Friday, February 01, 2008

We win?

When prompted to figure out who won the big threeway (predictions contest), HF10 had this to say:

I think we may have squeaked out a win. We got both teams goals right, the Tuesday win, and Kovy's goals. There were no fights. That's 4 correct. I think the girls only got three each - Both victories and Kovy's goal for CapsChick, Both victories and "no one" on who fights for the Habs for Shmee. Sound correct?

If you say so, 10. We win! We think. Official results still being tabulated by the accounting firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Stand by.


Shmee said...

Hmmm...we could call it a tie, and pick Super Bowl winners as a tie breaker? Or maybe I'm just addicted to gambling:)

fezworth said...

I have to say, after the first game, I had a hard time believing the bet would even be close. I don't think I realised just how good Ovie is.