Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He's So Cute!

Everyone's talking about it, so let's just embed it for posterity: (h/t to Bob for the link)


panger76 said...

Freakin awesome. Goalies Rule.

HabsFan33 said...

i absolutely hate this commercial. cringe every time it comes on. Is the goalie supposed to be Quebecois, Parisian, a mix of both. Stick to burgers Micky D, unless you plan on unveiling the McCoquille St-Jacques.

panger76 said...

HF33 - how can someone who stole
#33 from me hate goalies so much? He's funny, and the accent is funny. I even get a weird west-end anglo-Montrealer French accent when I play nets.

What I am saying is you are wrong, HF3, dead wrong. Shame on you.


bob said...

Leafs nation must be freaking out, a French goalie wearing #39 in a blue uniform.

Jealousy will get them nowhere.