Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, October 20th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning in 11...
  • Today's "NHL discriminates against Québecois" story, about the Bob Sirois book moeman mentioned in the comments yesterday that is being launched today and is pictured above;
  • Surprisingly, BR isn't writing about that, he's writing about the Flower going to Quebec City;
  • The Bulin Wall leads the Oil to a win over the Nucks;
  • San Jose piles up 7 goals against the Rangers.
Thrashers tonight. Another Kovy comes a-callin'.


Baroque said...

I thought that a "frog" was a demeaning term - so why would a cartoon frog be on the cover? That would seem to be insulting.

I also thought that frogs were for French people from France, not from Quebec. Huh.

moeman said...

@Baroque, the author of the screed said at yesterday's book launch (via rds) that seeing as Québecois NHLers, are 'use' to be called 'fucking frogs' (rebleated incessantly by the known pure wool media culprits) and that Western Canadian NHLers (they threw in Ontario playes for good measure/statistical garbage) are commonly spoken to as 'les boeufs de l'Ouest) that the cover is just poking fun, cuz you, you just gotta laugh about it sometimes. This was spewed whilst slagging Bob Gainey as one of the discriminators (note they go out of their way to say that they aren't calling Bob a racist).

I also listened (call me a masoCHist) to réjean tremblay on ckac (and read his cyberpresse piece) and made the effort to sit through l'attaque à CH on vtélé (previously 110% on tqs). I would probably feel safer wearing blackface at a Klan meeting. The worst (imagine sounding more shrill than jean pagé and richard labbée) was jean perron. His hate for Gainey can be analyzed by the amount of spit that comes out of his mouthbreathing hole. He was salivating.

I am elaborating on my response to Baroque because my gut feeling is that the worst of the Montréal/Québec media will use this book as their basis to slag Gainey and the Habs, mercilessly. They are singing from the same song-sheet. One example is their constant mentioning of Steve Gainey being drafted by the Dallas Stars, to then go on about how pathetic Bob and Timmins have been for Québecois players.

Thank Dieu that rds' l'anti-CH wasn't on last night but you can expect it to get much zanier.

Kudos to Pat Burns and Bob Hartley for refusing to be literally dragged into the negativity.

FWIW, the grenouille on the cover looks more like a fish.