Ron Fournier, the referee mentality seems to be "We are responsible for the flow of the game and must direct it like an air traffic controller"

No, it is not. Your job is to call penalties whenever and wherever they happen. Point final!

I mean sure it's the Habs' own fucking fault for blowing a 4-1 league, those fucking douchefags... But when you have such awful refereeing it's hard not to think "What if the referees weren't from kindergarten?" Yeah... we just MIGHT have pulled off a 5-4 win... said...

what does Chjocula have against Sergei?
has sergei not been drinking hios vodka asnd hance can't score?
may be he is being freed up to replace MC on the talkshow?

yvresgyros said...

I posted this on HI/O but I think they wanna be too nice, I know you guys here would agree.

My Question to the Montreal Media:

Where is the muckraking on those Washington Generals?

The media that does such a great job rummaging through the bins outside Tom Pyatt's or any 5th liner's loft all year in order to find off-ice distractions to fill in the Anti-chambres of this Province should get to work right bleepin' now and work the other way, for the greater good, for once.

I can understand Theo is off limits. We'll all respect that he's been through a lot this year and in any case, we've dealt with him with a couple sniper shots to his confidence on Saturday. But come on, there's gotta be some distractions to be dug up and/or completely made up.

Their top player wears individually tailored Dolce&Gabbana sweat pants, for christ's sake, there has to be a money hungry bimbo in this town that has sampled the O-de-Vie and can tell us he ain't all about size and endurance.

And what about Megan Knuble, what is she up to when Mikey is on the road? Wasn't Semyon Varlamov drafted under the name Semen? I have a clear memory of that ( What happened to his hilarious first name, isn't he ashamed to disgrace his heritage just to avoid not being ridiculed on the North American playground? That's questions worth asking.

Touching a little on the league favoritism in their favour during the Q&A sessions wouldn't hurt either.

And how's this for a headline: "Coach Boudreau has carnal knowledge of his farm animals?" The question mark washes the hands of the mudslinger and we rehash a good old tried and true tactic perfected by Lyndon Johnson in his first senate race. The main point is not to search for accuracy in the rumours, it is to get the bastard to deny it.

Get to work boys, you make our players' life miserable throughout the year, now do your worse on them Caps unless you wanna be writing about prospective draft picks and how great is Sid come next week, while you see your readership plummets and your drinking habit kicks into high gear again.

Jaybird said...

I didn't read it myself but if Sergei is benched it just proves that piece of shit Martin has something against him. I noticed that kid as one of our three best players in game 1. What a fucking joke. Martin takes it up the ass every time we get jobbed by refs, media, the league commish, etc. . He is quite possibly working for Bettman and his cronies. Count chocula and the Hamburglar.

Why not bench Andrei too? Fuck sit Gionta a while and Markov if they have a bad period. And as much as I love Metro, and I love the man, I GUARANTEE he sees some PP icetime tonight. Which will also be ridiculous considering rust.

WV: Martin is Bettman's dinglort.

Jaybird said...

Wait did I just say Montreal PP tonight? I must have meant Washington. I will be surprised if we get one.

Nobody mentions the joke call on Gill for doing what every defenseman does when a guy dumps the puck past them, 100% of the time.

The Caps are dick touchers. OV and Semen touch dicks.

dwgs said...

If Varlamov and Semin have a love child they could call him Semen Semin. That would be cool.

Mr Trivia said...

Any of you yappers talk hockey too?

-Glad to see 10 PP goaler Metro back on track
-Not glad to see that SK74 will be having a double wodka from the pressbox tonight.
-Wish Boudreau had gone with Jose. We'd have another 2 or 3 gimmes in the first 10.
-Hope JM does some coaching tonight, like say, taking a timely timeout when other team builds momentum.
-Fans better make Caps' ears bleed red with some good boos.
-Refs better not have their heads up their own steamingly foul asses, again.

Habs in 6 games.
Me in 6 beers.

RiRi said...

@ Mr. Trivia - Why talk hockey when we can babble on about pretty much everything else? That's kinda why I love this blog.

Seriously tho, agree with everything you said.

Go Habs Go!!!

Bill 101 said...

whoa. left the tv/internet world at the end of the 2nd on Saturday... apparently lotsa action on the grassy knoll since.

Best of five. Home ice ours (cough). Hopin' Green pulls a Boyle.

Sticking with grape for now.


Mr Trivia said...

@RiRi - oh, i agree with you. nothing like good bar banter on a hockey blog. the only thing missing from this site is a keg of molson ex (or the big bottles of labatt 50).

i only mentioned those things because i like seeing my opinions on the interweb.

HabsFan29 said...

when can i start drinking?

too late, i started an hour ago

GoldenGirl11 said...

MC: Well it's been a great show. I want to thank our guest Nobel laureate Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio. He is truly an author of new departures, poetic adventure and sensual ecstasy. An explorer of a humanity beyond and below the reigning civilization. I also want to thank chef extraordinaire Jamie Oliver who has changed the world of cooking as we know it for stopping by. Who knew they were such hockey fans. Andrei?

AK: Я пью водку. Трахните Вас Cemelery, Вы часть дерьма Гарварда. Я забиваю гол на сети. Вы и тому подобное. Дайте головную боль Андрея. СЕРГЕЙЙ! ВОДКА!
I drink vodka. Fuck you Cemelery, you piece of harvard shit. I score goal on net. You blah blah blah. Give Andrei headache. SERGEI! VODKA!

(bangs head on table and passes out)