Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Alright, the team we got is the team we got and they're playing tonight - Sabres Game Preview and Open Thread

And the Tom Brady streak goes on. Back in 2002, Tom and Tara Reid did the nasty. So I've chosen a 2002 era Tara photo. Thank God. The 2009 era Tara freaks me out.

Well, the trade deadline has come and gone. My hatred for Pierre Maguire has reached new heights, but otherwise we didn't really accomplish much today, did we? The Habs Twitter feed says "Gainey is satisfied... details to come." Oy.

So as the team we're stuck with hits the ice tonight, let's hit the bullet points to set the table. I've blogged too much today to come up with something intelligent.
  • 7:30 PM start from Buffalo. It's on TSN, and I don't know if Maguire is making it to Buffalo in time. Let's hope not;
  • Habs have won 4 in a row, Sabres have lost 3 in a row. But now they have Dominic Moore, so they're better!
  • Sabres own the season series so far, 2-1-1;
  • Dani over at Sabre Kallisions really brings teh funneh;
  • Pleks has 9 points in his last 5 (and an 8 game point streak), Markov has 8 in 6;
  • Buffalo has no hot players, but welcome back Tomas Vanek tonight;
  • Little Big Tits pointless in 4;
  • With Jaro at home with the sniffles, Carey gets his chance to earn back the TFS tag, with Marc Denis just up from Hamilton to back him up. I don't know any other lineup notes right now;
  • For your post-game adult entertainment, enjoy Tara Reid's red carpet nipple slip. But it's the train wreck Tara, not the 2002 version, so we're warning you now.
Please continue your tar and feathering of Bob in the comments

UPDATE - I totally forgot to mention some big news. Yours truly will be on CBC Daybreak Montreal tomorrow morning at 7:40 AM discussing the Habs and the "trades". Catch it on 88.5 FM in Montreal or online at


Ian Vitro said...

Maybe the only move we really need to make is for Tanguay to come back and for Breezer to go back in the trunk... I hope that's the only move we needed to make.

Well, maybe July 1 won't feel quite so bad after today.

kristin said...

hmmm. 7:40 am is kinda early, but I'm gonna try. Assuming my American computer can receive Canadian radio broadcasts...

fezworth said...

Wow, that's cool 29! Will they be supplying you with any meth?

moeman said...

Like Tara, the Habs need to have their tits fixed.

Speaking of boobs, I hope hf29 wears that split jersey for his cbc gig. I keed!

James said...

I read somewhere CBC stopped giving meth to people who are supposed to go on air, it makes them to incoherent. Now they offer extasy.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

well i guess they finally got around to reading the site and decided "hey, these guys are a perfect fit for mainstream publicly-funded radio."

on second thought, maybe they haven't read the site.

moeman said...

don cherry takes meth, that might explain a few things.

moeman said...

cbc has recently, publicly stated that they are seriously cash strapped. What are they paying our hf29 with? pj stock memorabilia?

dani said...

Haha! Merci, merci! I know I've made it when I'm in the same post as Tara Reid.

And congrats on CBC!

Anonymous said...

little tits is in hamilton is he not?

and he scored last night ..

? confused.

HabsFan29 said...

@anon - whoops! way too much blogging today. i meant Big Tits. fixed

moeom said...

You got to be kiddding me!!!! Bob: "Its a vote of confidence to them (players)" F***en bullshit! Wheres our dominant player that we are missing!? I guess we arnt trying to win the cup anymore. Its more of a surviving the season mode.

But he has a good point...we did lose ALOT of man games do to injury. You guys remember the satrt of the year? The team was flying until injuries started bitting us up the ass. Tanguay is underrated by many Habs fans, i for one cant wait for him to come back and start feeding Koivu/Higgins pucks like your moma would do with green veggies.

moeman said...

RDS is going to commercial and when they come back they answer the Q, 'Is benoit brunet happy with the current Hab team?' Should be fun.

Bob Gainey said...

Bob's keeping his powder dry for the summer.

moeman said...


- benoit is not totally satisfied

- 'dandenault is classy for not complaining'

- WTF! benoit is OK with Babs' non-movement (réjean tremblay has friends in very, very low places, someone tell benoit)

- benoit doncherry's Metroplit's name, subconsciously looking for a gig at the cbc?

- benoit is hopeful, this my friend' is news

- benoit ends his short studio stint with a Go Pants! I kid you not.

Word Verif = goses (its funner en Français, of which I is one)

moeman said...

brunet says tim connolly is 'elite', he will make as much or more than Saku and Kovy. To me Babs is the elite one.

luc 'happy meal' gelinas says Habs players were nervous. Sure.

moeman said...

