Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Amazing What You Can Make in St-Leonard: Game Night Open Thread

On his way to 551...

Interesting how coincidence has a hand in the making of history. When Patrick Roy had his number retired he was supposed to be celebrated as the all-time second most victorious goaltender in the NHL. Marty went down with the worst injury of his career which guaranteed that on November 22, Roy would still stand as the winningest goalie ever.

Marty comes back last month and plays lights out, and the whole scenario unfolds in almost scripted fashion. Brodeur wins tonight and he ties Roys mark of 551 wins in the regular season. Who was the better goalie? Totally irrelevant. Give me either one. But only one took the Stanley Cup while his wife was boinking another guy, and telling him about it in the playoffs. That's cold.

So we have a great game in the makings.

Time is 7 p.m.

Need for a Montreal win: Huge

Devils blog: the Kiss website, cause that's the devil's music.

TV Channel to watch Marty win 551: ESPN Colombia

Hot in Montreal: Jaro is in. Jaro is hot.

Hot Devils: Redundant

Strip club to frequent after the game: If we win, stay home and make love to your significant other because this has to be celebrated as a family. If we lose, don't spend your money. Masturbate.


Moey said...

So what's the scoop, was it Roy's wife boinking Schneider? Will the Bell Center be big enough for both of them tonight?

word verif - lutines
(a low fat version of poutine)

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Wow, these guys really ARE polar opposites of one another - Roy wins a cup while Schneider is (allegedly) screwing his wife.

Brodeur wins a cup while screwing his wife's brother's wife.

And here I thought Roy was the evil twin!

sleza said...

KISS rocks

Sonia said...

But only one took the Stanley Cup while his wife was boinking another guy, and telling him about it in the playoffs. That's cold.

Well, Brodeur shouldn't have five-holed his sister-in-law.

Fuck 'im. Go Habs!

Baroque said...

Yay! I get the Montreal game on CBC.

Go Habs Go!

Go Habs Go!

Go Habs Go!

Go Habs Go!

Go Habs Go!

HabsFan29 said...

damn no CBC in Texas!!

and we're losing already. nice.

HabsFan29 said...

no RDS either, obviously

but I have 4 ESPN's!

Baroque said...

They make four ESPNs? Just two is annoying enough for me.

At least I hope you are hearing all kinds of wonderful, inventive music. I don't go to things like that, but I find all kinds of different stuff on National Public Radio. :)

Baroque said...

I'm sorry, but I have to agree with my mom on this.

She figures that goaltenders should be untouchable as long as they stay put in the crease - if they start wandering around, they should be able to take a check like a man. Stop all this flopping around to get goaltender interference penalties. :)

TWO over-the-glass penalties? Canadiens are jumpy as hyperactive rabbits.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Canadiens look decent, surprisingly - 5-on-5 is alright, just the penalties that are killing us.

Man... I think Komo needs to see a shrink or something.

Oh, and Marty - if you don't wanna get hit, get back in your fucking crease.

lawyergirl77 said...

how much money does Hamr make to put pucks off his teammates skates?? He fucking sucks. Put Dandy back on D and let Tenderness play. He wasn't sucking at all before he got injured.

And Komo blows. And not the good kind of blowing.

As do the refs. So many non-calls it's unbelievable. And don't get me started on the interference call on brodeur.

(Have been in a TERRIBLE mood all day... This shit ain't helping!!)

lawyergirl77 said...

SSHF - it's like you're reading my mind or something. I was just saying to Mr. LG77 that Komo needs a shrink.

And I agree that we don't look that bad at 5-on-5. Makes sense - we have an extra forward out there to make up for utter BULLSHIT of our defence. Sigh.

bkblades said...

To be fair to the Habs and goalie interference, it's hard to miss Brodeur when he starts wandering outside his net. It's not just his hockey gear that helps him "cover" the net so well.

Baroque said...

Bad: Down 2-1 after 40 minutes.

Good: Didn't suck the chrome off a trailer hitch in the second period.

lawyergirl77 said...

No seriously - can the Habs hire a shrink for their entire defence corps?? Hamrlik tripped on the SIDE of Brodeurs net when he was all by himself out there... Everyone else was rushing up the ice so I'm not sure that you guys would have seen it on tv. WHAT. THE. FUCK???!!!

Man our D is POURRI!!!

lawyergirl77 said...

Baroque - Good: We're only down 2-1...

South Shore Habs Fan said...

lg77 - I agree. Half our defence sucks (well, maybe a third - Breeze is playing well tonight), might as well put someone reliable and well-rested back there. Speaking of which, I wiki'd Hamrlik the other day, and was surprised to learn that he's only 34. He's playing like he's a year from retirement or something.

Max has been very quiet since Tenderness was injured, but he meshes well with Higgins. Add some size to the line and they'll do well.

