Friday, October 16, 2009

The Morning Skate for Friday, October 16th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning Game 1...
  • Je suis... un loser. Habs get the intros right, play two decent periods but it all adds up to a 3-2 loss. You can blame the refs if you want, or say we got some unlucky bounces. Go ahead, say that, we won't stop you. But we're still losers. More later today;
  • Habs' next opponent, the Sens, crush the Bolts 7-1;
  • Ovie gets 2 in the Caps' 4-1 win over the Sharks.
Here's the introductions for those of you who missed it. Really the only highlight from last night. The real fun starts around the 4:00 mark.


Robbie said...

My je suis from last nights game. Put the names beside... well you get it;

1. Je suis the guy with a system no one gets
2. Je suis the only remaining connection to the past glory of the Habs
3. Je suis over-rated, over drinking, 16 year old chasing supposed-to-be
4. Je suis the Jolly Green Giant
5. Je suis his brother
6. Je suis Guy...ah no not THAT GUY
7. Je suis an underproducing lazy ass Tit that can`t even say two words ''JE SUIS''
8. Je suis the leader of the Smurf family and those other two je suis`s boys are my brothers
9. Je suis mad mad mad
10 Je suis the injured guy everyone will use as an excuse for why my team sucks this year
11. Je suis the new PR guy for womens rights
12. Je suis the guy waiting for everyone to realize that the Prodigy is not the number one guy..i am
13. Je suis all the guys from last season who were supposed to be this years stars...but were not.

Most hilarious statement made from last nights anti-chambre from our friend the Senator...''ecoute les Boys, i`m not worried the coach is still implementing his system i`ll start to worry after 20 games if were 6-14''. EXCUSE ME! WHAT THE FUCK! Now were really starting to sound like fuck heads from Toronto.

Carina said...

#12: Cari the fat whale???

L Dude said...

For the first time in many years, I officially don't care if I miss a Habs game. This team lacks identity, character, and oh yeah, they suck. And fucking boring to watch so far.
Kovy's back in town tomorrow and I don't care. If I happen to see the game, fine, but if not, meh. Maybe I'll watch the Leafs game. At least I'll get some joy out of seeing them lose to the Rangers again and watching Komisuckass fucking up his new team.

moeman said...

#12 = Bob Gainey?

Hadulf said...

I thought the "Je suis" were so bad. I mean, nice try PR people but, oh so bad! This coming from a francophone...

Anyway, they should've went with the home announcer, as everybody else does in the league.

The game wasn't so bad, I think.

And yes, I will say it : bad bounces.

GoldenGirl11 said...

#12 jaro?

Sheriff25 said...

I'm just an asshole Bruins fan, but was this a little ridiculous??
On the plus side, a few weeks ago I was at the Bell Centre for Metallica. Upon leaving, my drunk brother-in-law asked if his name was really "Jesus" Gomez (in reference to the HUGE MEXICAN DUDE on the wall with "Je suis Gomez" printed by it). I was able to convince him that he had changed his name, as the Habs are looking for him to be their savior.
Ah, Molson beer.

GoldenGirl11 said...

So what you're telling me is the posters inside the Bell have the "Je suis" on it too?????

Alrighty then. It's been fun. Good luck with all of this. I quit.

moeman said...

Come back GG11!

WV - yedysad, as in I'm yedysad that our GG11 up and quit.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Je suis farklempt.

I'll stay but only because of Kirk.
Thanks Moe said...

the Je suis ... nous sommes canadiens posters are all over downtown Montreal (except there seems to be no Camarelli).

maybe GG11 can create a je suis poster for this site.
i can just see it now ...

lawyergirl77 said...

Yes, there are "je suis" posters for Squid. There is one I can think of on the 20 West, right near the split towards the Mercier bridge.

I can't believe I'm about to say this. It's so going to come back and bite me in the ass when we're 6-14, but I don't care.

I fucking believe in this team.
It HAS character.
There are glimpses of brilliance, even within the system. Not like last year's flashes of brilliance due to self-involved players.

Wanna know why we were off in the 2nd? BECAUSE THE AVS COACH MADE HIS ADJUSTMENTS. Lo and behold, Martin made his in the 3rd and it was a hockey game again.
Meanwhile, we came out flying in the first. Why? 'Cause Martin is an EXCELLENT practice coach. Fuck, I could even start listing the drills he was using!!! (And it wasn't dodgeball à la Leafs a few days ago) You can see that shit on the ice.
That's the sign of a good coach.
That's the sign of a coach that has a system that the players can learn.

Granted, I know we come here for the snark, but I'm really surprised at the venomous way that people are shitting all over this team (and not simply for shits and giggles anymore).

It's October, people. Panic in, say, 10 games from now if we're still not winning and if there are no improvments.

For now, I think that losing close games, while fucking heartbreaking, is not going to make me slit my wrists or give up on this team.

After all...

...Gill still sucks.

(But, Belle played an excellent game yesterday, in spite of being -2.)

Ron Jeremy said...


Won't score 39.

Will he even score 19?

Slalom Frog said...

I like what LG77 says. I too want to believe in this team but they are making it a little difficult.

I'm not in panic mode yet but I can feel the possibility of it. I say give it a little bit longer and see if they can continue to show signs of gelling as a team.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

just woke up wondering:

will kovy be cheered or booed on saturday?

future-predicting answers plz

Chester said...

I'll bet he will get the standard treatment when he touches the rondell, but if he bags one, the crowd will give him a hand when they anounce his name. We're fucking classy that way.

kevincrumbs said...

I think the crowd is going to jizz themselves when they catch their first glimpse of Kovy. He'll also have a hat trick and the fans will start chanting "Gainey Sucks".

lawyergirl77 said...

