Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't Plan the Parade Just Yet - Habs 2, Overwrought with Emotion Rochester Americans 1 (OT)

Get well, Zed. We always liked you.

Plan the Parade - Habs won a fucking game. After losing 3 in a row, just to get a W is an accomplishment. Higgins got his second goal in as many games. The Franchise Saviour (TRADE-FUCKING-MARK FHF, you hear that, Richard Labbé of La Presse? Consider this your mise en demeure) was excellent. Even better, he seemed to gain confidence as the game went on. Yesterday Carbo announced his "win and stay in" philosophy for goalies (great, now he's copying John Paddock???) so we can exepct TFS in nets on the weekend. Kovy's OT winner was a goal-scorer's goal. We like those.

The only other highlight of this game was the emergence of HF33's psychic ability. Literally two minutes after commenting "time is just about right for a moronic and untimely Koivu penalty," Captain K did exactly that. Well, maybe it wasn't so much a good psychic prediction as it was stating the obvious.

I also tremendously enjoyed the fact I saw something I have never seen in my almost 40 years of watching hockey - a delay of game penalty in the face-off circle. I still don't understand how that's possible. Oh, and RDS had an awesome extended shot of two Panthers Ice Dancers. I think it was Adrianne and Sophia. My PVR got a workout on that one.

The Sky Has Fallen - let's face it, the Panthers last night were ripe for the picking. Their first game after the Zednik incident, playing with a heavy heart, and half their team was from Rochester. We should have won this game easily. As it is, we needed a fluke goal in the 3rd just to tie it. Sure, Vokoun had a decent game, but really we hadn't shown up for the first couple of periods. More standing around without skating, more uninspired play, more tentative play with the puck, more lack of hitting, yada-yada, you've heard this all before.

The pundits are jizzing all over themselves because the Captain had 2 assists. Let me tell you about them. On the first, Saku lost a face-off, but he must have just touched the puck before the fluke goal. The second one was for standing around watching Kovy play with himself for an hour before he shot. Not quite highlight reel assists there. What I remember (besides the aforementioned moronic and untimely penalty) was him totally doing nothing on a clear-cut breakaway, and him trying one of his patented wraparounds only to weakly backhand it into Vokoun's pads. He's just not right.

The Power Play sucked moose cock. From the #1 PP in the league against an AHL squad, we were tentative, could never get set up, didn't make any nice plays at all. At one point during a crappy PP in the 3rd you could hear alot of booing from the Habs fans in Florida. Just like at home!

Next year, Hamr gets a flu shot. I'll pay for it. It's clear he is the glue that holds this D together. Last night they were sloppy, tentative, giving up pucks, yada-yada, again, you've heard this all before.

Chez Parée bound? Price, Kovy and Higgins get in. The rest still have some work to do to get back there from the skanky club in Laval they are currently hanging out in.

Next evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil evil foe - the Flyers, for a big weekend home and home. To get you psyched for it, and with apologies in advance to our good friend Nadine over at flyers.femme, FHF is thrilled to announce the return tomorrow of our "Top Ten Things We Hate About The ___" series. You know, because that last one didn't cause any trouble at all.


Loser Domi said...

you can book the Florida Panthers dancers? huh. I never would have thought of anyone doing that. But the ten things we hate about _____ should be fun.

fezworth said...

mise en demeure? Please explain. Putting something in a residence? Is it a lawyer-y term?

HabsFan29 said...

yes, sorry fezworth. mise en demeure is in fact a lawyer term, the letter you send to someone that commences a lawsuit

Habsfan10 said...

I don't anticipate any problems with the good folks who cheer for the ... wait, did you say FLYERS?

Fuck. Better put boards over the windows at FHF headquarters. I assume most of their responses will come in the form of notes written in crayon and wrapped around a brick.

themindset said...

Is there any news on when Hamr's going to return? It would be interesting to get a look at the hab's record with, and without, him.

HabsFan29 said...

no official word themindset, but I know he did practice yesterday and the day before, so I am guessing he'll be on the ice Saturday

fezworth said...

I read on the ToronnaSportsNetwork that he's supposed to be back for the weekend games. It is as you say, 29.

And thanks for the explantion (mise en demeure). My wife is always hitting me with crazy accounting terminology, and I bewilder her with silly computer acronyms, but french lawyer-speak... I've got nothing on that.

Pierre said...

Are you guys planning on booing Daniel Bri�re ? I think I will. Bastard.

HabsFan29 said...


just getting warmed up