RDS troll renaud 'i'm shorter than luc gelinas' lavoie, loves the NYR's androbot. RDS is scrapping the barrel's bottom with peewee-league level people like lavoie. (NB- lavoie is also one of the Montreal media jackals that lapped up the la presse 'SCANDAL!). Oh look, lavoie just called the Habs losers. Stay classy RDS.

HabsFan29 said...

just walked in to Sarah Orlesky interviewing Kovy. she's an idiot, but hot!

orangeman said...


How sick is Halak?

copyranter said...

I hope everybody is mentally preparing themselves for the Hab Nots not making the playoffs.

kristin said...

Get well soon, Jaro, get well soon.

HabsFan29 said...

no one's watching the collapse with me? c'mon people!

HabsFan29 said...

oh there you all are. everyone seemed to comment on the crap at once

lawyergirl77 said...

Am at an audition right now... But wow, I'm really not missing much am I? Price still sucks, apparently.

Anonymous said...

1st goal wasn't Price's fault
2nd goal he could've had
3rd goal... I'm giving one thousand bucks to the guy who can keep breezer locked up in his garage for the next 4 years.

word verif: raostr. As in, we needed a raostr shake up.

cottoneye said...

Am I the only one feeling bad for Price?... Even the fat kid who played the flute in school had more confidence than he has right now.

PS- Why am I even watching the third? Jesus, I have no life.

cottoneye said...

HA! Laraque injured. Won't be back for the third. HA. ha. ha. Oh, this is killing me.

orangeman said...

Glad to see all the Habs feel safe enough in their jobs to return to their usual type of play. Hey Bob, why make any moves when the boys can pull their shit together for 4 games to pull the woll over you eyes. If this is a team he feels can go all the way I'm afraid of his hockey sense.

orangeman said...

And they're going to get shut out by Patrick Fucking Lalime. I repeat, shut out by La-fucking-lime. I can actually see these guys finishing 10th. Pathetic. Worst part is that Bob and Carbo have completely destroyed Price for the future by forcing him into the spotlight too early.
Time to start cheering for the Oil!

Baroque said...


That is the extent of my opinion on the matter.


Limerick Dude said...

What is this 'hockey' you speak of? To save my TV, I decided to watch Mantracker instead of the third. very good choice. Couple of ex-military guys, including a Russian named Vlad (who I think may have helped the Habs tonight) beat the Mantracker. crazy bastards, swimming down an ice cold glacier fed river. Good show. Quality diversion.

Anonymous said...

Send breezer to the Island from LOST. Let the Smoke Monster do it's thing.

HabScot said...

For this I tracked down a sports bar in Wichita that had NHL network.

Work verification: coili

I'm going to coili up in a corner and weep.

Tom said...

Orangeman: "Worst part is that Bob and Carbo have completely destroyed Price for the future by forcing him into the spotlight too early."

I have to make one disagreement with that. Carbo didn't want him to make the team, because he thought Huet would be the go-to guy. Gainey forced Carbo to keep Price up during that rookie year.

On the bright side, Lost was good tonight.

orangeman said...

Tom: point taken. It's just sad to see Price in the state he is in now. And I was, am, will be forever, against the Huet trade. It's like the Bush Administration around the Habs. Make a decision, stick to it no matter what, and don't adjust with a changing reality. And no matter what, never EVER admit mistakes. Then blame the guys that should never have been put in the position to lead.

As for Lost, I have to wait until the season is over and then watch the whole thing alone in a basement somewhere over a weekend. It's my special thing. NO SPOILERS!

Number31 said...

When in doubt, call up PK Subban.

Word verification: stizi. As in ostizi caaaalis tabernackle.

Limerick Dude said...

I blame the skankiness that is Tara Reid.

word: phooksme

Carbo: I bend over while Breezer phooksme up the ass....but only for one more game.


TSN Analyst: Bob, why didn't you make any moves today.

Bob: Phooksme. It was trade deadline day?

kevincrumbs said...

Scary Price is back! Sadly, he may never regain his Carey moniker.

We need Allah back but even with him saving our asses, we're looking at a first round exit.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

my counselor says anger is the path i have to choose not to go down; so in that vein, here is a list of positives to be taken from tonight's game:

-we aren't a one-trick pony after all: 100% of our goals tonight were scored during 5 on 5.
-laraque can't complain about not playing if he can't walk.
-as soon as halak is healthy, we won't have to worry about another price start until next season.
-brisebois is one game away from receiving his stick forged from molten lava or whatever and going out into the wild to die.
-it's mathematically impossible for us to play the sabres in the first round of the playoffs.
-it's still mathematically possible for us to make the playoffs.

see, it's not so bad.