Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, October 27

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of owning an iPhone...
  • Ok, we'll take it. Call it the night of the unsung hero - Travis Moen, Jaro 2.0, a flu-ridden Métro, and Hamr with the winner in OT. Though goddamn if Pleky didn't do it all on the winner. More later today;
  • Leafs finally win, thanks to a million PP's. At least they won't get their first against us on Saturday;
  • Marian Gaborik's groin now leads the league in goals after the Rangers' 5-2 win. Oh btw, he left that game early not to return;
  • Yotes agree to be sold to the NHL. Well, pending court approval. But we're guessing that will be rubber stamp-ish. Though in this case, who the fuck knows anymore;
  • Kovy (Thrash version) is out 3-5 weeks with a broken foot;
  • BR pens a love letter to The Urologist. Rather, une lettre d'amour.
OK one down this week, three to go.


boob gainey said...

I was at the game.

Te Urologist was stellar. Even defensively.

Anonymous said...

In the home stretch the "w" will stand and that's that. Nice to see Plek's break out from his ZombiePleks shell and live up to TurtlePleks.(you can't start calling him Pleky though. Too many nicknames for him.)
Piss on the lafs win. I was hoping that the Raptors would record a win before the basement dwellers.

Word Veri: plinga
sounds of the Rangers game every other time we shot on net... plingla

gillis said...

ZombiePleks must have been killed in the making of zombieland

Van Hab said...

Kostitsyn's in my pool and dude is totally sucking groin veins.

HoustonHab said...

No where have I read a good word about Halak. Where is Bob’s race horse now?

rrrrrrren said...

"Tomas Plekanec provided Roman Hamrlik with a serving of Czech sausage..."

21272+me said...

stop. hamr time.

Kmaxx said...

OK - someone explain to me how the game ended up being so close. Te Isles were unorganised o D and seemed to not have many shots - very strange night indeed - I hope someone gets ripped a new one for continually jumping off the bench! Still - 2 points is better than 1!

Go Habs Go!

Lukestar said...

I'm attributing our success during the homestand direcly to the fans ability to wait an appropriate amount of time to start with the "ole" chant most games. Don't hate....it's science people.