D'ags isn't the worst of our problems tonight, but could he please, please, please stop trying to speed by the defender on the outside, then cut to the net? It worked in his first ten games. Since then? Not so much.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

lg77 - Not so much mind-reading as reiterating what we've all been saying since he came back from his injury.

Baroque said...


lawyergirl77 said...

Fuck. They get to skate in our zone for free. WHY AREN'T WE HITTING THEM???

orangeman said...

pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. This is not a playoff team.

orangeman said...

So who do we blame, the players who don't give a shit or the GM who didn't recognize that he had a bunch of loafers before the trade deadline and do something about it. Anyway you look at it, this season isn't going to end well.

Have they even hit the net this period?

Rips it, scores! said...

Bell Centre crowd sounds pissed.

copyranter said...

That 3rd goal was a fucking embarrassment of lazy D.

bkblades said...

Sigh. What is this, a Leafs game where yet another opposing player gets a career milestone?

Rips it, scores! said...

@orangeman: I say blame both, as well as the coaches.

Team: You're playing in Montreal. Act like you give a crap. Act like professionals.
Bob: Should have woken up earlier in the season.

orangeman said...

At least the fans are classy to chant for Jaro. But I hope they boo the fuck out of this team when they leave the ice. I hope Bob sends this whole team to Hamilton and calls up all the AHL guys. I hope they lose the rest of their games and no one shows up. 15-4 shots in the 3rd when down by 1.

Anyway, congrats to Brodeur. Who's the best all time? I don't know, but Roy didn't have the best D the league has ever seen in front of him for a decade. Just sayin'.

Rips it, scores! said...

Does anyone else visualise Roy running onto the ice to take a flying punch at Brodeur?

Kudos to the crowd tonight for their salute to Brodeur. Oh, and congrats to Marty, of course.

bkblades said...

Remember, orangeman, Clemmenson also got 25 wins this year, too.

Baroque said...

Poor Halak is going to burn out at this rate. He sees an insane number of shots, poor man.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

If the Habs were a decent team, I'd be pissed about the officiating (were they nostalgic, and decided that the Devils were allowed to go back to 90s-era clutch-and-grab?), but I'm not pissed about the officiating.

I'm pissed because the Habs deferred their inevitable 20 Minutes of Suck from the second to the third period. What the FUCK was that?!

Halak didn't deserve that, and Montreal fans didn't deserve that. Fight for the fucking puck. If you can't take the puck, take the body. If you can't take the body, take the passing and shooting lanes. And even if you can't do any of that, for God's sake, when Bobby Holik bowls over your goalie not once but TWICE, you don't hug him after the whistle. You punch him in the fucking face.


lawyergirl77 said...

Orangeman - they weren't cheering for Jaro. Had they been cheering for him, it would have been Ha-lak.

It was Car-bo, Car-bo. Trust me. I was there. Rick Moffat (and, for those of you who were listening to the post-game show, that chick Connie who told me I had to get my hearing checked) is full of shit. He really takes wishful thinking to a whole new level.

I can't believe I didn't win caller of the game... grumble grumble.

Wordy McWord to the power of infinite word to both SSHF and Rips. I blame both the team and Gainey as well at this point. If they were gonna fire Carbo, they should have done it way sooner. This is just fucking shitty management from beginning to end.

arrrrrrrrrrgh!! Can't take much more of this...

Gino Tomac said...

I missed the game because my girlfriend's best friend is a needy cunt, but besides that, I think it's time we fire the entire coaching staff.

Bye Muller...Bye Jarvis...take care Rollie, you drop-to-your-knees-teaching-cocksucker.

Bring on a new era. Bring on Hartley, or Quenville, and keep Lever on as an assistant. It's time to get rid of each and every person that is currently in charge of dictating how the Habs play hockey.

Ugh! I'd rather watch a replay of my girlfriend's best friend throwing up in my glass of vodka, instead of tonight's highlights.

Thanks again Habs for giving Marty the win and ruining what could have only been a shitty evening, not a historically shitty evening.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Gino Tomac said
"[...] take care Rollie, you drop-to-your-knees-teaching-cocksucker."

I dunno if that was intentional or not, but it made me giggle regardless.

I vote for Hartley, if for no other reason than to confuse the blowhards:
"'es name eez Bub 'artley, but 'e speak French. Ham hi suppose to beetch or nott?"

Anonymous said...

Being allowed to body check goalies outside the crease sounds like a good idea. If it can replace the the no touch in the corners rule and be just as effective a deterrent for goalies who love to play the puck then great. Although I think you'd have to create an area around the crease significantly larger than the current crease and label it as a "can't hit the goalie" zone.

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...


Word: mater
As in this season is quickly beginning not to.

El Oso said...

Boys, watched the last 5 minutes of the Devils-Habs cames here in NYC while the Devils were playing keep-away. I thought you'd appreciate that Chico Resch was doing color commentary for the Devils on MSG. Horrible goaltender, worse announcer.