Monday, February 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - Trade Deadline 27 Hours Away; GM's Ask Not To Be Woken From Nap

With the NHL deadline scheduled for 3 PM tomorrow, NHL GM's were adamant today in their desire not to be awakened from their naps. TSN reports (actually Jay Onrait blogging in his underwear) this may be the reason for the total lack of any trades at this time.

Habs GM Bob Gainey was fatigued by the ceremony of Saturday night. He shut his door and put his head on his desk and told his secretary that he didn't want to be bothered for any phone calls. He added that "if they have an offer, they'll fax it and I'll read it later. There's no rush here." Rangers GM Glen Sather was seen sporting some fine silk pajamas. Thrashers GM Don Waddell, expected to be quite busy fielding offers for Hossa, declined to comment, instead offering the cryptic "zzzzzz."

Leafs interim GM Cliff Fletcher, unable to participate in the annual trade deadline excitement due to all his players refusing to waive no-trade clauses, settled in with his teddy bear Domi and his blankey. It was later reported this was just his usual weekday schedule.

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