Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jekyll 4, Hyde 3

After building big leads in the first half of the last two games, only to a) blow one on Sunday and b) almost blow another last night, HF29 has pointed out the Habs are playing like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. So here a breakdown of last night's game, Jekyll & Hyde style. (Remember, Jeykll is the good one. I always forget.)

Jekyll: the first line combined for 9 points, with Turtleplek potting two (meaning he's just one behind Mr. Spezza). Big Tits again shows why he'll be on the main stage all night.
Hyde: the old number one line is either in the press box (Milk Carton), headed to the forth line (HF10's former Boy Higgins), or benched for half of the third after yet another stupid, lazy, offensive zone obstruction call (Captain K). Trade 'em all.

Jekyll: Offensive zone pressure, cycling the puck, and making tape-to-tape passes. This was Dance a dix line's strength, but Maxim Mag's line was strong on the forecheck, too. At least in the first half of the game.
Hyde: At the 10 minute mark of the seconds (exactly the moment when TurtlePlek scored his second and the Habs' forth), the team made the collective decision that Ottawa was beaten and they could take the rest of the night off. Yeah, because conference leaders take alot of nights off.

Jekyll: No penalties taken in the first half of the game. Way to stay disciplined!
Hyde: two (2!) over-the-glass delay of game penalties. Way to stay disciplined.

Jekyll: CristoWall stoning Randy (I wish I were Luc) Robitaille in the second.
Hyde: HeuT not dealing with traffic in his crease and waving his pad at the puck on the third goal.

Jekyll: Swiss Mister beating the Swiss Sister (Gerber) from 40 feat.
Hyde: Streit leaving as a UFA this summer cause of Carbo's messing with him. Pick a position , Guy!

Jekyll: Breezer only playing 12 minutes.
Hyde: Breezer being in the lineup and NOT IN THE TRUNK WHERE HE BELONGS, DAMMIT.

Ok quickly back to the usual:

Plan the Parade: Habs break a 6 game losing streak again the Sens and pull to within a point of the Division and Conference lead.

Sky is Falling: Almost blowing another big lead. This team seems to need a gritty vet to calm things down when the going gets tough - a vet who can win some defensive zone faceoffs in the last minute (unlike Captain K). At least Garth Murray didn't have to take the draw.

Chez Paree bound: the only thing getting blown around the Habs these days are leads.

Next Evil, EVIL foe: The Leafs visit on Thursday, coming off an 8-0 spanking by Florida last night. MaCabe might be back, which is both good and bad news I suppose. We hope Mats will be a Canuck by then. And we hope Raycroft gets the start (Raaaaay crooofftt...).


HabsFan29 said...

the only thing getting blown around the Habs these days are leads

My sides!

And I cannot take credit for the Jekyll and Hyde thing, it was one of our commentors, I am pretty sure LG77

Flying Toaster said...

Sorry to repost, i'm just putting it back up in case anyone missed it: "Don`t look now, but Sergei Kostitsyn has 6 goals in 18 shots... Which translates into a 33.3% shooting average. Can anyone tell him to shoot more often? Anyone?"

HabsFan29 said...

FT I saw it and you're right. When he finds some linemates who are not, uh, dead, he's gonna be great

Flying Toaster said...

Also, can anyone explain to me how Higgins could have fallen so low this season? Will he pull off a Kovy in the offseason and come back a killer forward? I sure hope so. He used to be great on the PK, now he can't even keep the puck. And to think he uysed to be one of the best puck carriers in the team.drcx

msevigny said...

TSN says Carey's getting the start tomorrow. He's 3-0 against the Leafs, you know.

panger76 said...

FT - have faith in Higgins, sometimes guys just can't get untracked from a bad groove. He'll still be captain one day. Unless they trade him for Hossa.

Although I love Little Tits (haha), I wouldn't put too muck stock into that shooting % stat - you have to be able to get open to take a shot, too.

Loser Domi said...

Breezer being in the lineup and NOT IN THE TRUNK WHERE HE BELONGS, DAMMIT

If Breezer's in the trunk, where are you going to put the dead hookers? I'm not sayin' anything, I
m just sayin'...

panger76 said...

LD - trust me, we can fit Breezer in there with at least three hookers...and one of them would still deek him out.