Friday, February 29, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Friday, February 29th (oooooohhh, let's clusterfuck!)

TMS is killing the bullet points for the uniqueness of this date. He's feeling wacky this morning as he peruses the East standings. The standings took a real shot in the clusterfuck yesterday as Ottawa doesn't rise to the occasion for their new/old coach and loses 3-1 to the Flyers. That gives the Habs one game in hand and still only a point back! TMS is giddy! Now, don't look in the rearview mirror because Boston is only 3 points behind the Habs after beating the Pens 5-1. And they have a game in hand and the same number of wins. Uh-oh. H/t to both Fezworth and Baroque who used the FHF favorite word "schadenfreude" in pointing out Marian Hossa sprained his MCL! Hahahahahahaha. If only it was the ACL then we'd really be happy. Elsewhere in the clusterfuck, Rangers come back to life and get their third win in a row, 4-2 over the Canes. They are tied with Boston, though Boston has played two fewer games. Leafs still 6 points out of a playoff spot. Habs still 6 points out of 9th. Capisce everyone?

There may have been games played in the West last night, but who the fuck cares. Oh, we guess we should mention Brad Richards had FIVE assists in his Dallas debut, and Dallas is really up Detroit's ass now.

Sabres tonight, then Devils tomorrow. Habs could, theoretically, be in first place in the East by the end of the weekend. TMS has heard that before.


Loser Domi said...

RE: Hossa:

Ha, HA!

/nelson Muntz'd

themindset said...

i think what's so exciting about this team is we have no idea how good they're supposed to be.
if feels like any game is really a crap shoot, and the dice have been hot... and i guess the huet trade is just one more toss.