Friday, February 08, 2008

The Morning Skate for Friday, February 8th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of sneaking in to the Super Bowl parade...
  • Well, the dream is over. Habs lose, Sens win. Habs have no scoring except for the big line, and Heater was back and scoring 2 goals for Ottawa. That spells trouble for Saturday. More on the Habs game later today, if we can stomach it;
  • Many other games were played, the highlight of which was the Wings finally losing;
  • Here's an old video to cheer you up. These were good times:


Anonymous said...

Habs–Leafs games not what they used to be.

And having the Leafs hanging on to 14th place is not doing anything to make it better. A few years back you actually could have a good time, shoot the shit and have a beer with Leafs fan, before, during and after the game. Now day’s fans have become to disrespectful of each other and it showed again last night.

Lots of empty seats last night, our fellow southern Ontarians stayed home, the usually invade the Bell Center and try to be as obnoxious as possible, which they have done successfully enough during the last 2 years to take the Montreal crowd down to their level.

With only a hand full of Leafs nation in the stands looks like it was payback time for a few obnoxious fan of our own. Without a cheap shot or an unpleasant remark from the Leafs or their fans, the Leafs Suck filled in the Bell Center before you could ear a few Go Habs Go.

Bottom line, it motivated the Leafs, the Habs just like their fans forgot what it was all about and the Leafs went back to Toronto with the 2 points.

I wasn’t all that proud of being a regular at the Bell Center last night.

The game, one line showed up (again), Price did what he had to do and that wasn’t enough to tame a 14th place team. Then again when Brisebois looks like the meanest player on the ice (probably his best game this year) it tells you a lot about the others determination.

Thank god there is a positive side to all that. No more male stripper, please!

Anonymous said...

Haaa ye good old days.

Nadine said...

I miss the Habs-Nordiques games! Thanks guys for posting this one. Old-time hockey indeed!