Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Tits Brings You " The ORRVECHKIN" tm

Andrei Kostitsyn, aka Big Tits, showed us that you've always got a bit of room left for imagination when you're on your back and seemingly out of the play. As Don Cherry would say: "Remember that kids, never quit on the play. Also kids, remember those stupid Europeans and their visor wearing mothers can all go to hell. I'll piss pints of blood out of my flailing penis before I ever give kudos to those soft defecting pussies."

If the Ovechkin goal marveled us live, the Big Tits goal did need a replay for us to understand the genius required to adjust so quickly to what 99.9% of the players in this league would have deemed a dead play.

The Ovie goal (this Alex the GR8 - terrible nickname ..."remember kids, ya can't trust those bloodsucking communists" - shut up Don) is a thing of immediate beauty.

If Ovie had a backhand in creating Big Tits' amazing goal, you can't overlook THE goal scored by THE man who with this legendary play, wrote the book on the meaning LEAP OF FAITH.

Now, here's the link to Big Tits' latest oeuvre d'art. We did need the replay to deconstruct this play that unravelled too quicky for people at home to comprehend.

There you have it, Half Bobby Orr leaping to score the Stanley Cup Winner, half Ovie tucking it in with a rolling backhand.

The Orrvechkin.

No need to choose here. They are both fantastic plays. Ovie definetley laid out the canvass for Big Tits to paint on. 3 incredible goals by Andrei, and counting. Keep them coming on your back, Andrei. Uh, wait a minute...


HabsFan29 said...

the pathetic thing is, i saw it live, but we couldn't tell what he did. from our vantage point it was "whatever, we'll take it" (my exact words), just a funny bounce.

chuck said...

Orr scored, but he didn't leap in the air to do it. The puck was in and out of the net by the time the St. Louis player tripped up Bobby out of frustration.

Honestly, the reason that it's considered such a great goal is the timing of it and the spectacular photo-op that came out of it.

HabsFan33 said...

you're so right Chuck. It was just well immortalized. Probably one of the most replayed moments in sports.

chewbacca said...

Ovechkin's goal was better...
He was further than Kostitsyn from the goal and the goalie didn't put it in is own net. ;)

BBW Tube said...

hhhmm... nice boobs