I think Kovy is going to get cheers. This city still loves him and he made public declarations about how much he wanted to stay here.

While I've taken his declarations with a huge ass chunk of salt, I think he did mean it in his own enigmatic way.

Totally different from Doucharek who followed the money outta here as quickly as he could.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Maybe it's my age, it's hard to explain, but this complete overhaul has killed something for me. I feel like I just ended a long term relationship with a guy who wasn't going anywhere and even though it might have been the best thing for me it still feels like shit. Sure it's only 6 games in but these guys are zillionaires - professional hockey playing zillionaire - and chemistry is chemistry. Either it's there or it's not. My Midget A kid can do it, my Bantam A can do it, ok, my Atom A kid not so much but that's not the point. No matter what the level, if this was going to work I think the sparks would've been flying by now. I'm not pissed that they lost, I'm sad that I don't really give a shit. I'd rather stand 2 inches from the set, squish heads of opponents, yell until I pee (four kids, whadaya gonna do) and cry when they lose rather than have to remember that #6 is not Russ Courtnal, he's that new guy, what's his face. I'm sick of WAITING to get better. I want to BE better already.

GoldenGirl11 said...

He did mean it. He's very good friends with a friend of mine and it's not an act. He misses Montreal.

lawyergirl77 said...

1. Martin (much as I disagree)
2. Gainey and or Muller
3. Price
4. Gill
5. Je suis his brother - dunno. O'Byrne? He's actually good this year...
6. Guimauve
7. Big Tits, FTW
8. Gionta
9. Dunno - Mad Max?
10 Vodkov
11. BGL, a.k.a. Pebbles
13. Dagger, Patches, Stewie... although I think that they're still evolving, so it would have been premature for them to have been stars this year.

do I win a prize? said...

I have to agree with LG77 (by the way thanks for the squid poster heads-up I'm trying to steal one for a friend who's got a big crush) as to given this team more time.
Yeah in a operfect world they would have meshed right off the bat but having recently starteda job in a new place, just because you know what you're doing, you still have to integrate a team and get to know how everyone ticks.

So i say, give them 20 games and then start the whining. Until then relax as this is pretty good hockey with some very good glimpses of the future.
plus I'd rather have the bad bounces now so that the karmic pendulum swings in our favor down the road with Markov's return.

lawyergirl77 said...

GG11 - don't get me wrong, I was crushed by the overhaul too. Much teeth gnashing and "I'm through with this fucking team" when they didn't resign Koivu.

I said the same thing about Muller when they traded him (one of the most despicable trades in the history of the organization...) It took me years to fully get over that one.

But I'm starting to get attached to this team too... starting with the loveable little midget Gionta. If we've already had the Pocket Rocket, can he be Pop Rocks?

The chemistry is there - you should see what they look like live. It's very different than on TV. They support each other WAY more than last year before, after and during play. It's one of the reasons I got attached so quickly...

GoldenGirl11 said...

I cried when Muller was traded. My kids love to make fun of me about that one.

When I see the team live I'm sure I'll get a sense of who they are but as I said, I'm old, and oy, the noise in there not to mention those stupid, ill designed, narrow corridors that are impossible to negotiate your way through in order to get to the sparsely placed ladies rooms so as to not pee* from drinking an $8 bottle of water the size of your bladder while yelling at the boys who fuck up a 1-0 lead only to lose the game on a missed pass. How's that for an impassioned run-on sentence? Oh, and once I'm ranting, I miss the organ and Hava Nagilla and if I had 2 bullets and I saw Osama and Youppi! walking down the street I'd shoot Youppi! twice to make sure I didn't miss with the first bullet. I don't want to see anyone dance or kiss on the jumbo screen and I fucking hate those POM bakers. I don't like the ads, the car racing and I'm embarrassed for the guy who wins $10 at IGA because he can follow a coin in a stupid cup. Now I'm going to pick up DrGG's fedora at the dry cleaner and call my therapist.

*see rant of 1:56 pm

Chester said...


No 6 was Ralph Backstrom. Don't feel so bad.

moeman said...

lg77 knows, no panic here.

Go Habs!

GoldenGirl11 said...

@Moe and LG
Panic: a sudden fear which dominates or replaces thinking and often affects groups of people or animals.

This does NOT apply to the Habs losing 4 in a row but DOES apply to bar mitzvah planning. All in perspective now.

Ben Dugas said...

Did anyone see this from Habs Inside Out?

"Max Pacioretty skipped practice with what was described as a "therapy day" while Glen Metropolit is still out with bruised ribs."

WTF? You can't just say something like that and not explain it?

Number31 said...

Patches' therapy day may be for his shoulder. He did get it separated from Orpik in preseason.

I'm with LG77. It's bad but it's not terrible. They're actually getting better, they're actually working, the Markovian Hole didn't look so apparent last night, and the penalty kill is alive for once, even the powerplay looks dangerous, but still they screw up somehow and it costs them. Martin will pound it in their heads. Maybe he can do us a favour and bench Guimauve though wtf~! However, I'm not hearing any "I don't know what happened out there" from him. He has an answer as to why things aren't working every game, and then we hear him working on it the next day. Even the bag skate wasn't a straight skate. So yea, it's going to be hard to watch this season, but it ain't the end of world.

And HAHA the refs were so bad last night they let us use 7 skaters at that last minute flurry. Bravo morons!!!

blaz said...

Squid's got a giant poster on the corner of Guy and St Catherine outside of the Faubourg. It's kind of IMPOSSIBLE to miss.

I'm at the game tomorrow and I'm not sure what my feelings toward Kovy are. Or should be. But I am contemplating throwing my dirty socks on the ice if we lose.