Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Days Later: Deep Thoughts on the Deadline

OK, so we didn't land Marian Hossa and we got rid of HueT for a song. Now that the screams have died down, the instant reactions are over, and we've played a game, it's time to take a deep breath and coherently analyse what Bob did and didn't do.

  • With Sundin, Tanguay, and possibly Jokinen off the trade market, supply of snipers was severely limited, driving up the price for Hossa dramatically (Econ 101 comes in handy!);
  • Don "don't blow your" Wadell refused to let teams discuss long-term contracts with Hossa, who will be a UFA over the summer;
  • This last fact pretty much assured Hossa was just a rental;
  • Seriously, do we believe we can win the Cup this year, even with Hossa?
Add all this up, and I have no problem at all not landing Hossa. Well done, Bob, in You We Trust.

Now, HueT. I understand that he was going to be a UFA. I understand that you are ready to give TFS(tm) the reigns. But a second rounder? For a (possibly) Top 10 goalie? Just seems like you could have done a little better there. Like maybe a 3rd rounder and a journeyman veteran (a useful one, not another Slowinski).

That's it. Just some calm, rational analysis. We now return you to the quick insta-reactions we've become famous for.


lawyergirl77 said...

Actually, Mr. LG77 and I (along with Panger, via telephone) were talking about the HueT trade, and Mr. LG77 had a good point.

We clearly weren't going to be re-signing HueT. Therefore, his value was really only in the 20-or so games left this season. If you consider that he would get, maybe a win or two more than Price once he shook off his cold streak, he wasn't of that much value anymore to the team. So a 2nd round draft pick in a deep year is, right or wrong, what the front office deemed him to be worth.

I like the guy and am going to miss him, but if you strip the transaction down to its basics and just look at W/L, number of games and try to put a dollar figure on that... I think you come pretty close to a draft pick.

Besides - another journeyman would have been utterly useless to us, given our depth. Given what we've been doing with our draft picks lately, I think that we're getting way more bang for our buck.

Oh, while it was a total fucking tease, I am happy we didn't sign Hossa. The price was way too steep.

fezworth said...

I second your (and Mr. LG77 & Panger's) thoughts there.

Also, throw in the consideration that there was no desire to screw with the dressing room chemistry (which seems to be pretty top-notch, for once), and I can see the HueT trade as being a relatively decent deal. Not so much on the surface, but scratching a little deeper, it makes sense.

Montréaliste1 said...

... et vous chargiez des honoraires pendent ce temps...

Damn lawyers !

But I see your point.

lawyergirl77 said...

Montréaliste - J'étais peut-être au bureau, mais ça ne veut pas dire que j'étais en train de facturer!!

Montréaliste1 said...

LG- now that's what the all say.

panger76 said...

Lawyers suck.

Bryan said...

wha... is that spanish?

fezworth said...
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Montréaliste1 said...

Bryan, you must be from Toronto.

Baroque said...

Hossa injured knee - slight sprain.

Cue schadenfreude?