Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Morning Skate for Thursday, October 29th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of dominating the Yankees...
  • Oy. Well, you can look at that game two ways. A learning experience, or evidence of the fact we are not a top team. Or even a good team. Sid scores 3, Jaro is pulled and Pleks continues to be our most consistent player (!!!) in a 6-1 loss. More later today;
  • Even Toronto managed to get a point last night;
  • Sabres continue to roll;
  • Ottawa too;
  • No seriously, raise your hand if you thought Ottawa and Buffalo would be the class of the Northeast division.
Happy 40th birthday, internet! Had you never been created, we may have had a life. But then again, porn!


Hadulf said...

Ok ok, we lost a game to a good...err...great team. We looked bad, really bad.

I think what killed us was the turnovers. We gave them the puck all night and we were never first on it, EVER.

Most importantly, we saw last night that our D is not great, or sucks. While I think a few of them are ok most of the time (Mara is a reliable D, seriously), Gorges too, but he tends to turnover a lot.

MAB has a PP shot but he has a hard time making plays to exit the zone. Its like he's trying to control the puck, but can't.

Gill, while being my personal wipping boy, is playing not too shabby. I cannot blame him for that penalty when he shot the puck in the netting. Shit happens sometimes and the puck stuck to his blade. He made the right play. It's just unfortunate that it went over the glass.

Hamr is ok, but slow as hell.

Spacek is BY FAR one of the worst defenceman (to date) that we have. This guy is WAY out of shape and he's even more slow that Hamr! On top of it, his pinching is not working, he fucks up plays at the ozone blue line often and he sucks with his backhand passes. I think him playing right side contributes to all this but he's a pro, deal with it and learn it.

Halak played well but it was inevitable to see Price in the 3rd, which I agree with. TFS, though, that blue line goal, that was brutal. Ok, maybe he was screened, but from the replays it seems that he could see that puck very well, that should've been a stop. Not it would've made a difference for the game, but it would have for his confidence.

I have a lot more to say but I'm bummed enough by all the game reviews I read already...

WV : disgrele. I don't know, you come up with something.

AMadHabFan said...

That was a stinker of a game to watch last night. Another loss and another superstar breaks a milestone. What is with that shit?

I hate getting beat by Sid the bastard kid. It sucks.

This team better grow a pair real fast. They are all playing like this is Florida or Nashville. They have yet to feel the wrath of the crazed public slithering up their Cavities.

To think the top 3 chumps make 18 million bucks a year is retarded.

Everyone is going to say we lost to the best team in the league. So Fuckin what. We just about blew the toronto game and they are the worst team.

All I know is i almost puked watching our pathetic defense try to play hockey last night. My eyes bleed Watching our smurf line get dominated by Super Mario's lil Imps last night.

This team is going to kill me. either by heart attack, Brain hemorage or Suicide do to getting knocked out by Boston again. If Thjat does not kill me i will probably choke to death after reading a article on this site. !!!!!

Good day and go Habs go .

Chester said...

Time to lick the wounds, learn and move on. Fuck it had to be Camara Crosby ...

Jaredoflondon said...

mike rebiero is a piece of shit.

that is all

Habsfan10 said...

@ Jared:

Preaching to the choir, my man. Preaching to the choir.