Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Sky is Falling: Flames 4 - Habs 3 LIVE GAME REVIEW

(Please forgive the lateness of my review. In my defence, I was exiled to Edmonton. Enjoy the redheaded goodness as a reward for your patience and ability to scroll down. Please note the attention to detail, including the Forum chair seat number.)

The Sky is falling - at least in Calgary there's a reason: their arena is very slooowly caving in. (I can't believe no one else has noticed this yet.)

Anyway, I'm tired from twice driving across the Province, so let's hit the bullet points for last's night's "deep thoughts" on the game:
  • Totally agree with HF29's recap: it was an entertaining - if ultimately frustrating - game.

  • Weird there were more fights than minor penalties. And no PP opportunities for Swiss Mister II. Poor Swiss, they never win.

  • The good news includes that there seemed to be some semblance of a "system" being implemented. Good support of the puck carrier; quick, short passes - although the Gomez's passes right through the slot make my heart skip a beat.

  • Halak was pretty good throughout and very good in spurts, but not spectacular enough to steal a point. What I`m saying is that there is no goaltending controversy.

  • Well, right now.

  • My Boy Chips looks like a career AHLer. Yeah, ok, I said it. He seems to finally understand that possibility and his fight in the second, where he acquitted himself quite well IMHO, might have been a sign that he understands his role in the NHL will be as a Steve Begin-type, versatile, gritty defensive player who will drop the gloves and score the occasional goal. But last night I cringed whenever he stepped on the ice. Which leads me to...

  • The Habs lost this game because the Flames' 4th line destroyed theirs. I can out-skate BGL in my goalie skates, Gregory Stewart may actually have hands that are made out of a concrete-like substance, and I already talked about Chips.

OK that's enough actual hockey analysis, after the meth I'm going to go (in all likelihood) yell at the TV for the next few hours while "'enjoying" the Canucks game, while (again, in all likelihood) simultaneously cursing the Habs' failure to deal for Luongo when Clinically Insane Mike Milbury ran the Islanders.


moeman said...


Also, is CAL to EDM really 'across the Province' or is that padding the expen$e account? NTTIAWWT.

HabsFan29 said...

including the Forum chair seat number

6/50? i don't get it.

i keed 33, i keed. in my defense, i'm distracted by Elisha's cleavage

moeman said...

To think that Elisha is a Montreal-born babe. Is she still with Phanoof?

HFF33 aka Panger said...

@moeman: it's not across the province north-south, but 6 hours more than enought east-west.

@29: uh, thanks.

GoldenGirl11 said...

I have that chair in my basement. Worst chair EVER. Cool to look at but impossible to sit in. From the Doug Kinear collection (Elisha not included).

Moey said...

I'm still awake, barely. I think I'll manage to squeeze in the first hour of the game.


I think I'm finally worthy of sharing your lovely gutter, being molested by a giant Mexican squid has endless possibilites and I can't think of a down side.

Number31 said...

Chips has totally lost it... Maybe he can be our Bulldogs' permanent captain though.