Friday, October 23, 2009

A Chicken Bloodbath; Habs 5 - Isles 1

This chicken looks like Saddam Hussein just after he was executed

It was never in doubt. 26-9, a shots tally favoring the Habs with over half a game left to play.

Jaro was good. Lots of guys scored. In short, the story of the game in numbers would be told this way:
  • 5 goals for
  • 1 goal against
  • 43 shots for
  • 22 shots against
  • 21 273 sellout crowd
  • 8 free wings offered to each fan by La Cage aux Sports for the 5-goal tally
  • 170 184 total chicken wings offered
  • 85 092 chickens murdered to supply sufficient quantity of wings
The only consolation is that Jacques Martin gave us the line combination we have been waiting for. It came on the power play, with Mike Cammalleri joining forces with the second unit, and Andrei Kostitsyn completing a line with Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez. And just like that, the new line was born:

The Giant Mexican Tits line.

Ay caramba.


Anonymous said...

Best. Line. Name. Ever.
Maybe not?
Best. Line. Name. Photoshop. Ever.

BTW, never got why or how the old Tits-Pleks-Kovy line got the "danse a dix" name... if someone could enlighten us new readers

GoldenGirl11 said...

Totally wasn't expecting to see that. Best laugh of my day. Way better than meds.

kevincrumbs said...

I'm somewhat surprised that BGL isn't down at La Cage aux Sports, trying to convince patrons to not cash in their coupon for free wings and to have some tempeh nuggets instead.

HabsFan29 said...

Olé to those tits!

@anon - it involved Grabbing Tits

Number31 said...

When Metro and Pleky play together we get a Transformer (MetroPleks). I'm nerdy like that.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but there's a moronic thread on the Habs site that's been bugging my tits. It's titled 'Why do Habs fans hate the leafs' or some such. Here's my hopefully thread closing reply:

"This is such a banal question. Why is this thread still up?

First of all why would you HATE any team? They are our opponents. They may irritate, or infuriate. They may have luck on their side, but they are just another team. Hate is a bit much. I can’t think of anyone I hate right now personally. Certainly not a sports team. Get a grip man.

Secondly, I don’t give a toss about the Leafs. I’ve been a Habs fan for 40 years and they simply have not counted the entire time. Not one year since 1967.

Here are the teams that have frustrated and worried me the last 40 years:

Early 70’s Sabres.

Bruins, always.

Oilers. They humiliated us in 81 I think. Three straight and gone. Punks.

Penguins: There’s a team you should hate. Tank every 8 years three years running to pick up star draft picks and cups. Oh, and their ‘fans’ almost let them die twice until they suddenly won cups again. My most disliked team in the NHL by far.

Nordiques. Always. What a sucky dirty team except for Sakic.

Devils: What a boring shit team. Always. Just call them the Brodeurs. That’s why they win. The only reason they win.

In conclusion, why in hell would you hate the Leafs? I LIKE the Leafs, they have not taken one cup from us in 40 years. All of the above teams have.

Get your head on straight and learn your Habs history."


HabsFan29 said...

Jeff that's too rational and intelligent for the people commenting on a Habs site (except this one of course). you're gonna get ripped

Olivier said...

I am ever amazed at your ability to gratuitiously shove tits in our faces.

It really is an artform.